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    The 90% potential response time for a pH change from 1. 75 to 13. 90 was less than 0. 5 s. The composite scanning micro pH electrode is a promising apparatus for detecting the pH distribution on metal/solution interface. pH image on the surface of Al/Cu galvanic couple showed that both the anodic and cathodic areas could be sensed well.
    该探针具有体积小、响应速度快、稳定性好和制作方便等优点,能很好地满足微区 PH快速测定的要求 应用复合型扫描微pH电极技术研究了Al/Cu合金在0.01mol·L-1NaCl溶液中开路状态下局部腐蚀发生的早期过程.
    The electrode has fast response time and good stability.
    The experimental results confirm that the query performance was improved as the response time was reduced by the FALNB tree, especially for the index of massive data.
    实验结果显示FALNB树能加快查询响应速度 ,对海量数据的索引有良好性能
    Based on the established mathematical model, the structure parameters and controlling parameters were analyzed. The experiment results show that the mathematical model and analyzing results are correct. The response time of the developed solenoid valve reaches 0389 ms?
    通过对典型控制电磁阀的结构分析,研制了平面控制电磁阀,并根据建立的电磁阀数学模型对其结构参数和控制参数进行了分析,试验结果证明理论分析结果正确,研制的电磁阀响应速度达到0 389ms。
    Under the environment of mass customization, response time is the key to an enterprise’s competitiveness. This paper establishes an inventory management system with integrated pull and push mechanism. It sets forth the basic operational mechanism, analyzes the postponement point in supply chain, and also it sets up a model to analyze the relationship between inventory and response time.
    在顾客化大量生产的环境下 ,响应速度是企业竞争力的关键 ,论文从缩短供应链多阶响应周期对库存管理产生的问题出发 ,建立Push/Pull结合的库存管理体系 ,阐述了其基本运行机制 ,并对运行机制中准时制 (JIT)与快速响应 (QR)结合、供应链延迟点等问题进行了分析 ,并建立数学模型对库存与响应周期之间的关系进行了研究
    Caching and prefetching can be used to improve the response time of network access.
    With this method, the PMD value need not be measured precisely, so the response time is short and the method can be used for mitigation of a wide range of PMD impaired signals.
    The open loop theory and the closed loop theory of direct current measurement are combined availably. The merits of the system are simple construction, high precision (the error is less than 0.1% and it is 0.5% in traditional DC sensors), good stability and reliability, good compensation performance and quick response time.
    该传感器将开环原理与闭环原理的优点有机地结合起来,使其既具有准确度高(从传统直流传感器0 5%的测量准确度提高到0 1%)、线性度好、抗干扰能力强的优点,也不存在系统振荡及大功率驱动问题的弱点,且电路结构简单、稳定性好、可靠性高、自动跟踪补偿和响应速度快。
    The implementation of ASP dynamically calling on database is fulfilled,and the problems related to the design and running are discussed. By use of the method,the images can be directly shown on the screen,and the response time is shortened.
    The software compensation has many advantages,such as high accuracy,short response time and great stability. The experiments have showed that the output value of the welding voltage can be controlled within ±1% if the mains voltage fluctuation is of ±10%.
    New system got the performance by using large main memory, improved the capacity of Web server in aspects of data transferring and response time.
    On the basis of dynamic calibration,the application of the dynamic compensation digital filter technique will improve the dynamic characteristics,and thus its response time is shortened and the frequency band is broadened.
    The improved Apriori algorithm and the object migration algorithm through the least distance decrease the whole balance of CS, balance the load of sub-cluster and reduce the response time of clients.
    In order to decrease the response time, a p-persistent CSMA/CD protocol simulation system which is a part of military network simulation system is designed and implemented by using the object-oriented analysis and discrete event simulation.
    Compared with the variable optical attenuator without thermal isolation grooes,the maximum power consumption decreases from 360 mW to 130 mW and the response time decreases from about 100 μs to less than 50 μs,while the insertion loss is not affected.
    与未加隔热槽的相同结构光学衰减器相比,器件插入损耗和调制深度不受影响。 最大衰减(29dB)时功率消耗由360mW降低为130mW,器件响应速度提高1倍,响应时间由大于100μs降为小于50μs。
    Pre-computing data cube is an ordinary way to improve the response time of possible aggregate queries.
    Experiment and test results show that the sensitivity of the sensors is higher,the response time and the restoration time are less,resistance to interference of petrol is better and so on.
    Two kinds of control schemes are designed respectively for different requests of detecting precision and response time on different occasions. They are dew layer thickness control and temperature balance dynamic scanning control.
    FED is a newer vacuum flat panel display. It would be widely applied b y reason of natural and vivid color,short response time,wider view angle,lowe r power consumption,matrix location.
    Through experiment,the response time and overshoot of the three schemes under step disturbance were obtained.


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