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    Methods:By using solid phase extraction and gas chromatography/mass spectroscope(GC-MS) ,main Phthalate esters in surface water samples from the urban rivers and ponds in suburb were determined.
    There were three main techniques of extraction and cleaning , such as liquid-liquid extraction(LLE), solid phase extraction(SPE) and supercritical fluid extraction(SFE).
    常见鸦片类毒品在体内的代谢; 生物样品中常见鸦片类毒品的提取净化方法,如液—液萃取法(LLE)、固相萃取法(SPE)和超临界流体萃取(SFE)等;
    Presently, there are many methods applied for the pretreatment of the analyzing sample extracted from plant materials such as Liquid-liquid Extraction (LLE), Simultaneous Distillation/Extraction (SDE), Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), etc. but all of those mentioned above are complicated, time/labor consumptive and need large amount of plant materials.
    目前,用于植物体中挥发油类成分分析样品预处理方法很多,如液液萃取法(Liquid-liquid Extraction,LLE)、同时蒸馏萃取法(Simultaneous Distillation/Extraction,SDE)、超临界流体萃取法(Supercritical Fluid Extraction,SFE)和固相萃取法(Solid Phase Extraction,SPE)等,但都不同程度存在操作繁琐、费时费力、精确度较差等弊端;
    In solid phase extraction, extraction yield of CL is 91.25% and extraction yield of SA is 86.10% by Amberlite XAD-2 resin.
    固相萃取法中,采用Amberlite XAD-2大孔吸附树脂,效果较液-液萃取更好,萃取率为91.25%和86.10%。
    METHODS Plasma samples were pretreated by solid phase extraction. Cefpodoxime and cefuroxime (internal standard) were separated on M N Necleosil 100 5 C 18 column( 150 mm × 4.6 mm , 5 μm )at 39 ℃ with 0.05 mol ·L -1 acetate buffer of pH 3.8 methanol(82∶18)as mobile phase at a flow rate of 1 mL ·min -1 , and monitored at 234 nm .
    方法 :采用固相萃取法预处理血浆样品 ,分析柱为M N Necleosil 10 0 5C18柱 (15 0mm× 4 .6mm ,5 μm) ,流动相为pH 3.8的 0 .0 5mol·L-1醋酸缓冲液 甲醇 (82∶18) ,流速为 1mL·min-1,检测波长为 2 34nm ,柱温为 39℃ ,按内标法定量。
    A C18column was usesd with the mobile phase of methanol-water-triethylamine- acetic acid (600∶400∶ 4∶2) at the detectionwavelength of 254nm. The blood was extracted with solid phase extraction, using diazepam as internal standard.
    Plasma samples of 18 male volunteers after oral administration of 750 mg baicalin test capsules and reference tablets were prepared by solid phase extraction and the concentrations of baicalin were determined by HPLC-UV method.
    This method is with in the solid phase extraction method extract water and the waste water multi-fungi spirit,after takes the concentration purification to be organic directly enters the type to the highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer,examines with the diode matrix detector,according to retention time external standard law quota.
    The prospects of applying solid phase extraction to the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine and discussing the strategy and procedure of developing a new SPE method
    Analysis of chlorothalonil and pyrethroid pesticides in water using a solid phase extraction technique
    Investigation on Improving the Sensitivity of Retinoic Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis and Micro-column Solid Phase Extraction
    Determination of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Poria cocos by Ultrasonic and Solid Phase Extraction
    To Detect the Organic Phosphorus Pesticide Residue in Food with Fast Solid Phase Extraction
    Solid Phase Extraction of Hg(Ⅱ)-SBDTR Chelate with C_(18) Disks and Its Application for Determination of Mercury in Food and Water
    Solid Phase Extraction Determination of Imidacloprid Residues in Honeysuckle
    Solid phase extraction was used to extract the organic pollutants of source water and drinking water from 5 waterworks in urban area of Chongqing in three different water phases (spring, summer, winter).
    In Chapter One, the basal mode, principle, methodology, applications and prospects of the solid phase extraction technique are reviewed.
    第一章:文献综述。 介绍了固相萃取法的基本模式、原理,操作方法,应用和发展前景。
    Firstly, the quantitative analysis of indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) was done using the improved SPME device combined with GC-MS equipped with a capillary column. After optimization of the experimental conditions, The abundance of ionic apex detected in injecting sampling directly method is markedly less than that in solid phase extraction (SPE) or that in SPME measurement.
    Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation technique that originated in the 1970s and developed from the late of the 1980s, and has the advantage of high pre-concentration factor, simplicity of operation, less pollution to the environment, easy automation, and can be applied to the different samples.
    Solid phase extraction with polystyrene as stationary phase, ethanol as mobile phase was studied. The effects of onion serous Ph, activation and capacity of the extracting column, the volume of mobile phase were investigated.


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