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    A Comparative Study on the Variation of Peroxidase Isoenzyme in Seveval Susceptible Plants
    Using real-time quantitative PCR, mRNA expression levels of CYP6AE12 and CYP9A18 were compared between the resistant strain YS-FP (derived from a susceptible strain YS through laboratory selection) and the YS strain respectively.
    RAPD markers OPAI17-1550 and OPAI13-900,linked to anti-black-spot disease gene locus,were successfully converted into SCAR markers named SAI17-1570 and SAI13-292 respectively by sequencing and designing of primers. SAI17-1570 and SAI13292 were validated in the resistant、susceptible pools and F1 population.
    Induced-resistance effects were investigated after treated 7days on resistant cultivar and susceptible cultivar,and the results showed that the effective percentage was 30.43% and 21.21% respectively.
    处理7 d后SA在抗病品种和感病品种上表现出的诱抗效果分别达30.43%和21.21%。
    With a F2 population derived from 66 ×A18 as materials,polymorphism between resistant and susceptible bulk of cucumber anthracnose were studied using BSA method and AFLP technology. A codominant AFLP marker,E24M48-251 bp/245 bp,was screened.
    The resistant and susceptible F2 plants possessed the 251 bp and the 245 bp fragment,respectively,and the mid-plants owned the two fragments.
    Therefore, PCA=10(INR=5.0) might be a threshold in determining "responders" to discriminate the resistant and susceptible rodent administrated by 4.0 mg/kg bromadiolone. Conclusion BCR might be applicable method to monitor the resistance against anticoagulant rodenticides of commensal rodents.
    While in same disease grade of the resistant and susceptible inbred lines,there was no obvious difference on RBSDV concentration(F=0.775,P=0.598).
    Additionally,tricin(500μg/ml) significantly inhibited oviposition and feeding of the brown planthopper females in choice tests when spread on susceptible rice plant(TN1).
    Lambda-cyhalothrin showed LD_ 50 value of 0.9672 μg/larva at F_1 generation and decreased gradually in onward generations,resulting in LD_ 50 value of 0.0325 μg/larva at F_ 43 generation by using topical application,and the resistance level of the non-selected strain decreased from 4 836.0-fold to 162.5-fold compared with the susceptible strain.
    In leaf dipping bioassay,lambda-cyhalothrin exhibited LC_ 50 value of 185.6 mg/L at F_1 generation and decreased gradually to onward generations with LC_ 50 value of 9.2 mg/L at F_ 43 generation. Correspondingly,the resistance level of the non-selected strain decreased from 964.7-fold to 47.8-fold compared with the susceptible strain.
    The results of this study showed that there were significant differences among the 9 lines,in which lines of 85198 and 203 were susceptible to bacterial wilt,whereas lines of 47254,51255,7585,and 85254 showed resistance to bacterial wilt.
    Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) was employed as tools to detect molecular markers linked to Fusarium wilt resistant gene in the watermelon wild germplasm (Citrullus lanatus var. citroides). From screening the Fusarium wilt resistance of F_2 population consisted by the introgression of Fusarium wilt resistant gene from PI296341 into the susceptible inbred 97103 by using root- dip inoculation, the pools of Fusarium wilt resistance and susceptibility were estabhshed.
    运用随机扩增多态性DNA(Random amplified polymorphic DNA,RAPD)与简单重复序列(Simple sequence repeat,SSR)技术,采用混合分组分析(bulked segregant analysis,BSA)方法进行了西瓜野生种质(Citrullus lanatus var.citroides)PI296341抗枯萎病基因连锁的分子标记研究.
    The results indicated: the mainly physiological races derived from tomato leaf mold are race 1,2,3. cf0,cf1 ,cf2 and cf3 are higher susceptible genes, cf4 is higher resistant gene and cf5, cf9 are immune gene.
    结果表明:辽宁省番茄叶病生理小种分化是以1、2、3为主。 cf0、cf1、cf2、cf3为高度感病基因,cf5、cf9 为免疫基因。
    Virus-inoculation results in Tm -22 transgenic tobacco showed the expression of Tm -22 gene was single-copy integration and inherence, in which encoded protein displayed resistant to isolate TMV, ToMV-0, ToMV-2 and susceptible to ToMV-2a.
    Susceptible Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) strain was used as the insect hosts to study the effect of transgenic Cry1 A+CpTI cotton on the development of the parasitoid, Microplitis mediator (Haliday).
    Successive generation screenings were conducted for the resistance of striped stem borer Chilo suppressalis (Walker) to cry1Ab (after 10 generations selection, cry1Ab-R) and cry1Ac (after 7 generations selection, cry1Ac-R) reared on synthetic diets separately containing sublethal dosages of the two toxic proteins. The results showed that, in comparison with the susceptible strain (reared on the diet without toxic protein), the resistance of C.
    取食分别用含亚致死剂量的cry1Ab和cry1Ac毒蛋白的人工饲料饲喂二化螟(Chilo suppressalis)进行继代抗性筛选,cry1Ac筛选了7代、cry1Ab筛选了10代后,与敏感品系相比,cry1Ab-R筛选品系对 cry1Ab的敏感性下降1.54倍,cry1Ac-R筛选品系对cry1Ac的敏感性下降3.38倍。
    as fed on cry 1 Ab diet, the larval survival of cry 1 Ab- R slrain was much more higher than that of susceptible strain, while there was no significant difference between the larval survivals of cry 1 Ac- R strain and susceptible strain, as fed on cry1 Ac diel.
    cry1Ab-R筛选品系取食含cry1Ab的饲料后,幼虫存活率与敏感品系相比明显增加,但取食含 cry1Ac饲料后,cry1Ac—R筛选品系与敏感品系的幼虫存活率差异不显著。
    RFLP Analysis of Wheat Varieties Resistant or Susceptible to Scab


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