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    Through the use of a proper soil/root mass ratio, we have developed a greenhouse procedure for rapid induction of water deficit (3-6 days).
    Water channel proteins and potassium channel proteins are likely critical for a plant tomaintain proper cytosolic osmolarity in response to drought or other stresses.
    Improving nitrogen (N) uptake and use efficiency through genetic improvement of crop varieties and proper cultivation techniques is an effective way to enhance crop yield and planting benefit.
    The results obtained are as follows: (1) The genotypes with high absorption ability of potassium is not probably high in use efficiency. It is essential for the plant to get a proper potassium accumulation.
    With the regulation of proper hormone the advenititous bud could be induced from the wall of ovary of clivia miniata Reg, the cut of young stem of T.
    通过适当的激素调控,成功地从君子兰(Clivia miniata Reg.)
    Therefore it was necessary to choose the proper application method according :to the application level of nitrogen fertilizer for a good yield.
    不同施肥方法适于不同施氮水平。 杂交晚稻氮肥施用技术必须根据施氮水平,同时考虑土壤、气候条件等因素的影响,选用适当的施肥方法,才能提高氮肥的增产效率。
    The morphological mode of a high-yielding two-rowed barleywas considered as more spike number per unit area achieved by increasedspikes per plant with proper spike kernel number and kernel weight,suit-able stature(dwarf or semi-dwarf),a large flag leaf and sheath,long awnsand short spike neck.
    2) And because of the supplying of the exogenous nutrients and the proper levels of N the development of the roots and the accumulation of the dry matter after the period of the 1-lear-stage were obviously improved, and the growth of the rice seedlings was doing well.
    2) And because of the supplying of the exogenous untrients and the proper N concentration th development of the roots and the accumulation of the dry matter of the two erops'after the period of the 1-lear-stage were obviously improved, and the growth of the seedlings was doing well.
    The results showed that proper treatment of water levels from transplanting stage to early tillering stage was helpful to chech tillering at lower stems of rice effectively and stop the develpment of tillers under water as well. In the meantime,the leaf position was forced to move up only to prevent the harmful influence of the lower tillers on the medium dominant tillering position.
    Proper amount of fertilizing resulted in higher weld, and thus higher economic effect.
    In accordance with different types of varieties,suitable plant population and a suitable combination of LAI with proper light Penetration in the canopy is important for raisins yield of soybean steadily.
    The author argued that obtaining proper total DNA, adopting effective DNA introducing method and selecting method of variants were three key elements in "molecular breeding", which were disscussed in the paper.
    作者认为,获得适当的总DNA,采用最有效的DNA导入方法以及对变异株系的选育方法是“分子育种”中的3个基本要素。 从总DNA的特性、种细胞的概念以及利用远缘杂种优势的原理、步骤和育种策略等方面谈了一些认识。
    With proper rate of sulphur fertilizer application, the photosynthetic rate of soybean was increased.
    the article pointed out that the characteristic of drought endurance can be organically combined together with high -yield under proper selection environment by comparatively selection methods .
    认为玉米的耐旱性和丰产性在适当的选择环境下 ,运用相应的选择方法是可以有机结合在一起的 ;
    The results showed that the shading adaptability of Belamcanda chinensis(L.) DC. was better, proper shading was good to the increasing of stem number, leaf area of individual plant, chlorophyll content and daily average photosynthetic rate, the biomass was highest when the light permeance rate was 71.45%, so Belamcanda chinensis(L.)
    结果表明 ,射干对遮荫的适应能力较强 ,适当的遮荫有利于射干分蘖数、单株叶面积、叶绿素含量、日平均光合速率的增加 ,在透光率为 71.4 5 %的光照条件下其总生物量最高 ,为较耐阴的植物 ;
    Results of the experiments indicate that by proper modification of the culture methods, culture responses of most of the varieties can be largely improved.
    Result The time of coming out of seedlings was earlier 2-5 days than usual under the proper method of cuttage, and the rate was increased 2%-8%.
    结果 适当的插播方式,可使丹参出苗时间提前2~5 d,出苗率高出2%~8%。
    Therefore, a proper Fe/Mn ratio of Licum Bararum L. fruits was one major reason for the high quality of Licum Bararum L. fruits in Zhongning County.
    By experiments of tree seedling domestication aspects of Helwingia himalaica,this article has educed this species surviving of domestication that is a result of combined actions of avariety of environmental factors. The similar and proper conditions with primary environment—low or middle illumination and high or middle humidity and high or middle soil fertility—are environment factors of which conduce to surviving of domestication.


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