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    Social Groups' Language Relation of Our Country and Its Policy Coordination——Research on Language Plan's Object and Main Tasks
    Political State is the representation of common interests of some social groups , it established on the basis of the economic condition of Civil Society .
    In thecourse of struggling for hegemony, the intellectuals, especially the organic intellectuals play theintermediation role between specific social groups (or political parties) and the masses, andforming ‘historic group’together with the masses and social group.
    在这其中,知识分子,尤其是有机知识分子(organic intellectuals)发挥着在特定社会集团(或政党)与大众之间的中介作用,并与大众和社会集团一道,形成与霸权相对抗的“历史集团”(historicalbloc)。
    The campaign only begins from the cultivation and development of the rural quasi-integration, can it change the present model of government leading the rural affairs and the fanners "being ordered about", can we really respect farmers" autonomy and initiatives, can we establish a harmonious relationship between the state, society and the fanners based on a rational game of different social groups. It offers a key to the problems of rural China.
    The Theory of Coexisting Structure in happenstantialistic structualism holds that the essential relionship between novels society lies in certain spiritual structure, and that there is rigid common property regarding origin between the structure in the world of works (also called meaniginful structure) and the spiritual structure in certain social groups(or social classes).
    “发生学结构主义”之“同构”论认为,小说和社会最本质的关系在于某种精神结构; 作品世界的结构(或称为“有意义的结构”)与某些社会集团(或阶级)的精神结构间存在着严格的同源性。
    AbstractThere are several social groups , whose interests are in conflict on internet information copyright.
    For LG-3 00A having realized digital transmission and digital exchange, it is widely used by many corporations > universities ^ and many other social groups.
    State sovereignty is the symbol of the nation state and the most essential property that discriminates with the other social groups.
    Political outlook refers to the basic concepts, theories and attitudes that formed in the social and political practice, on the socio-political system, political life, national or social groups and various political class status, and mutual political relations.
    With the development of the reform and opening, the thoughts, the culture and the material goods from the West enter into the Chinese's life, which brings many changes to the society, makes the measure of value varied and the social groups' interest complicated and conflict, during which the number of the people in religious conscience rise.
    The high repeatability short-term and instant-effect projects out of scientific researchers choice is related to the requirement for promotion of scientific professionals, the willingness of social groups to make investment in such projects, and the poor information awareness of scientific managers and researchers.
    One important aspect of socialist prod uction relation is the interrelations among people engaging in social production,which include the relations among the three main social groups of workers,peasants and intellectuals,the r elations among the enterprises'leading group,middle-level managers and workers,and the relations among different regions and indust rial departments.
    The concept of linguistic institution posed in this article is meant as a generalization of the social rules which reflect the linguistic statuses of all the social groups in a community and control the linguistic relationship between them. The article discusses the nature of linguistic institution, the mechanism and process of its formation and the laws and research methods.
    “语言制度”这一新概念 ,指的是反映各社会集团在社会共同体中的语言地位、协调它们相互之间语言关系的社会规则 ,它有独特的性质、形成机制、过程与变化规律及研究方法。
    Among critics of the 20thcentury, Caudwell explored the nature and meaning of literature by examining the social and historical changes of capitalism, Goldman tried to reveal the relationship between the structural elements of literary works and the structure of ideas of given social groups, while Eagleton focused on a scrutiny of the correlation between literature and ideology.
    在 2 0世纪文学批评视野中 ,考德威尔从资本主义的社会和历史变迁中考察文学的本质和意义 ,戈德曼探索文学作品的结构要素与特定社会集团思想体系结构之间的同源性关系 ,伊格尔顿分析文学作品和社会意识形态的关系。
    These changes in the adoption system not only reflect changes in the internal structure of consanguine groups, even in the nature of social groups in that period, but profound changes in Japanese values and ethics as well.
    养子制不仅深刻地反映了当时社会血缘亲族集团内部结构的变化乃至社会集团性质的质变 ,而且也深刻地反映了一个民族的价值观、伦理观等文化特征。
    The birth of the new Africa is the result of the interactions between forces of Africa's two opposite social groups during the period of WWII, which is an objective principle independent of man's will.
    新非洲的诞生 ,是近代以来非洲两大对立社会集团的力量在二次大战期间向各自相反方面发展的结果 ,是不以人们意志为转移的客观规律。
    The subject of such a controle is the state,social groups or cultural circles. They control respectively the material value,realistic value and transcendent value of aesthetic culture.
    This paper holds that we should change our concepts on credit,establish relative credit rating agencies for social groups, enterprises and individuals, and push the progress of credit legislation forward.
    A leading branch of histo-geography, histo-social geography studies society in history, including the regional distribution, process of shaping, spatial structure, characteristics of behavior, differences in psychology, social problems and evolving system in time and space of social groups.
    The political party plays the lead in the modern state's political life. As the political delegate to definite classes, stratums and social groups, it has the main function of expressing and conforming profits.


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