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    The intrinsic rate of natural increase for malathion-resistant homozygote (RR), heterozygo-te (RS) and susceptible homozygote (SS), and their influence on the evolution of malathion resistance in Culex pipiens pollens were investigated.
    本文涉及淡色库蚊(Culex pipiens pallens)抗马拉硫磷纯合子(RR)、杂合子(RS)和敏感纯合子(SS)的自然内禀增长率及其对马拉硫磷抗性演化的影响。
    The total carbohydrate contents from the resistant and the susceptible strains were 150. 0±17.0 and 186. 7±15.3 μg per mg of cell envelope (dry weight) respectively.
    The present paper deals with carboxylesterase (CarE) and acid phosphatase (ApE) profile during the life-span of the malathion-resistant (RM) and trichlorfon-resistant (RD) and susceptible (S) Ctdex pipiens pollens,and the inhibition of a-naphthyl acetate (a-NA) CarE 'by some insecticides and inhibitions.
    本文研讨羧酸酯酶(CarE)和酸性磷酸酯酶(ApE)在抗马拉硫磷(RM)、抗敌百虫(RD)和敏感(s)品系淡色库蚊Culex pipiens pallens不同发育期中的变化,以及某些杀虫剂和抑制剂对α-醋酸萘酯羧酸酯酶(α-NA CarE)的抑制作用。
    Mycelia grown in G medium containing 2% glycine,pretreated with di- thiothretol,was susceptible to mixed enzymes consisting of cellulase and lysozyme,their proper concentrations were cellulase 1.5% and lysozyme 0.7%.
    Dose-mortality characteristics of susceptible and resistants parents and their F1 hybrids, F2-backcross progeny and F2 mass cross progeny were assessed in order to determine inheritance character.
    The F1-plants from crosses between stable resistant variants and susceptible parents were high resistant to powdery mildew.
    In this paper,the transposon of Tn5-Mob in plasmids pSUP5011 and TnHg in PTB have been transposed and conjugated into plasmids F'tsLac and RP4 respectively. 15 strains that resistant to Kanamycin but susceptible to chloromycetin ampicillin are obtained by selecting on China blue plate. Detection of the plasmids proved that they are the plasmids of F’tsLac∷ Tn5-Mob.
    A study on character and content of antigen recognized by McAbGB2 against serum antigen of human breast cancer was reported. The results demonstrated that the antigen recognized by McAbGB2 is a complex protein which is composed of carbohydrate and protein and it is susceptible to heat. Competitive ELISA test showed that the binding of McAbGB2 to its antigen could not be inhibited by ferritin and CEA.
    As expected , CTLL- 2/HIL-4R cell line exhibited susceptible to hlL-4 at a dose as low as 0. 09U /ml and regular dose-response curve. It is , threfore , recommendatory that CTLL-2/HIL-4R cell line could be adopted to accturately assess hlL - 4 bioactivity.
    The results were 97 11% of pregnant women with past infection, 0 89% with primary infection, 11 11% with recurrent infection, only 2% were susceptible.
    All of 30 CNS were susceptible to Vancomycin. The strains of oxacillin≥8μg/ml were resistible to 9—13 of 15 antibitotics,the strains of oxacillin≤2μg/ml were only resistible to 1—5 of 15 antibitotics.
    The results raised the possibility that HSP 70 2 PstⅠ+, 70 2 3′UT A 2, 70 1 5′UT C may be the main relevant loci susceptible to FC, and the latter two may be the factors subsequent to the former one.
    There were no apparent differences between the SSCP profiles of the rpsL, PCR fragments from 12 of the 13 drug Susceptible isolates and those of the H37Rv strain.
    Results indicate that azithromycin has better activity aqainst susceptible Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus faecalis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Haemophilus influenzie and Bacteroidis fragilis (MIC 50 <0.016 ̄0.5mg/L).
    36(low level)MRSA(methicillin resistance staphylococcus aureus)were still susceptible to netilmicin and amikacin, with a MIC 90 of 4 and 8 mg/L respectively.
    奈替米星对36株低度MRSA体外抗菌作用与阿米卡星相似,MIC90分别为4和8ml/L,优于庆大霉素和妥布霉素,后两者MIC90分别为32和64mg/L。 奈替米星对红霉素耐药的金葡菌的体外抗菌作用与阿米卡星相似,MIC90均为2mg/L。
    However,all the susceptible strains were OmpF intact,while S22 were OmpA and OmpC deficient.
    The resistance ratios of the 3rd and 4th instar larvae were 2.39 and 2.86 folds to Abamectin at LC 50 ,and were 4.24 and 7.11 folds at LC 95 . It was noticed that the slopes of LD P line from the Guangzhou Diamondback Moth population were less than that of LD P line from standard susceptible population.
    对阿维菌素的抗性,以LC50比值分析,3龄、4龄幼虫分别为2.39倍和2.86倍; 以LC95比值分析,3龄、4龄幼虫分别为4.24倍和7.11倍。
    At the 30th generation, comparison of sensitivities between the selected strains (HCC_1 and HCC_2) and the original susceptible strain (MA-S) revealed a resis- tance factor (RF) at the 50% mortality level (LT_50) of 4. 6-and 5. 3-folds, respectively.
    At the 30th generation, the CarE and SOD activities in the resistant strain to CA (CAR) were 4.06-and 5.22-folds as much as those in the susceptible strain to CA (CA-S), respectively.
    At the 30th generation,comparison of sensitivity between the selected strains (LOC1 and LOC2) and the original susceptible strain (CA S) indicated a tolerance factor (TF) at the 50% mortality level (LT 50 ) of 4 7 and 3 9 fold,respectively.
    选育至30代获得耐低氧品系LOC1和LOC2。 以LT50为标准其耐性倍数分别达47和39倍。


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