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    The calculated results indicate that the random wave response of the wave-permeable breakwater can be effectively controlled when proper TLD parameters are selected.
    METHODS Construct proper accumulation normal distribution function form and fit with our experimental data,then compare with the common 4-parameter equation fitting.
    The proper moisture content of the extrusion product is 45%~55%.
    The results show that deformation velocity and strain affect the degree(width of shear band) and character of the localization. The hardness of shear band is quite different from the other zone and the difference of hardness can be eliminated by proper annealing treatment.
    This study suggests that proper academic feedbacks can improve the mathematic self-efficacy and achievement of students.
    The extremely narrow band photonic crystal filters with a line width of 0,0001nm at the wavelengths of 850nm, 1330nm and 1550nm can be fabricated when the proper parameters are selected.
    Conclusion The exercise of the proper intensity can strengthen nervous system function.
    Under CHJ-05 catalyst and proper temperature,old polystyrene foam and dense sulphuric acid react,the polystyrene sulfonic acid were synthesized.
    The experiment results show that,after RE element Y was added to TiN film by proper steps,friction coefficient of the specimen decreases from 0.163 to 0.129,and the wear rate is reduced from 0.88‰ to 0.09‰.
    Genistein inhibits the expression of IGFR gene in PTKs specially, while proper dose of Na3Vo4 inhibits the expression of PTPn1 gene in PTPs and depresses the biological function of chondrocyte.
    Proper hardness,chewiness and good textured structure of the extrudate could be attained when the particle size of the peanut flour is in the range of 0.2mm to 0.3mm.
    The results indicate that CoSb3 compound powder with about 30nm was obtained through reducation processing under 300 to 600℃ while flowing pure hydrogen and with proper moral ratios of Sb/Co and C6H8O7/Co.
    The addition of inorganic Al2O3 to the HfO2 thin films could also enhance the LIDT of thin films and the optimal mass proportion of HfO2 to Al2O3 was about 95∶5.Proper UV irradiation could improve the LIDTs of HfO2 thin films and HfO2-Al2O3 composite films.
    无机材料Al2O3的适量添加能够提高薄膜的激光损伤阈值,其中HfO2与Al2O3的最佳质量配比约为95∶5; 另外,对薄膜进行适当的紫外辐照也可改善HfO2薄膜以及HfO2-Al2O3复合薄膜的抗激光损伤性能。
    An optimization model of multiple subjects,which has a proper scale and reasonable structure,has been established.
    On the base of Inconel X-750 alloy,GH4145 alloy was developed by adding Mg,Zr and B.Under proper heat treatment condition,GH4145 alloy possesses higher plasticity at the temperature range of 500-700℃ and eliminates notch sensitivities compared with Inconel X-750.The new alloy can meet the requirement of steam turbine fastening bolts.
    在Inconel X—750合金成分的基础上,添加Mg,Zr,B等微量合金元素,研制了GH4145合金。 结果表明,在适当的热处理条件下与Inconel X-750合金相比,GH4145合金在500~700℃区的塑性得到改善,并且消除了缺口敏感性。
    Results: High quality images of sella regional tumors depends on proper scanning orientation, parameters,contrast enhanced and post - processing techniques.
    with proper adjustment and instruction, it can become a dietary structure mode beneficial to modern people' s lives.
    In this paper, an efficient synthesis of aziridine derivatives via asymmetric tandem Michael addition and intramolecular nucleophilic substitution of 5-(L)-Menthyloxy-3bromo-2(5H)-furanone 3 with amines under proper temperature in the solvent of DMSO has been reported.
    以DMSO为溶剂,适当温度条件下,5-l-孟氧基-3-溴-2(5H)-呋喃酮3与氮亲核试剂胺通过不对称串联的 Michael加成及分子内消除反应,简便、高收率、快速地得到了氮杂环丙烷化合物5。
    Energy resource is the resource changed into energy to meet human's need through proper equipments and methods.
    A New Combination of Active Fiscal Policy and Proper Monetary Policy


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