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    The Analysis on the Environmental Economic of Intermediate Water Recycle in City——To take water recycle out of Yangli sewage treatment plant in Fuzhou for example
    The germination rate in the take water,on the surface of host plant and in 2% malt extract liquid were 17%,8% and73% respectively.
    The optimum conditions of esterification are as follows: the ratio of alcohol to anhydride is 4∶1, the amount of the catalyst is 0.8 percent of the total weight of the reaction masses, benzene (120 mL) is the agent to take water out, the reaction is carried on about 6 hours in reflux state, and the final ester rate can come up to 95.8%.
    确定了酯化反应最佳条件为 :醇酐摩尔比为 4∶1 ,催化剂用量约占反应物总质量的 0 8% ,以 1 2 0mL苯为带水剂 ,在回流状态下反应 6h . 最终酯化率可达 95 8% .
    to carry out the system of water catchments admission, to reasonably utilize the water resources, to take water saving measures and develop the industry of water saving model;
    In order to realize the continuous development of the northwestern economy and ecological environment, we must take water as centre, coordinate the relations between resources, economy and environment, rationally develop and use water resources and reinforce water resource protection.
    要实现西北区域经济和生态环境的可持续发展 ,应以水为中心 ,协调资源、经济和环境三者之间关系 ,开发利用水资源 ,加强水资源的保护
    We take water soluble potassium as tracer element, analyze the effect of burning crop stalks to PM10 in Yuxi air environment in harvest season.
    以水溶性钾为示踪元素 ,解析秋收季节秸秆焚烧对玉溪市大气PM10的贡献。
    The Research on Optimizing the Natural Monopolistic lndustrial Organization in China——Take Water Supplying,Gas Supplying through Pipeline,Railway Transportation, Electric Power and Telecom lndustrial Organizations as Examples.
    The Establishment Research of Fixed Quantity to Take Water in Wuhan Hotels
    Numerical simulation of 3D flow for the side-direction in take water in pumping station
    Research on the engineering measure to take water and defend the sand of HeShuYuan electric generating plant
    The middle line of the project will take water from Danjiangkou Reservoir in Hubei Province to supply metropolises, including Beijing and Tianjing, and other 17 big cities and 118 counties mainly for domestic and industrial use.
    This article take water as solvent, and use catalyst being made by us to produce MA-AA binary copolymer, the best synthesis condition is: the best ratio of maleic anhydride acrylic acid and initiating agent is 1:1:0.47, the quantity of catalyst is 0.9%of unit total concentration. With this ratio, the productivity of copolymer is highest.
    Horizontal well technology, have another name called the well technology of radiation, sets up perpendicular well in the precipitation place, And direction horizontal well in the different degrees of depths of perpendicular well, make groundwater pass the horizontal well to flow into the collect water perpendicular well, Take water out with the water pump again, in order to achieve the goal of reducing the groundwater.
    lt is suitable to adopt ground-anayed wells in Luojiagou section , but take water reservoir gallery in tunnel for Maluping M860 section and Yongshaba M1230 section.
    Take water and alcohol as solvent to extract Lonicera Flos and Astragalus membranceus respectively and cull solvent.
    the using link of water need take water-saving measures and strive to realize cleaner production;
    Nowadays estimating green GDP is very hot in the world, and China has made many experimental units. It is meaningful to take water resources into green GDP estimating system and then propose a new concept: green GDP based on water environment.
    Therefore, it is particular urgently to treat with the city river, especial to take water processing in the city river.
    What's more, in order to take water quality into consideration, a water quality model was inserted into this model, which is a primary research on integrated water quality and quantity allocation model.
    (4) Take water affair reform in Zibo as an example, analyzing the problem and insufficient existing in the water affair management system, and putting forward the countermeasure, making the argumentation more closer to reality.


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