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    The signal acquisition module is made up of A/D transfer part and DSP,which features high accuracy and rapid response speed.
    The laser Doppler measurement is characteristic of the high precision, rapid dynamicresponse,large measure range,non-contact measure, immunizing to electromagneticdisturb and non-response to transverse vibration.
    With the rapid step of market economy, our country has imported plenty of crude oil.
    With the rapid development of Shaanxi area alongside the Weihe River, plenty of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage discharge into the river without treatment.
    Based on the analysis about the effects on the visibility function caused by the Faraday rotation, the multi-source observations and the errors in path difference compensation, it is confirmed, in this paper, that only the phase induced by the ionospheric irregularities with scale sizes larger than the base line length, is proportional to the base line length, and is characterized by rapid time variations.
    It is easy to transport and operate, and is rapid, safe and low cost.
    Softwares of this suite of methods are charaterized by high adaptability, rapid calculation and high precision.
    Genetic algorithm is a rapid developmental method, which can solve nonlinear multi parameters optimization in recent years.
    Yinggehai basin is an important gas-bearing basin in the northern shelf of South China Sea. Mud di-apiric structures developed in the central part due to rapid subsidence and undercompaction.
    It is a pure real number operation and just needs calculations for a small number of values of Laplace transform variable s(12 values for one sample time). So it is a rather rapid algorithm.
    它是纯实数运算 ,而且只需对较少的拉氏变换变量s值作计算 (通常对每一采样时间选用 1 2个s值 ) ,因而是一种计算速度较的算法 .
    Mechanism of flat-maintenance and dyke-protection of low sheet-pile groin has three principal aspects: blocking effect on the tidal bore front, alleviating erosion effect of the rapid flow of tidal bore and return-flow siltation effect during ebb tide The present paper could be used for reference of new-type groin structure as well as offer basic data for design.
    低丁坝的保滩护塘机理主要体现在三个方面 :即对涌潮潮头的阻挡作用 ,对涌潮水的减冲作用和在落潮期回流淤积作用本文除对护塘丁坝的设计提供基本数据外 ,还对新颖丁坝型式和结构的探讨有借鉴意义。
    The lowerresolution of seismic data is mainly owing to the effect of earth filtering, which leads to rapid decay of the high frequency component and makes the preponderant frequency of seismic wave drift toward lowfrequency.
    The distribution has changed gradually from entirely uplifting with a speed "rapid in south and slow in north" to "uplifting in north and descending in south".
    On thc basis of analyzing Tariq equation and according to the method presented by Tsvankin et al,the paper introduced time-distance curvc expression-NMO correction equation with optimized sixth-order term, which has rapid computational speed and simplified equation parameters.
    In all magnetic expansion materials, the rare-earth super-magnetic expansion material has such characters as high strain value, tense energy density, rapid response speed (<1μs), broad frequency and having intelligent response function, which is very suitable to develop geophysical emission transducer and can fulfil the functions that traditional emission transducer can' t.
    在所有磁致伸缩材料中,稀土超磁致伸缩材料的应变值最高,能量密度最大,响应速度(<1μs),频带宽,有智能响应功能。 以上特点非常适合研制地球物理发射换能器设备,并能使传统发射换能器无法实现的功能得以实现。
    The main oil-bearing formations on the southern slope belt of Gubei subsag belong to the IV and V sand group of Es3, which is difficult to identify with normal methods for rapid vertical-lateral variation and complicated oil-bearing probability.
    Recent advances in the study on the mass balance of Antarctic Ice Sheet show that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet exhibits a bimodal behavior, with thickening in the west and more rapid thinning to the north, but is probably losing mass overall at a rate sufficient to raise sea level by almost 0.2 mm·a -1 . The East Antarctic Ice Sheet seems to be close to balance, but it is still impossible to determine even the sign of its mass balance.
    南极冰盖物质平衡最新的研究进展表明,西南极洲表现出两种变化模式,西部在增厚,而北面在更地减薄。 西南极冰盖总体可能正在减薄,其物质损失的速率可能足以使海平面每年上升近0.2mm。
    When the water-head loss is neglected, the initial length of detained air mass is irrelevant to the maximum pressure on air mass, whereas, if the water-head loss is taken into account, the longer the initial length of detained air mass, the lower the maximum pressure on air mass, and the more rapid the decay of the maximum pressure.
    The actual application in earthquake forecast shows that the neutral networks can overcome some demerit of BP neural networks in leaning process, the constringency excessively depend on initial value and optimization constringency and often can′t appear. The RBF neural networks possess the rapid operation speed in learning and strong nonlinear mapping ability and very good efficiency.
    实际应用结果表明, 该神经网络可以很好地克服BP神经网络学习过程的收敛过分依赖于初值和可能出现局部收敛的缺陷, 具有较的运算速度、较强的非线性映射能力和较好的预报效能。
    In view of inhomogeneous distribution of fluid pressure, fault-valve behavior and the coupled equations of the current density and fluid flow within the Earth′s crust, especially, the observed anomalies in electrical field showed a similar pattern of rapid starting and slow decay, some of these anomalies associated with episodical spouting from borehole or the increase of fluid pressure in wells, it is reasonable to consider that the source of precursory electrical field anomalies is the streaming potential mechanism.
    鉴于地下流体压力分布不均匀、断层阀作用及地下电流密度与流体流的耦合方程, 特别是由于电场异常显示出急始慢衰减的特殊图型, 电场异常有的与废油井间歇自喷有关, 有的与流体压力增高有关, 故认为过滤电势作为电场前兆机制是合理的。


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