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    Structure Damage Analysis of the New Type of Frozen Shaft Walls of Qinan Mines
    Analysis on principle and factors of blasting earthquake effect leads to that the particle vibration velocity is a big physics factor in structure damage.
    The dangerous analysis has been done on the structure damage at No. 1 rib bulkhead butt-joint area of L-11 trainer wing by adopting the structure damage analysis computation program based on the equivalent crack extension method.
    In this paper the principle of blasting vibration earthquake effect is analysed and it is pointed out that the explosion vibration velocity is an important quantity that leads to structure damage.
    We can separate damage grade into seven hierarchies based on the diversity of the structure damage degree.
    The most popular method used in RC structure that takes the yield shear coefficient as the resistant index ,then the relationship between the mean value of ductility rate and the resistant index is built by analyzing . The structure damage state is classified by the mean value of ductility rate ,which is taken as the damage index.
    In model tests, influence of caverne in arch, insufficient lining thickness and different construction methods on bearing capacity of tunnel structures are studied in such surrounding rock as Grade II 、 III and IV. At the same time, tunnel structures with different defects are loaded until diseases occur in tunnel structures; different reinforcements are applied according to different diseases and different disease grades; after diseased tunnels are reinforced, load is sequentially applied up to structure damage in order to study bearing capacity of reinforced tunnel.
    Based on the strong-structured soft clay in Zhanjiang area and the advanced GDS triaxial testing system, the research on time-dependent mechanics behavior of strong-structured clay in Zhanjiang area have been investigated systematically in this paper, in which the evolutionary process of soil structure damage is taken into account and the mechanics behavior of the structured soft clay under various shearing strain rate and creep conditions of one dimension or triaxial are systematically studied.
    Based upon the investigations of structure damage induced by soil liquefaction during Tangshan earthquake, three categories for evaluating liquefaction risk and the principles of engineering treatment are proposed.
    The results show that the structure damage probabilities of bridges are obviously higher than that of the highway grounds in the same MMI. When MMI is smaller than or equals to Ⅷ, the structure damage probabilites of highway grounds are very low (lowr than 2. 5 percent).
    The reasons of structure damage and strength lose of new disposited concrete when cured at negative temperature are analyzed and the appropriate measures are summerized in this paper.
    Its adsorption capacities of hexane and methanol are in good agreement with calculated values. The temperature of the zeolite structure damage is at 1190 t.
    Compared with the uncultivated land,the soil aggregate,structure damage rate and soil porosity in different stands were better,and the stands whose densities were 1 325 trees hm -2 were best.
    土壤团聚体、结构破坏率和土壤孔隙度均比对照好 ,尤其是密度 1 32 5株· hm-2的巨尾桉林分表现更为突出
    The operation of Qinghai-Tibet highway sees a frequent occurrence of culvert defects,resulting in serious structure damage in permafrost area.
    Author point out that firstly the main causes of structure damage must be understood. Only based on this that concrete design and construction measures can be adopted to gain good reinforcement effect.
    指出在处理此问题时 ,首先要搞清引起结构破坏的主要原因 ,然后据此采取设计及施工措施 ,才能使加固成功
    The fractal models are applied to research the characters of soil aggregates developed from different purple parent material. The results show that the fractal dimensions are significantly regressive correlated with the structure damage rates of soil aggregates(r=0.961**,n=8)and the contents of waterstable aggregates(r=-0.958**,n=8);
    Aggregates stability,erosionresistant character and inherence mechanism of purple soil were studied through three aspect which are water stability, mechanics stability and chemical stability. Results showed that the contents of >3mm, >1mm, >0.25mm waterstable aggregates all changed in the following order:wildgrassland>woodland>garden plot>farmland, the ratio of structure damage in the following order: farmland>garden plot>woodland>wildgrassland.
    The NDRG2 gene transfected HepG2 cells were characterized by a bad condition, structure damage, and a great number of died cells.
    转染HepG2细胞后 ,细胞生长受抑 ,结构破坏并死亡。


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