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    Attaching Importance to Develop Students' Skills in English-Chinese Translation
    Modern instructional design theory pays much attention to the students' cognitive process, but not the same to the system of the learning motivation.
    There are even some contradictions in teachers' concept on intelligence and students' achievement attribution.
    Practice and Synthesis Application as one of the four components of knowledge and skills has been edited into the mathematics curriculum for elementary schools for the first time in China in 2001. Practice and Synthesis Application has positive effects on students' practical and innovative consciousness, as well as on students' practical and innovative ability.
    2001年,“实践与综合应用”作为知识与技能的四大组成部分之一,首次进入我国小学数学课程教材。 由于国内外多年来缺乏小学数学在“实践与综合应用”方面的相关研究,而“实践与综合应用”对学生的实践意识、创新意识、实践能力和创新能力的培养有积极作用。
    Cooperative learning is one of the most important learning methods and strategies that the New Curriculum Reform in Basic Education advocates, and how to organize students to adopt cooperative learning is one of the most heating topics that the middle and primary schools concerned currently.
    合作学习是我国新课程改革所提倡的一种重要教学策略,如何有效组织学生开展合作学习是目前中小学普遍关注的热点问题之一。 本论文着眼于:如何推动合作学习在小学英语课堂教学中的应用,激发学生的学习兴趣,提高课堂效率和学生的学习成绩。
    was made to compare primary school teaching in China and Botswana. The result proved that in Botswana physical teaching was more emphasized in developing students ability in social intercourses and in nurturing students interest in sports. The contents tallied with the physiological and psychological features of primary school students.
    从体育教学的指导思想、体育教学内容和体育课的结构等方面对中国和博茨瓦纳的小学体育教学进行了比较研究 ,结果表明 :博茨瓦纳更加重视通过体育教学来发展学生的社会交往技能 ,培养学生对体育的兴趣和态度 ,内容上更加符合小学生的生理和心理特征 ,同时非常重视在体育课中培养学生运用基本技术和基本技能的能力。
    WT5BZ]This paper, which is based on sports teaching practice, discusses how to cultivate the students' creative mentality in sports teaching, and how to adjust the deep implementation of modern quantity education to cultivate comprehensive developing creative to talents to meet the needs of society.
    以体育教学实践为基础 ,探讨在体育教学中如何培养学生的创新思维 ,以适应现代素质教育的深入实施和社会对创新人才的需要 ,培养全面发展的创新人才。
    What' s more, art education, during the process of learning art and life, art and emotion, art and culture, as well as art and science, improves students' competence of understanding, imagination, thinking, and creation.
    New evaluation system should be constructed through such ways as making new evaluation objective clear, establishing new evaluation structure, paying attention to students' abilities ,and reforming evaluation method.
    Results After the nutritional education,the cognition rates of the students who know the resources of protein, iodine, iron, calcium and the main nutrients provided by vegetables and fruits were improved 21.3 % , 14.1%, 13.7 % , 9.0% and 26.5 % compared with control group ( P < 0.05).
    结果 营养教育后,学生的营养知识水平明显提高,教育组知道蛋白质、碘、铁、钙的食物来源及蔬菜水果提供的主要营养素的学生比对照组分别高21.3%,14.1%,13.7%,9.0%,26.5%(P<0.05);
    The results indicates that teachers with high teaching efficacy show less anger to high effort students or students with learning disability, provide students with greater amounts of reward, and hold higher expectations that students with learning disability are more likely to fail.
    However, teachers with lower teaching efficacy show less anger to high ability students or students with low learning ability, offer students greater a-mounts of punishment, and expect that low ability students are more likely to fail.
    Due to their incorrect cognition the teachers hurt the dignity of students, mislead them easily and it is difficult to realize the final aim of education.
    5.An analysis of the macro and micro-social language environment, society and family of students.
    "3+2" training program breaks through the traditional normal education framework,highlights comprehensive knowledge of teachers,emphasizes cultivation of teachers' educational and teaching abilities and focuses on students' sustainable development.
    American teachers expected that low ability or low effort students were more likely to fail in future,while Chinese teachers believed that ability had no effect on the future achievement of students making low effort.
    但与中国教师相比,美国小学教师对高努力学生的生气程度较低,对低努力学生的惩罚较高。 美国小学教师预期低能力或低努力学生未来学业失败的可能性更高,中国教师却认为当学生不努力时,学生的能力高低对于其未来的学业成绩没有影响。
    On the basis of expounding the various problems in traditional Chinese teaching mode,and according to the demand of new Curriculum standard,the paper puts forward that teachers should innovate upon the existing teaching mode in Chinese teach- ing,cultivate students self——consciousness and self—spirit and give them the space of self—study.


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