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    Comments on salary system designs of electric power multi-management enterprises in the transitional period
    To begin with, we recombine it from the respects such as the organization and business procedure, integrate and standardize the enterprise's logistics procedure, set up logistics internal control system, use modern information technologies such as Web technology based on Intranet and build logistics management information system on the basis of supply chain managementThis text, on the basis of system investigation and demand analyses cooperating with business procedure transformation and internal control system, designs systematic software function.
    首先从组织机构和业务流程等方面对其进行重组,集成和规范企业物流流程,建立物流内部控制制度,并应用以Internet为基础的内联网(Intranet)等现代信息技术,构建基于供应链管理的物流管理信息系统。 本文在系统调查、需求分析的基础上,配合业务流程的改造和内部控制制度设计了系统的软件功能。
    The author analyzed the problem and the present situation of the execution office in our country, some foreign related system designs, and analyzed function and the nature of conducted office, made superficial suggestion for the execution office installation in our country.
    The Supreme Layer publizes the villager's autonomy system and other system designs by compulsory institutional change on the basis of the inductive institutional change.
    On the other hand, the state-owned enterprise of our country still framesup the salary system designs proceeding in government unify of salary policy.
    these speculations and system designs include establishingthe norm of medium when it participates in the judicial activity, and building theprotection system to the medium and the reporters, and consummate the relevantremediable measure when the media’s activity threaten the judicial independenceetc.
    Based on the summary of experience in the development of informal finance in many foreign countries and regions, this chapter puts forward the system designs and policy suggestions of the development of China' s rural informal finance.
    The present article is going to, by analyzing several oversee corporate governance practices in which stakeholders participated, summarize the advantages of the aforesaid theory and come up with corresponding system designs on how to apply such theory to the corporate governance of domestic companies in China, so that enterprises could be provided with some practicable new ideas when deciding on their corporate governance structure.
    On the basis of above research, this article models massively from the economic research results, relating the social security and the finance from the legal aspect, discussing the finance support to social security system, and makes certain system designs to the social security financial system as well.
    Although, with the help of Party and National’policy and fund support, the new rural Cooperative Medical has obtained the certain result. By analysing some situations of experiment units, it reflected some flaws in system designs.
    Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the thought of the eco-environmental benefits compensation with the environment law system, carry on different system designs to different ecological repair and provide the practice of eco-environmental benefits compensation with dependable legal basis.
    因此,有必要将生态补偿思想融入环境法律制度,针对不同的生态补偿进行不同的制度设计,为生态补偿实践提供可靠的法律依据。 本文从法律制度的层面对生态补偿进行研究,全文共分四个部分。
    This article has profited from outside the territory the lake management system and the domestic correlation provinces and cities lake management system, summarizes some beneficial experiences, proposed consummates the Jiangsu Province Tai Lake basin water administration synthesis law enforcement the preliminary conception, from the organizations and agencies function, all levels of departments' function and the use scope to the Jiangsu Province Tai Lake basin water administration law enforcement proposed some preliminary system designs, and have carried on the advantages analysis and the management effect forecast to it.
    After China's shift of senior insurance system, a series of new problems hindering the progress of social insurance have appeared, attributing to both current system designs and the cost of the shift.
    我国养老保险机制转轨后又出现了一系列困扰社会保障事业健康发展的新问题 ,这既有制度设计方面的现实原因 ,也有转轨成本方面的历史原因。
    There exists a long-term lack of the idea in China's criminal proceedings and a deviation from judicial review principle of many system designs in the existent pre-trial procedure, which are to be corrected through implementation of judicial review principle and reconstruction of system.
    Marxist system designs for future society are subordinate and are demanded to give service to the socialist essential attributes.
    Therefore, improving the supervising system of MBO, forming competing mechanism, adjusting MBO financing policy and enhancing sincerity and independence of the intermediate to regulate MBO activities are the important issues in considering the public policy and system designs at present.
    This article adopts a symbiosis philosophy to coordinate the two functions,attempts to orient the name and ontology of the system,and in accordance with law and regulations puts forward relevant system designs to solve the problems.
    But it also has more questions on the guidelines and concrete system designs.
    On concrete system designs,it has such defects as unspecific, irregularity,unstability and unharmony,etc.
    The author suggests that the retention of the ownership should be a civil juristic act with suspensive conditions and thus proposes the system designs of the ownership retention.


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