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    Sociological Analysis on Sex and Unequality of Both Sexes——on Social Sex Construction in Magazines
    Sex Provisions in Headhunting——A Starting Point of Stratification between the Sexes
    A comparison between women' s employment pattern and equality condition of both sexes in welfare countries
    A tentative analysis of "social sex consciousness" and "equality of the sexes
    The Analysis of Marital Pressure from the Ratio of Sexes
    Power Relation between the Sexes in the Development of Women Dress and Adornment in China
    The Equality between the Sexes in the Field of Scientific Outlook on Development : Problems& Consideration
    and (e) the explanational system of sexual division of labor changes too, the emphasis shifts from natural difference between two sexes to technology, and that woman's identification with this explanational system is one of elements which fixed this new division labor system.
    4/there exist some differences on issues concerning marriage and dating,also differences in terms of different sexes,areas with different degree of economic development.
    ( 4)在某些婚恋观上既存在个别差异 ,也存在着不同性别、不同经济发展水平地区和不同文化程度的农村青年群体间的差异
    The reasons are:the influence of the traditional family system and values,the phynomynon of the weak realization of sexes commonly existing in the society and the intention of perfection existing in career women.
    其原因有 :传统的家庭制度、价值观念的影响 ; 社会中普遍存在的性别意识薄弱现象 ;
    As for the content of the research, attention was paid to "problems" in the 1980s, to"women" in the early 1990s, and to "human beings of one of the two sexes" since the late 1990s.
    在研究内容方面 ,2 0世纪 80年代以“问题研究”为主 ,90年代上半叶以对“女人”研究为主 ,而从 90年代下半叶开始 ,“性别人”研究成为重点。
    The experiment to analyze invitation refusals between different sexes conducted on Chinese College students supported the views of negative politeness and face threatening acts identified by Brown and Levinson. The findings in the experiment indicated that Chinese society is mainly a negative politeness culture.
    对中国大学生拒绝邀请的礼貌策略的性别差异的调查和研究 ,支持了为 Brown和 L evinson的关于消极礼貌和面子威胁行为的观点 ,暗示中国社会是一个注重消极礼貌的社会
    The system change is not only greatly af-fecting the mode of economic participation by China's urban women,but it is also exerting a complicated and pro-found influence on the change and restructuring of the pattern of work division between the sexes in urban fami -lies.
    Both sexes, men and women ,differ greatly in cultural aspects.
    男女两性在文化特征上存在着差别 ,性别文化中存在着明显的性别偏见 .
    There exist obvious prejudices against sexes in the gender culture ,which are manifested in popular language, mass media and education.
    性别文化中性别偏见主要表现在大众语言、大众传媒以及教育 3个方面 .
    To analyse the equality of men and women through the concept of "social sex consciousness" has further enriched and developed the theoretical and practical importance of the "equality between the sexes".
    用“社会性别意识”观分析“男女平等”问题 ,进一步丰富和发展了“男女平等”的理论意义和实践意义。
    In light of equality of the two sexes, raising the social gender consciousness of government administrators at all levels and improving the overall quality and rights of the women in countryside should be important measures in building a well-off society in an all-round way.
    The criticism has also smashed the traditional "either the one or the other" way of thinking in regard to the two sexes and fostered for the progressive gender culture a new "both the one and the other" way of thinking.
    In present-day Chinese countryside, the difference and inequality between the two sexes in both free time and spare-time life has become more than conspicuous, the difference lying not only in the aggregate amount of tree time, but also, more importantly, in the quality of spare-time life as well the opportunities and state of mind in free time.
    The shortage of rural workers is a manifestation of structural unemployment characterized by the unbalanced supply-and-demand structure in the workers’ knowledge, skills, sexes, regions and ages.


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