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    The types and geological implications of the banded stratification in deep-water sedimentary environments
    and the permeability coefficient of the stress-strain relationship of the sum, with stratification also soft rock permeability changes in the direction and contingency mechanism is discussed.
    According stratification study of the tested soil, transfer and transformation of nitrogen contaminants from leachate in soil and groundwater were systematically analyzed.
    4)Orthogonal experiments was adopted to determine material proportion of similarity simulation, the stratification widely in stratum was modeled by mica powder. The whole process from deformation to crack and collapse of overburden failure was modeled and the emerge course and the existence domain of layer separation is described, at the same time, the regularity of earth surface subsidence is analysed, it is concluded that relatively reliable span limit of overburden is 110m, Furthermore, the measure error and the material parameter error was discussed in paper.
    This method includesthe division of the body into a number of its elements according to changesin occurrences of stratification planes, and the calculations of the magneticanomalies for the cylinder with the combined polygon section after the findingof magnetication for each element.
    This paper introduces how the sample of sandstone makes various changes of its strength, deformation and the traval time of P wave vertical to stress direction, under dry and saturation conditions and along with horizontal stratification and vertical stratification when the single axis oading is conducted.
    The results show that water makes an influence on the strength and the velocity of P wave of sandstone, and the sandstone sample of primary stratification has a definite direction of its strengsh, deformation and the velocity of P wave.
    结果表明,水对砂岩强度、P波速度的影响较大; 具有原生层理构造的岩石样品的强度、变形和P波速度显示一定的方向性。
    The bioclastic micrite limestone in shale strata of the lower Meitan formation in Wudang,Guiyang is a complete tempestite layer. Its thickness is about 130cm and its sedimentary sequences can be divided from bottom to top into six sections, Section A being grained sequence , Section B being massive; Section C being parallel bedding, Section D being hummccky cross stratification, Section E being wave ripple and Section F being pelitic.
    The influenfial factors of stratification plane to smooth blasting are studied according to the ti eory of smooth blasting and the anslysis of static stress.
    The results show that the angle p between the maximum principal plane and the rertical line of stratification plane has some influence on the fracture of rock masses.
    3. Lack-ing parallel stratification and developing hummocky cross-sttatification and current bed-ding.
    Taking the stratification plane of middle inclined shale as the bench slop plane of the hottom wall of shale can incrase the height of bench, improve the slope stability and vaise the angle of slope entirety.
    Various lage scale geological investigations aimed,first of all,at searching for hydrocarbons and related to the Cambrian stratification,paleogeographic and paleotectonic reconstructions,as well as restoration of depositional environments have been persued in the area for more than half a century.
    The environment evolution history of the Heqing Basin since 600 ka B P has been established based on the analysis of the colour,granularity,stratification and lithological assemblage of the sediments from the HQ core in combination with the study of the magnetic stratigraphy,susceptibility,content of carbonates,total organic carbon and the carbonlnitrogen ration of the sequence.
    The investigation and analysis on the slip mass and its occurrence environment showed that the landslide on the north hill around the Scenery Reservoir in Xinjian County had the following factors and mechanism: The tread of the stratification of gneiss runs parallel to the sloping face so as to form a slip plane,which is the important geological basis.
    The Yankou Formation in the Upper Ordovician of Tonglu County in Zhejiang Province consists mainly of rhythmically thin alternating layers of gray fine-grained sandstones, siltstones and dark-gray mudstones, silty mudstones, in which the typical flaser, wavy, lenticular bedding and rhythmic stratification are well developed, with 2-3 intercalated beds of gray medium- to thick-bedded conglomerates in the base of the formation.
    The natural gradation、stratification、jointof、fracture of rock is used to suitably determine the direction of blasting and hole pattern in the course of mining stones for Chaishitan reservior engineering, and ideal blasting effectiveness is achieved.
    岩体的层理、节理及原生裂隙相互切割 ,组成了岩体的自然级配。 本文全面介绍了柴石滩水库工程石料开采中利用岩体的自然级配选定合适的爆破方向和孔网参数 ,取得了较好的爆破效果。
    Because the kinds,structure,storage and stratification of coal are different,it is difficult to analyze the effect factor on coal cutting power. Based on a lot tests,the change rule of cutting parameter with cutting power is discussed,it is an important basis for designing,researching and selecting mining equipment,prcessing and technical reform.
    由于煤炭的种类、结构、赋存和层理的不同 ,给分析影响煤炭切削力因素带来了困难 ,在大量实验的基础上 ,讨论了切削力随切削参数的变化规律 ,为设计、研究、选择采掘设备、开采工艺、技术改造提供了重要依据。
    Aimed at the typical complex strata,the finite element method and resistivity imaging technique are applied in the paper to deal with the analysis and simulated measurement of stratification and fracture,and the simulated imaging results are used to reflect the real formation information directly.
    针对这些典型的复杂地层 ,本文利用有限元方法和电阻率成像技术 ,对层理和裂缝进行分析与模拟测量 ,并利用模拟成像结果直观反映地层信息。


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