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    The development process and research status of steel reinforced concrete composite structure are briefly summarized. Design and analysis methods of this kind of structure at home and abroad are introduced. The differences in calculation between JGJ 138-2001 and YB 9082-97 are comparatively analyzed, which provide good references for design and construction.
    This paper describes the methods and procedures of the virtual prototyping using Pro/E and ADAMS,and offers some experiences & references for the combination of them,introduces some VP application in product design and analysis.
    Conclusion:Overexpression of survivin and negative expression of P16INK4a in NSCLC indicated survivin and P16INK4a may play cooperative role in the tumorigenesis and development of NSCLC through inhibiting cancer cell apoptosis and promoting proliferation. So the expressions of Survivin and P16INK4a can be used as references for the diagnosis and prognosis of NSCLC.
    The article is based on raw materials of concrete segment, to detail the quality control of segment from each step of the segment production technology, so as to guide the concrete segment production, control quality of the segment and provide basises and references for producing the high quality concrete segment.
    This 3D contact finite element analytical method can also be applied to the contact strength analysis of other mechanical products and can be regarded as references for stepping up the strength analyses of mechanical products from single part to entire assemblage.
    Objective Study on community health service (CHS) was carried out form five aspects of policy support,management system,service network,service contents and service mode in Daxing district of Beijing,so as to provide some references for other rural areas to develop CHS.
    After 12 calibrations,all the 10 HIV antibody-positive references were confirmed as positive,and 12 negative samples as negative.
    In combination with field construction practice, this paper summed up its composition, working principle,installation procedure and maintenance method as references for the same type of equipment .
    This paper discusses the roof ornament art of the vernacular dwelling in the area,so as to provide references for modern architectural designs.
    Objective To analyze the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis(TB)in a certain unit from 1992 to 2005,in order to give the references for preventing TB in the Army.
    The results of these simulation offered useful references for the practical circuit design.
    Based on the rules of enhancing the environmental risk assessment and combined with the characterists and the evaluation of environmental impact technology,this paper considered the assessment and evaluation of the Petrochemical Industry and Chemical Industry Projects. From the aspect of environmental risk assessment,improving past-evaluation and strengtherning the technology evaluation and environmental management of the projects were discussed,so as to put references.
    The numerical simulation results can be treated as good references not only for constituting extrusion techniques of FMS0714/10(Zn-30Al) material,but also for designing and preparing new materials.
    It presents the structure and working principle of AGVS (Automated Guided Vehicle System) based on multi-sensor information navigation, designs the function structure and hardware configuration of the AGV, provides some references for the development of industrial AGVS based on multi-sensor information navigation.
    Based upon analysis of the characteristics of highway traffic flow of Huangzhou traffic structure in this region and development trend is studied in order to provide references for construction planning,decision making and maintenance management of highway.
    Relative supporting software(Pro/E, ANSYS and MasterCAM)were used to study CAD/CAE/CAM technology. It can provide the references for the application on the processing of Machine design and product.
    AIM:To recognize the current status of the quality of life of the young middle school teachers and its correlation with the emotion experience,social supports,psychological pressure,so as to provide the references for improving their quality of life.
    Numerical simulation is used to study on the regularities of variation temperature field of a frozen shaft, which offer references for frozen shaft lining design.
    Some typical questions are reviewed, such as the hazardous distinguishing system of the public safety, administration system, plans for emergency response and safe civilization in campus. These could provide as references for the elements research for safety campus, the capability of emergency response and campus safety.
    The Fault Detection and Exclusion Method for LAAS Multiple References


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