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    Twelve new aroyl thioureas have been synthesized by the reaction of 2-amino-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiodiazole with aroyl isothiocyanates, their structures were characterized by IR, 1H NMR and elemental analysis. The preliminary biological activity tests showed that some target compounds have a good activity as plant growth regulator, and 2c, 2d, 2h have more excellent auxin activity.
    2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic is a kind of traditional plant growth regulator. In order to develop new kinds of plant growth regulator,we designed and synthesized 4 kinds of target compounds,N-[2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)acetamido](thio)urea derivatives(1~4),through esterification of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic,p-phenylhydrazine acylation and nucleophilic addition of phenyl isothiocyanate.
    The target compounds were characterized by 1H NMR.
    通过1H NMR表征确定了目标化合物的结构。
    The average cocoons produced by one female was 30 and the maximum was 89 at 19-25℃. The average life span of female was 6 days and 13 days at most. It had stronger ability to propagate and control target pest.
    管侧沟茧蜂羽化后当天就能交配寄生,雌成蜂6日龄前的寄生数量占90%,在19~25℃单雌平均产茧30个,单雌最多产茧89个,雌蜂平均寿命,最长13 d,该蜂具有很强的生殖能力和控制目标害虫的能力。
    Studies on Target Genes Transferred by Rice Floral Organ-Mediated Method
    Simultaneous Determination of Four-Components in Mixed Herbicides by Modified Target Factor Analysis-UV Spectrophotometry
    The structures of synthetic compounds and target compounds have been elucidated with infrared spectrum and mass spectra.
    Intermediate I was reduced at -78℃ by DIBAL-H to obtain benzo[d][l,2,3]thiadiazole-7-carbaldehyde, and benzo[d][l,2,3]thiadiazole-7-carbaldehyde treated via Wittig-Horner reaction to (E)-3-(benzo[d][l,2,3]thiadiazol-7-yl)acrylic acid esters as target compounds.
    With the protocol above, the concentration of target protein purified was 4.134μg/mL, whosegrowth inhibitory percentage against H. armigera larvae was 97.9%.
    With SDS-PAGE, only a 220kD band was presented for each of these two target proteins.
    4. The target protein was fluctuated on the wavelength between 250-290nm, which meant the complexity of this protein.
    4.目标蛋白的紫外吸收光谱在250~290nm下有吸收值。 蛋白染色试验结果表明,目标蛋白不是脂蛋白,也不是糖蛋白。
    Target compounds (Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ) are synthesized by nucleophilic addition of amino heterocycle with acyl isothiocyanates in anhydrous and aprotonic solvent.
    The results of biological activity tests showed that three target compounds increased the growth rate of the rice root by 19%,14% and 15% than the phenyldimethylsilylmethyl 1-naphthylacetate at concentration of 25 mg/L,respectively.
    生物活性试验表明 ,药液质量浓度为 2 5mg/L时 ,三种目标化合物对水稻根生长比对照化合物 ( 1-茶乙酸苯基二甲硅基甲酯 ,Ⅷ )分别提高 19%、14%和 15%。
    The droplet distributions on different parts of target trees, downwind non target trees and ground were analyzed by comparing various sets of parameters of centrifugal an axial mistblowers.
    通过离心式弥雾机和轴流式弥雾机在不同工作参数下的试验对比 ,分析了它们在目标树、下风非目标树和弥雾机经过的地面上雾滴的沉积和雾滴在目标树不同部位的分布状况。
    The validity of target genes transferred by rice floral organ-mediated method were verified by PCR analysis, evaluation of resistance to sheath blight and blast, screening by hygromycin B and examination of GUS activity in transgenic rice.
    经潮霉素 (hygromycin)筛选、PCR分析、抗稻纹枯病和稻瘟病鉴定、GUS活性检测转基因水稻后代 ,验证了水稻花器介导法转目标基因的有效性。
    Finally,oxidation of Ⅱ on nitrogen atom with H_2O_2 at 75 ℃ gave the target product N-(6-chloro-1-oxy3-pyridinemethyl)phthalimide in 98% yield,melting point 138.2~139.4 ℃.
    Structures of the intermediates and target product were characterized by FTIR,~1HNMR and GC-MS.
    Preliminary biological activity test results show that the target compounds 2c,2d and 2h have a relatively good activicy of auxin,and the promoting rates of them are 30.1%,32.5% and 29.9%,respectively.
    The results showed that the pattern of "65 % target trees+ 25 % non-host trees+ 10 % bait trees" was the best and the threshold value was 0.948,which can resist A. glabripennis disaster and assure optimized integrated benefit.
    While the integrated benefit of the pure target trees was the lowest and its threshold value was only 0.369 2.
    而目标树种纯林模式的综合效益最低,评价决策值仅为0.369 2.


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