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    War──the Earliest Historical Origin of the Inequality Between the Sexes
    The Retirement Ages of Both Sexes and the Rights and Interests of Women
    The production has reason in theory and in reality, there is negative influence on the both sexes' development.
    这种不平等突出表现在社会话语对女性 的界定与女性就业问题上,有其产生的理论与现实原因,对于男女两性的发展有着消极影响。
    Is there no necessary relation between the equality of the sexes and whether women take a job?
    A tentative analysis of "social sex consciousness" and "equality of the sexes
    The Theoretical Cognate Nature between the Scientific View of Development andthe National Policy of the Equality between the Sexes
    Post-mortem inheritance and equal inheritance among sexes are the two principles of themodern inheritance law But at present, the property succession reality in China’s rural area isdifferent from these principles.
    财产死后继承和继承权男女平等是现代继承法的两大基本原则。 中国农村目前的财产继承实践却与上述法律原则相抵牾。
    the occupation's isolation still lies in some industry. This phenomenon let people to think about the sex discrimination reasons in the calling of society's impartial and equality of sexes.
    Second, the theory in Darwinism about co-existence of both sexes provides some use for the paper’s reference, while the Taoist doctrine, one of the traditional Chinese ethical thinking for the paper’s historical foundation.
    其次,达尔文主义中的男女共生理论为女性就业难中的伦理问题研究提供了理论借鉴。 同时,中国传统伦理思想的道家学说是女性就业难中伦理问题研究的历史依据,特别是道家崇尚女性的思想观念是女性地位得以提升和改变的精神动力之一,它有助于构建男女相互尊重、密切配合、和谐共处的和谐社会。
    So, The Chinese government must accordingly attach great importance to the continuous elevation of women’social status and promote the equality between the sexes in real earnest, and consummate and standardize laws and regulations guaranteeing women’s legal rights and interests.
    The goal of economic development is that promoting social development and human's development as well, namely the joint development of the two sexes.
    the view son women's returning to their family life,which were hotly debated in mass media,are not in line with the Marxist theory on women's liberation,and run counter against the national basic policy of equality be-tween the sexes.
    前一段时间,国内一些报刊媒体所热烈讨论的有关“妇女回家”的论点,是与马克思主义的妇 女解放理论不相符合的,也是和男女平等的基本国策背道而驰的;
    Both sexes, men and women ,differ greatly in cultural aspects.
    男女两性在文化特征上存在着差别 ,性别文化中存在着明显的性别偏见 .
    Owing to the physical and psychological differences between male and female, inequality between the two sexes came into being in history. The International political and economic framework based on patriarchy ruthlessly discriminates against, oppresses and exploits women.
    With the development of social civilization up to now,most countries have stabilized equality of the sexes this policy in the form of law.
    社会文明发展至今 ,大部分国家已将男女平等的政策以法律形式固定下来。
    Taking to realize men and women s equality in dignity, value, fights, opportunity and obligation as main points, equality of the sexes represents social civilization and development.
    男女平等是社会文明和进步的体现。 男女平等的基本点就是要实现男女两性在人格尊严、价值、权利、机会和责任上的平等。
    To analyse the equality of men and women through the concept of "social sex consciousness" has further enriched and developed the theoretical and practical importance of the "equality between the sexes".
    用“社会性别意识”观分析“男女平等”问题 ,进一步丰富和发展了“男女平等”的理论意义和实践意义。
    This paper makes a systematic analysis of the basic content, characteristics, cause and nature of such inequality under socialist market economy, with the aim of objectively and comprehensively grasping the situation and degree of such inequality under the present socio-economic conditions, effectively promoting equality between the sexes and achieving harmonious social progress.
    The difference in occupational status between men and women is the fundamental reason for the social stratification between the sexes.
    The harmonious development of the two sexes and the simultaneous improvement of woman and society have become the intrinsic demand and important content of buiding a well-off society in an all-round way.


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