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    The application of modern educational technology is by no means only a change of the teaching aids, but a significant reform of education system and renewal of educational views and means.
    Movement of New Policies towards the End of the Qing Dynasty:Significant Reform in China of Modern Times
    The State-shared Property Conveyance is one of the significant reform paths that China has chosen to make a strategic readjustment on the State-owned economy during the change from the planned economy to the market one.
    By today, informationtechnology is penetrating widely into various fields of human society thathas deeply changed everyone's survival methods and value concepts as aresult, therefore lead to significant reform on social capital flow volume,flow direction and its structure and bring great changes for humaneconomies and financial activities.
    In recent years, the structure of CAD software is undertaking significant reforms, changing from solid modelling centered systems which are called "geometric CAD" to the feature and constraint based ones , which are called "applied CAD".
    In recent years, the structure of CAD software is undertaking significant reforms, changing from solid modeling centered systems which are called “geometric CAD” to the feature and constraint based ones, which are called “applied CAD”.
    The institution of administration-supervising commissioner, which the Nanjing National Government (NNG) established in the 1930's, is a significant reform of regional political system between province and county.
    At the same time, with the economy globalization and the significant reform of banking systems, Chinese banking industry is faced with fierce competition with foreign counterparts.
    The promotion of the system of relatively centralized power of administrative punishment is a significant reform in the law-enforcement system in city administration.
    Virtual practice achieved a historic and significant reform in the forms of human activities, for the first time ,it breads through the practical object confining to the outside material world, but by means of handling and recreating information signals, transforms the language symbol system based on artificial intelligence and organic feelings into virtual one.
    Several significant reforms cause the Chinese telecommunication industry as soon as to leap into in the the most rapid-developping industry of national economy from "the bottleneck" industry.
    The new turn of elementary education curriculum had the significant reform in goal, function,content, structure, implementation, appraisal and management etc.
    The application of advanced methods and high technology to the modern structural geology has led to the formation of new concept of structural geology, the expansion and deepening of research contents, the significant reform of discipline texture and the broadening of scope of practical application.
    A significant reform in human development concept, the sustainable development strategy will influence all aspects of the society including politics, economy, education, science and technology.
    The challenge for higher education in 21stcentury means significant reforms in the course setup of geography teaching in teachers' colleges so as to meet the need of 21st century.
    The examination and appraisal of setting up grade and reaching a set standard were a significant reform of MCH management system, were a important step of implement 《The Management Rules of Medical Establishment》 and strengthening profession management and administering and consolidating the hospital.
    With the rapid development of the multimedia computing technology and networking communication technologies, modern distant education , a new type of educational model has taken its shape. Its wide application will lead to a significant reform in the whole education structure and ways of learning.
    现代远程教育是随着多媒体计算机技术和网络通讯技术的飞速发展而产生的一种新型的教育模式 ,它的广泛使用将会引起整个教育结构以及学习方式的重大变革 .
    Transferring the debts to shares is a significant reform to solve the problem of over-ridden debts in large and medium-sized state-owned Enterprises and to reduce the capital risk of commercial banks.
    The raising of the lifelong education theory is a significant reform and creation to the present education system of our country, and an inexorable trend of the twenty first-century educations.
    终身教育理论的提出是对我国现行教育制度的一项重大改革与创新 ,也将是 2 1世纪教育发展的必然趋势。 终身教育的兴起 ,预示着学习化社会的到来。
    This will definitely boost the reform and perfection of China's administrative legal system, and bring a significant reform to the whole legal system.
    这必将推进我国行政法制的改革和完善 ,并使整个法律体制发生重大变革。


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