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    Conclusion:The modified process will help hospital to provide patients a quic- ker,more efficient and satisfactory emergency medical service.
    Objective To investigate the nutrition and health status of residents in Zhejiang Province,and provide the scientific basis for the establishment of nutrition improvement and chronic diseases control and prevention policies.
    Objective Study on community health service (CHS) was carried out form five aspects of policy support,management system,service network,service contents and service mode in Daxing district of Beijing,so as to provide some references for other rural areas to develop CHS.
    The central tasks and main functions of the medical information department are to provide perfect medical information service for the clinical and research work of the hospitals.
    Objective To understand the present state of cognition and utilization of community health service(CHS)by inhabitants of Lanzhou city and analyze the existing problems so as to provide base for putting forward the corresponding measures of improvement.
    Objective To realize the health status of residents,the demand and utilization of health service in urban and rural Zhuhai,in order to provide policy basis for the government to allocate health resources and to establish harmonious health service.
    Objective To understand the conditions of instrument and equipment in the system of disease control and prevention in Shandong province, so as to provide scientific evidence for working out the equipping plan for the system.
    Provide Medical Service of Good Quality and Reasonable Price through Consolidating Financial Supervision and Quality Control in Medical Institution
    Provide satisfied medical service
    (5) To provide policy recommendation to RHP.
    1. Describe the characteristic of the health manpower of Guangxi and find out the problems in 1999 in order to provide suggestion for health manpower development.
    doctors , PMP investors and officials towards PMP. The objective of this study is to provide evidence information for health bureau to establish policy on private medical practice and medical institutions classification administration.
    本研究在对民营和个体医疗服务(Private Medical Practice,PMP)现状调查的基础上,进一步明确民营医疗服务(PMP)的利用情况、作用和范围以及社会各方面对民营医疗服务的态度和期望,为卫生部门制定有关民营医疗、医疗机构分类管理等政策提供依据。
    Objectives To explore the stability rule of logistic regression and rare events logistic regression model at different values of events per variable(EPV), so as to establish basis for appropriate application of these two models and provide reference for similar study of other statistical models.
    目的 寻找logistic回归模型和稀有事件logistic回归模型在不同变量平均事件发生数(events per variable,EPV)情况下的变化规律,为两种模型的正确应用奠定基础,为其它统计模型的类似研究提供方法学借鉴。
    Objective: The dissertation aims to improve a method for evaluating the burden of disease (BOD) for urban residents, using disability-adjusted life years (DALY), an indicator presented recently, and evaluate their health status from different aspects with several indicators, and provide scientific guide for urban dweller's diseases prevention and treatment, and provide reference for reasonable application of these indicators through comparing the new and old indicators.
    研究目的:本研究的主要目的是将疾病负担的评价新指标——伤残调整生命年(disability-adjusted life years, DALY)引入健康评价领域,结合多个指标从不同侧面评价城市居民的健康状况,为城市居民的疾病防治工作提供科学依据,并比较新旧健康评价指标的差别,为指标的合理应用提供参考。
    It is first suggested that hospitals where auditing has been started in accordance with the new circumstances take the following measures: ①setting the control range so as to provide criteria and evidence for self checking;
    Its goal is to Provide scientific information and decision basis for policy makers in order to choose the appropriate technology,allocate health resources rationally, and improve thequality and efficiency of utilization of resources.
    The calculation results provide reliable data for the manufacture .
    Objective The method of random front cost function was used in assessing the commercial efficiency of hospitals in order to provide reference for hospitals to find the causes of inefficiency and for departments concerned to formulate policies.
    目的 将随机前沿成本函数方法应用于医院经济效率的评价 ,为医院发现低效率问题的原因和为有关部门制定政策提供参考。
    At the same time, the government should provide public health products and services for all citizens.
    同时 ,政府应当为全体人民提供公共卫生产品和公共卫生服务。
    To identify therelated factors of injuries and provide guide for injury prevention and intervention.
    识别伤害发生的影响因素 ,为开展伤害预防干预提供依据。


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