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    Sociological Analysis on Sex and Unequality of Both Sexes——on Social Sex Construction in Magazines
    Sex Provisions in Headhunting——A Starting Point of Stratification between the Sexes
    A restricated view on the consciousness of two sexes in media
    How Should Leading Newspapers Portray the Two Sexes
    On the Position of the Sexes in Ancient Times of China
    and (e) the explanational system of sexual division of labor changes too, the emphasis shifts from natural difference between two sexes to technology, and that woman's identification with this explanational system is one of elements which fixed this new division labor system.
    1. Peasant's modernity is a series of special personality. It is formed by these 9 factors:the equal view of two sexes,efficiency sense,innovative consciousness, independent consciousness,self-insurance consciousness,family education view,new experience view,technology awareness,concept of time.
    2. Present peasants have stronger equal view of two sexes,efficiency sense, independent consciousness,technology awareness,concept of time,they are glad to accept the new things,indifferent gradually to the traditional family idea,and the self-orientation begins to strengthen.
    So, The Chinese government must accordingly attach great importance to the continuous elevation of women’social status and promote the equality between the sexes in real earnest, and consummate and standardize laws and regulations guaranteeing women’s legal rights and interests.
    The goal of economic development is that promoting social development and human's development as well, namely the joint development of the two sexes.
    Starting from the cultural angle, the author analyses how the culture of women' s physical beauty has controlled women' s way of life, and how it has reproduced the inequality of rights and status between the sexes in the deep-rooted aesthetic relations.
    Therefore, the real equality between the sexes from the social perspective must be achieved through a new way of women's education.
    Both sexes, men and women ,differ greatly in cultural aspects.
    男女两性在文化特征上存在着差别 ,性别文化中存在着明显的性别偏见 .
    Owing to the physical and psychological differences between male and female, inequality between the two sexes came into being in history. The International political and economic framework based on patriarchy ruthlessly discriminates against, oppresses and exploits women.
    To further women's development, we must topple down patri-archy and reconstruct the International political and economic framework in the spirit of equality of the two sexes.
    Taking to realize men and women s equality in dignity, value, fights, opportunity and obligation as main points, equality of the sexes represents social civilization and development.
    男女平等是社会文明和进步的体现。 男女平等的基本点就是要实现男女两性在人格尊严、价值、权利、机会和责任上的平等。
    This paper makes a systematic analysis of the basic content, characteristics, cause and nature of such inequality under socialist market economy, with the aim of objectively and comprehensively grasping the situation and degree of such inequality under the present socio-economic conditions, effectively promoting equality between the sexes and achieving harmonious social progress.
    The difference in occupational status between men and women is the fundamental reason for the social stratification between the sexes.
    Upon the basis of the criticism, the paper puts forward the consideration of orientation on ladies in mass media, trying to create equal media plural space of participation and development by box sexes, so as to reflect overall ladies images of seeking quality while admitting differences, of showing their individualities in equality, and a harmonious partner relationship established between sexes.
    在以上批判的基础上 ,提出关于女性传播定位的思考 ,力图营造两性平等参与、共同发展的多元的传播空间 ,全面反映女性形象 ,在差异中寻求平等 ,在平等中彰显个性 ,以期建立两性之间和谐的伙伴关系
    The harmonious development of the two sexes and the simultaneous improvement of woman and society have become the intrinsic demand and important content of buiding a well-off society in an all-round way.


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