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    The thesis aims systemizes the Japanese energy policy trends and the system of energy law in the purpose of contributing to China's energy legislation.
    In the development cycle of economy theorists and substantive industry reached consensus to establish a system of "revolving economy Basic Law" is the top priority of economy development cycle.
    Constructing in the New Situation the System of Ruling by Law in Undergraduate Management
    The Reform of Administrative License Procedure in Construction System
    On Law Frame of Bio-Environment Balance’s System to Develop Sustainably in 21~(st) on Globe
    4. Handling the relationship of the administrative review system and other supervising systems inner administration properly.
    4.正确处理行政复议和其他行政内部监督制度的关系。 除行政诉讼外,我国目前行政系统内部对行政行为的监督制度并不少,如行政复议。
    There was no systematic Criminal Compensation System when new China was founded and it was stipulated in the Constitution of 1954. which was kept in the Constitution of 1982. These constitute the constitutional basis for the establishment of Criminal Compensation System in China.
    The system of environmental standards and its enforcement in USA is consisted of ambient quality standards and effluent limitations or standards.
    In this paper, based on the current research status of water rights, it discusses the basic theory and the establishment of legal system of water rights in detail by means of historic, comparison and systematic analysis.
    Last the exact legal system includes : the system ofrelative environmental friendship to products materials, of constructing the scientific reclaiming recycling resources, of products marks of environment and resources protection, of access to market, etc.
    This article first carries on the outline to the city forest construction legislation theory, through introduced the city forest the spontaneous combustibility archery target and its status and the function in the natural conservation system, is clear about the city forest construction legislation adjustment the object and the significance.
    The green technology took one kind the new environment friendly technology which coordinates with the ecological environment system, its development and the application realizes the sustainable developmental strategy important way.
    绿色技术作为一种与生态环境系统相协调的新型环境友好技术,其发展和应用是实现可持续发展战略的重要途径。 整个社会绿色技术创新水平的高低,主要取决于产权激励因素、企业激励因素、市场激励因素和政府激励因素。
    2. it is a comprehensive law system composed by different lawsuit systems;
    Environmental lawsuit is a comprehensive law system which consists of different lawsuit systems.
    In order to avoid simplism, this article regards taxation administration law relations as a law relation system and partly analyses with the methods of systematic philosophy’s study.
    In order to build a new water resource management legal system and to strengthen law construction, in this paper the system related protection and the development of the water resources, and the control of the water pollution etc. are discussed.
    为了建立新的水资源管理的法律体制 ,加强法制建设 ,就水资源保护及开发利用方面的制度、水污染的控制等进行分析 ,认为用一个系统的、有强制力的规划来指导、控制和协调各地方、各部门的利益关系是水资源管理的基础和关键。
    There are still many problems existing in the law of safety profection in information network. Therefore,the legislation of safety for computer information system or network in China must be studied and perfected.
    信息网络安全保护的法律尚存诸多问题 ,我国计算机信息系统与网络安全立法 ,必须自行探索 ,自我完善。
    We should establish an information activity regulating system with theinformation law as the core, construct a system of legal regulations and technical standards, and comply withthe legal principles of WTO.
    The springboards of forewarning preparative mechanism in crises management are building up crises consciousness and establishing forewarning system of crises management in order to get crises omen.


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