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    Further, the main factors of influencing each publishing company's selling were fetched by SPSS software to predict the market.
    ( Selected Works of Marx and Engels, Volume I, people' s publishing company, 1972 , P123. )
    The Integrative Application of Structuraland Oriented-Object Technology in the Mis of Publishing Company
    Methods Based on the standard of the diagnosis and effect of TCM disease published 1994 year by Nan jing university publishing company, 100 cases of BPH(clinical diagnosis) were divided six syndromes. Other clinical parameters (IPSS, chief complaint parameters ) were also collected.
    方法 按照南京大学出版社1994年出版的《中医病证诊断疗效标准》对100例临床诊断为BPH的患者中医辨证为六个证型,同时分析其IPSS(国际前列腺症状评分)、症状评定等相关因素。
    Based on the framework of book design and starts from the art and technics design about book's form, materials and execution, and combins with plenty personal experience of practice in book design for publishing company, this thesis argued in integral and synthetic design ideas and did some prospect of foundation and theory accumulation.
    In fact, it havedetermined the peculiar appearance of literature to a great extent, such as commercialoperation strategy of the publishing company in literature operating mechanism, columnoffered, localization and flow of the reader, and the editor's position and interesting.
    Some publishing company tries to introduce the effective " ISO 9000 clan standards management system " to this trade.
    一些出版社尝试将在其他行业质量管理中取得成效的“ISO 9000族标准管理体系”引入。
    Illustrate the establishment of ISO 9000 quality control system in publishing company and explain the control effect that this system to the six key elements of book quality, point out this implement course remain profound problem that need to solve.
    对出版社如何建立ISO 9000质量管理体系作了阐述,并对该体系对图书质量六大构成要素的控制作用进行说明,点明该体系实施过程中有待解决的深层次问题。
    This base on ci xue yanjiu shu mu which edited by huang wenji and published by tai bei wen jin publishing company And also consult the databank about study of poetry of the Song Dynasty in the 20th century.
    From the point of view of communication and publication, the thesis aimed at the situation of publishing company and the competition tendency, took hold of the pivotal point—topic-design in the processes of the publication and analyzed its characteristics, existed problems and the operation principles.
    Ainsworth system (1983 ); In Chinese naming, the study use The name and glossary of fungi and The concourse of Chinese fungi which published by Chinese science publishing company.
    This text takes the textbook of the principle of the dialectical materialism and the historical materialism which is published by Chinese Renmin University publishing company in which editions are printed, to analyse the trend of modern Marxist philosophy development in China.
    In design of Apartment Building of Chongqing Publishing Company,mindful of local climate and the site's wind resource,several technical measures are taken deliberately as a research attempt.
    The publication of the simplified Note of Thirteen Classics ,which published by Peking publishing company,will make important evaluation and effects to the development of the classics history and the whole chinese science.
    The computer-assisted instruction(CAI) courseware for reproduction physiology is the project to invite tenders by Ministry of Public Health and has been published by the People Public Health Publishing Company.
    The teaching material of science (seventh to ninth grade) published b y Zhejiang Education Publishing Company and edited by professor Zhu Qingshi who is the academician of Chinese Academy of Science, has its obvious characteristic s in knowledge and contents.
    By exploratory statistic analysis, the paper gave bivariate frequency contingency tables between every qualitative variable and every publishing company.


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