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    Enzymes immobilization plays an important role in design and fabrication of biosensors, which usually decides the performance of biosensors, such as sensitivity, selectivity, response time and lifetime.
    This paper propose the mothod for user authentication, data validation and improving response time.
    White-light light emitting diodes(LED) possesses such excellent performance as low power consumption, long lifetime, environmental protection and fast response time, and so on.
    Among many ion conductor materials, TaOX is regarded as one of the most potential materials because of its good self-resume capability, short transmission response time, long cycle life and lower cost.
    The ideal nonlinear optical materials require very large nonlinear optical susceptibility, small threshold power and very fast response time.
    With wider operation range and faster response time, the Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) possesses better performance than other reactive compensate devices used before.
    (4) Realizing archetypal system based on this protocol,especially proposed message priority method that can increase the system’s response time.
    At last, the hardware and software designs of DSP and PLC serial communication experiment are introduced. On this basis, the systematic response time will be reduced.
    It is shown by the measured results and analyses that the system is applicable to multi-mode fiber dispersion measurement and photodeteotor response time measurement with high accuracy.
    Multilayer ISE connected in series was designed and it has been proved both theoretically and experimentally that the response slope, sensitivity and precision in the potentiometric determination can be raised by n-times by using the proposed multilayer ISE (n = 4) connected in series in comparison to the usual ISE, while the response time, electrode selectivity and detection limit remain the same as the usual ISE.
    设计了多元叠层型串联ISE,结构紧凑,组装简便,适用于微体积样液分析。 对四元叠层型串联ISE的试验表明:与现行ISE比较,其线性响应斜率、测定精密度与灵敏度均增大4倍,但响应速度、选择性系数与检测下限不变。
    The most importantparameters of the photomultiplier tubes to be calibrated include: linearity ofoutput electric signals to input light signals response time of pulsed light, spectralresponse, absolute responsibility, and sensitivity as a function of the chain voltage.
    The result proves that the response time and the leveling accuracy of the system satisfy the tactical and technical requirements. The structure of the system is simple and reliabl.
    Its response time and thread pitch are very close to the data reported abroad.
    The structure, performances and applications of the sensor were discribed. The sensitivity and response time were discussed.
    A structure which can raise the response speed of transmission-mode GaAs photoca-thodes has been proposed, and the response time of this structure under the electric field has been calculated theoretically.
    A correspondent experimental system related with a microcomputer is implemented. The response time is 3 seconds.
    The sensor has the following advantages of small dimention, low cost, simple technology, fast response time, in addition its response curve is linear as an exponential range of relative humidity.
    这种新型湿度传感器具有体积小(仅4mm×6mm)、制造工艺简单、成本低、响应速度快等优点。 而且它的湿敏特征量——电阻的对数与相对湿度成线性关系,便于二次仪表设计,可望在各个领域的湿度实时检测和控制中获得广泛应用。
    The linear response range of the modified electrode is 10-7-10-2 mol/L with the response time of less than 1 min, while 9 cations and 4 an-ions, usually coexisted do not interfere with the measurement. The possible mechanism and factors for the improvement of the electrode characters, compared with the non-modified electrode, are discussed.
    The performance test of MOD300 distributed control system is described in this paper and an analysis on the test results of 3 primary performance indexes——system response time, scanning rate and CPU load rate——was carried out. The recommendation for speed-up of the system response time and reduction of CPU load rate is also suggested by the author.
    The response time of the sensor is in the range of second and reversibility is excellent.


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