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    Through toxicity bioassays, a strain E-UL68 was screened out, which performed midium toxicity against susceptible colony and some colonies of resistant mosquito larvae. Its LC50 values against susceptible and C3-41-resistant mosquito larvae were 2.58x1O~ and 3.66x1O~ respectively, equally to that of the wild strain LPI-G.
    8p22 of human chromosome is an region rich in disease - related genes and is also the susceptible loci of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.
    3 out of 19 rifampin-susceptible isolates were observed that their rpoB genes were with abnormal SSCP patterns, and the specificity in the test is 84%.
    Method: A total of 101 isoniazid-resistant and 43 susceptible strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis were analyzed by PCR and sequence analysis of their katG, inhA, ahpC, kasA, oxyR genes.
    方法 对144株结核分枝杆菌临床分离株(101株异烟肼耐药株及43株异烟肼敏感株)katG,inhA,ahpC,kasA及oxyR基因进行PCR扩增及DNA序列分析。
    The GXCR1 has very high copper resistance, and was susceptible to the Benomyl.
    A monoclonal antibody(MAb) R-H-2, which blocks infection of A_72 cells by CCV1.71 strain as well as TN449 strain with inhabitation rate of 98.8% and 95.65% respectively by plaque staining,was obtained by immunizing Balb/c mice with A72 cells which are highly susceptible to CCV. MAb R-H-2 recognized a polypeptide of relative molecular 150kD by Western-blot.
    用犬纤维瘤细胞(A72)免疫Balb/c小鼠,通过阻断CCV感染细胞试验得到一株单抗R-H-2,免疫转印显示,在分子量为150kD左右有一条明显条带。 阻断病毒感染的噬斑染色方法显示CCV1-71和TN 449感染A72细胞噬斑数明显减少,抑制率分别为98.8%和95.65%。
    The LC50 values of E-TH21 lyophilized powder, a strain expressing Mtx1 toxin, against a susceptible colony SLCq, two resistant colonies RLCq1/C3-41 and RLCq2/IAB59 were 0.508, 0.854 and 0.675 mg/l, respectively, indicating that Mtx1 could be an alternative toxin to delay or overcome the resistance to binary toxin developed in C.
    表达Mtx1 毒素的E-TH21 冷冻粉剂对敏感致倦库蚊品系SLCq 和二元毒素抗性品系RLCq1/C3-41 和RLCq2/IAB59 的LC_(50)值分别为0.508、0.854 和0.675mg/L。
    Only 2 strains (14.3%) of 14 MSSA were susceptible to the 12 antibotics.
    To elucidate the role of GSTs and the mechanism of GSTs-mediated resistance, the biochemical and toxicological characterizations and gene cloning of GSTs were investigated in the resistant (DDVP-R and PH_3-R) and susceptible strains of Liposcelis bostrychophila Badonnel and the study was supported by the program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET-04-0854), Ministry of Education, China.
    本研究在教育部新世纪优秀人才支持计划(NECT-04-0854)资助下,以重要的储藏物害虫嗜卷书虱Liposcelis bostrychophila Badonnel为试验材料,通过室内饲养并培育出嗜卷书虱的DDVP和PH_3抗性品系,较为系统地对两种抗性品系(DDVP-R和PH_3-R)与敏感品系体内的GSTs进行比较研究,主要结果如下:
    Meanwhile, V_(max) values were approximately four times as high for DDVP-R compared with the susceptible strain.
    These results suggested compared to their susceptible counterparts, GSTs were overexpressed to various extents in DDVP-R and PH_3-R.
    [Objective] To identify differential expression levels of NYD-MLC2 gene in deltamethrin-resistance and susceptible strain of Culex pipiens pallens, to clone full length cDNA of NYD-MLC2 and construct prokaryotic and insect expression plasmids of NYD-MLC2.[Methods] Expression levels of NYD-MLC2 in the resistant and the susceptible strains were identified by real time quantitative RACE.
    【目的】 鉴定淡色库蚊溴氰菊酯抗性和敏感品系中肌球蛋白轻链2基因(NYD-MLC2)的表达差异,获取NYD-MCL2 cDNA全长序列,并构建NYD-MLC2原核和昆虫表达载体,为进一步研究奠定基础。
    Avian infectious bronchitis (IB) is an acute, highly contagious respiratory disease caused by Infectious bronchitis virus(IBV) to which all ages, types of chickens are susceptible.
    鸡传染性支气管炎(Infectious bronchitis,IB)是由鸡传染性支气管炎病毒(Infectious bronchitis virus,IBV)引起的鸡的一种急性、高度接触性传染病。
    158 susceptible children were vaccinated with Hang M_(13) attenuated measles vaccine and the serum antibody was annually determined by the HAl test in a so-called“measles closed district” with a yearly inccidence of 5.3/100 000 population.
    在麻疹封闭地区(年平均发病率为5.3/10万),158名易感儿童接种杭 M_(13)麻疹减毒活疫苗后观察其免疫持久性。
    In 1983, the LD50 value of the housefly was 0.473 μg, 35 times larger than that of the susceptible strain.
    On the basis of the deduced amino acid sequences the secondary structure of the 32kD proteins encoded by the pfbA genes were compared between atrazine-resistant and susceptible biotypes,and some indications from the protein structure comparison were discussed.
    The activity of mixed function oxidases (MFO) to naphthalene and permethrin and the cytochrome P450 content in the resistant flies were found to be 2-, 1.48-, 1.33-fold those in the susceptible ones respectively.
    ToMV concentrations in virus inoculated tomato plants were analyzed by local lesion test. The results showed that virus concentrations in resistan-t line GCR-267 was 1/40—1/50 that in susceptible line GCR-26. ToMV multiplication was strongly inhibited by gene Tm-2~a, which was not influenced by temperature.
    (2) Both type cells (BT325and 2BS) are more susceptible to infection by toxoplasma gondii than adult cells (VERO).
    The Na+-K+-ATPase activity was 46% lower in the Dec-R strain when con-pared with the susceptible strain, but the difference between the 2C1-R and NP strains was not conpicuous.


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