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    that in female donkeys(including pregnant ones),the donkeys at age of 0. 5 to 2,the donkeysover 2 years were 1. 85± 0.57m mol/L,1. 70±0.56m mol/Land 1.90±0.64m mol/L re-spectively. There were no significant differences in BLA level between different sexes and be-tween different ages (P>0. 05).
    sex and age were investigated, the result showed that value of ET 60. 24 ± 24. 40 ng/L and ANP 79.66±25.54 ng/L. There is neither significant Variation between sexes nor among different age groups ( P >0. 05), and positive correlation was found between ET and ANP( r = 0. 48,P <0. 05).
    Interaction between the lines and sexes had significant effect on gizzard fat percentage (P<0.05).
    R. S in part leads and the Q T. interval have significant differences(P< 0.05),(P<0.01)respectively between both sexes
    The results showed that the range of MCA of unilateral nasal cavity was 0.192~0.915 cm 2, DCA was 0.300~2.554 cm. The changes of MCA and DCA were highly associated with age in children and juvenile ( P <0.01). In adults, there was significant difference of MCA and DCA between different sexes in the different groups.
    (3)For positive or negative HCVRNA patients, there were no significant difference in the changes of CD+3 T lymphocytes and CD+4,CD+8 T lymphocytic subsets in different courses or in different ages and sexes.
    In order to discuss diagnostic value of 12-lead ΣQRS for LVH, authors observed normal range of 12-lead ΣQRS in 400 healthy subjects of different ages and sexes.
    The results indicate that there are no differences between the height (before 14 years of age),the weight and the bone density(before 15 years )in both sexes (p>0.05),and afterwards there were differences in both sexes (p<0.05).
    The prevalence of gout was 077% in men and 034% in combined sexes.
    Methods On the basis of the epidemiological studies of lumbar BMD in 1 567 cases with dual energy X ray absorptiometry (DEXA), the age groups of BMD balancing peak value stage were evaluated in both sexes and the mean BMC and area values were calculated. Prediction of normal BMD value was done by regression equations established from BMC, area and height.
    ApoE allele frequencies in the population were ε 2=0.081, ε 3=0.857, ε 4=0.062. There were no difference in the ApoE genotypes distribution between sexes.
    结果发现ε2,ε3,ε4等位基因的频率分别是0081,0857和0062。 ApoE等位基因频率分布无明显的性别差异(P>0.05)。
    The RR (95%CI) for all cancers of whole HBRA was 0.99 (0.87 1.14) and the ERR (95%CI)/Sv of all cancers for both sexes and all ages was 0.10(-0.67,0.69) resulting from the combined data.
    The findings show that the influence on regression between males and females is no significant difference(P > 0.05). Therefore the data of both sexes was merged and a total formula of its estimated BW was made; BW(kg) = CHM2 (m) x BL(m) x 88 - 8 (r = 0. 9971, Sy/x =4. 701).
    There is significant difference between different ages,and the difference is not evident between different sexes.
    The results showed that the prevalence NIDDM was 3 22%,2 67% in male and 3 73% in female. There was no significant difference between both sexes ( χ 2=1 85,P>0 05) ,but the opposite among the age group( χ 2=66 07,P<0 01) .
    No association was found between the expression of MUC5AC apomucin in the neoplastic gastric epithelium and patients' sexes, locations and size of cancerous tissues,metastasis of lymph nodes, differentiations, invasiveness or clinical stages ( P >0.05). However,the Lauren's types was significantly different ( P < 0.05)between MUC5AC positive group and MUC5AC negative group.
    胃癌组织中MUC5AC核粘蛋白的表达与胃癌患者的性别、肿瘤的部位和大小、淋巴结转移、肿瘤的分化和浸润、临床分期无关 (P >0 .0 5 ) ,但MUC5AC阳性组与阴性组之间的胃癌的Lau ren’氏分型差别显著 (P <0 .0 5 )。
    Conclusion The use of corrected QT dispersion indexes needn't show any concern with sexes or age.
    结论 使用校正 QT离散度指标不需要考虑性别和年龄差异
    Results In two groups of patients with similar ages and sexes,there showed no differences in levels of SOD, ALT,TBil,TP and ALB before treatment,as the SOD in lreated group and control group wrre 106.57 ± 40.68 NU/ml and 105.18 ± 44.59 NU/ml respectively, while the normal value for SOD in 16 normal persons was 165.9 ± 23.36 NU/ml.
    结果  16例正常人SOD活性检测正常值为 16 5 .9±2 3 .36NU ml。 40例治疗组与 40例对照组治疗前年龄、性别无差异 ,SOD、ALT、TBil、TP、ALB亦无差异 ,SOD分别为 10 6 .5 7± 40 .6 8与 10 5 .18± 44 .5 9。
    Conclusions Our findings suggest that the allele A2 of the 5HT2A receptor gene may significantly postpone the age of onset of schizophrenic patients. But the 5HT2A receptor gene may not contribute to the susceptibility of schizophrenia in Chinese Han population and cannot change the severity of symptoms in these patients. The frequency of distribution of 5HT2A receptor gene may also not be changed by the sexes of the patients and not be affected by family histories.
    结论  5 HT2A受体基因的等位基因A2可明显推迟精神分裂症患者的发病年龄 ,但 5 HT2A受体基因不影响汉族人精神分裂症的易感性、患者的症状严重度 ,患者 5 HT2A受体基因的频率分布也不受患者的性别、家族聚集性的影响
    ②The concentrations of chromium at the group of 7~9 year and copper at the group of 10~12 year and 13~16 year in hair of the male are higher than the female,but there are not differences in both sexes on the other developmental stages;
    2铬含量在 7~ 9岁组、铜的含量在 10~ 12岁组和 13~ 16岁组均发现男性高于女性 ,另外一些生长发育阶段则没有性别差异 ;


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