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    Objective To provide scientific evidences for reforming and perfecting policy,system,programme,plan,and measure for rural cooperative medicine in Shanghai.
    目的 为改革和完善上海市农村合作医疗的政策、制度、规划、计划、措施提供科学依据。
    Principal-component regression analysis was used to study the relationship between the indexesof health resource allocation and economy, culture, population and health status by using the data of138 countries, Which will provide basis for classifying districts and setting up the resource allocationstandard.
    Telemedicine is to provide medical information service by using technology of remove communication and computer multimedia.
    50.7% of respondents fear AIDS, and 60.7% of them promise to provide normal life and working environment for AIDS sufferers, while 49.9% of them say that AIDS is far from us.
    The results provide reference basis for enterprises' hospitals to develop community health service better.
    Conclusion The investigation of the demands of health education and health service will provide the scientific basis for exp loring the pattern of health educati on and health promoting.
    Objective To evaluate the application quality of CT in Anhui province,to provide the science basis for health bureau to make decision.
    目的 评价我省医用CT机的应用质量 ,为卫生行政部门的决策提供科学依据。
    ObjectiveTo explore the index standard a nd the method of systematic evaluation of the work quality of hospitals,to provide a theory basis for evaluating medical management level systematically.
    目的探讨综合评价医院工作质量的指标和方法 ,为综合评价医疗质量管理水平提供理论依据。
    It can provide real-time, accurate, high resolution display of ECG waveforms and numeric displays of the main ECG parameters through the automatic ECG analyzing and processing technology.
    Clinical pathways provide a fairly ideal condition for the real-time control of inpatient care.
    Under the new situation of increasingly severe market competition, problems on how to strengthen the management of medical treatment, improve quality of medical treatment continuously and provide patients satisfying medical services catch attention of administrators.
    The analysis of the cost and its components of basic community preventive services can provide necessary evidences for policy making to from budget and strategic planning for preventive services and to make saving and reise the efficiency of resources utilization at community level.
    RESULTS 97.94% of the medical and health staff believed that community volunteers could provide long-term care.
    结果 97.94%的医务人员认为社区志愿者能提供长期保健服务。
    OBJECTIVE For knowing the network status of health education in the factory, the workers' requirements for health services, the main health problems, the behavioral risk factors, the requirements of workers for health education and for formulating the policies and plan of preventing and controlling health risk factors to provide the evidences.
    目的 了解239厂健康教育组织机构的网络建设、职工的卫生服务需求、主要健康问题、行为危险因素流行水平以及职工对健康教育的需求,为制定预防和控制健康危险因素的规划和计划提供依据。
    Objective To understand the status of knowledge,attitude, practice (KAP) about prevention of the common parasitic diseases in the countryside residents,so as to provide basis data for health education of common parasitic diseases.
    目的 了解农村居民肠道寄生虫感染情况及预防知识、信念、行为 (knowledge、attitude、practice ,KAP) ,为进一步开展健康教育提供依据。
    Objective To analyze effects of SARS on students' professional attitude and provide some guidance for nursing teaching afterwards, through investigation of 149 nursing cadets' cognition of SARS and their cognition of profession of nursing.
    目的 通过对实习护生进行有关SARS的认知情况和对护理职业再认识的调查,分析SARS疫情的发生对学生职业态度的影响,为今后护理教学提供一定的指导依据。
    Objective To assess the efficiency of central urban and rural hospitals in the 7 cities, counties and districts under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou City and the status of the medical markets so as to provide theoretical basis for the promotion of decentralized medical markets.
    目的 了解杭州市所属 7个市 (县、区 )中心城镇医院的效率和医疗市场状况 ,为医疗市场化的推行提供理论依据。
    Objective To research life expectancy status for the male aand female of Shilin county in order to provide science basis for relative department.
    目的 :研究石林县男女期望寿命情况 ,为有关部门提供科学依据。
    Objectives:to explore the influence of market mechanism on medical resources allocation and provide basic information and evidences for making medical facilities planning by doing source and flowing research of outpatient patients in hospitals.
    Objectives Discuss the utilization and the cost of image and laboratory examination services for the inpatients and provide some evidences for promoting the application of image and laboratory examinations in clinical work and implement scientific management.


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