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    Study evolution of detection and recognition on target in SAR image
    The Research of drilling techniques to follow the geological target while drilling is an important subject of geosteering drilling.
    OB the other hand, a study was made on die mechanics properties of steerable drilling tool which used in following the geologic target white drilling by the solid mechanics FEA method.
    利用固体力学的有限元法研究了@钻跟踪地质目标的导向钻具组合的力学性能,包括定量计算实施随钻民踪顺目标钻并所需的导向力的大小和方向及导向工具面方向。 分析和研究了导向钻具组合的工作状态及钻井参数等对BHA导向性能及井眼轨 葡的影咱。
    Location of target is an basic information in remote sensing imagery. It is fundamental for topographic survey, disaster monitoring, resource survey, change detection and so on.
    6. Application of each reservoir approach should base on geology and seismic data in study area. So it is important to study geological and geophysical properties of target first.
    The electromagnetic method exploration makes use of the difference of various rocks, ore science of electricity in lithosphere realizes geology target. It is a prospecting method which was used to observe and to research electromagnetic field (natural field or artificial field) space and time distributed regulation in order to check the geology structure and look for the useful mine.
    With the development of remotely sensed data application,people began to interested in getting more information about the target odject,especially the three-dimensional information ,and so hyperspectral remote sensing and multianglar remote sensing came into being.
    ⑤ It is lead to use fault analysis to seek sandstone development belt anddetermine drilling target.
    With such modified pseudosection at hand the interpreter will be able to give a direct estimation of depth, mode of occurrence, and size of the prospecting target.
    Based on literature [1] , the multiple target decision-make of earthquake countermeasure is simplified as single target decision-make to calculate the effect measure matrix of each target and then the synthetic effect matrix of various targets is also calculated by considering their unequal weight sum and using the relevant formula of grey decision-making metlmd (2), so as to determine the optimum situation.
    Applying geclogic-geophysic methods for reconnaissance, in the process from project design, field work to interpretation of results and inference, it is necessary to learn and investigate the geologic-geophysic conditions and the characteristics of the study area and target, so as to determine effective prospecting methods and to give practical interpretation.
    It is very important to establish and u,se the geological-geophysical model of target in the solution of the above mentioned problems.
    建立和应用探测目标的地质-地球物理模式,对解决上述问题具有重要意义. 我们总结建立了新疆铜镍硫化物矿床地质-地球物理模式,指出了普查寻找这类矿床的主要标志和基本方法.
    Researches in such aspects as the open system, nonequilibrium and kinetics constitute the frontiers of geosciences, with the fluids within the earth's interior as the target.
    The results indicate the computer treatment system of actual monitor, the simulated analysisapolication of accident, and the establishment method of EGIS application system, which generally includes the choice of system target,investigation statistics of polluon soarce, sysytematic funtion analysis, systematic design and realization.
    In the exploration case presented in the paper, we use technological achievements for reservoir physical parameters processing and tentatively reveal the details of the exploration target. This shows that these techniques are helpful to search hidden oil and gas reservoirs.
    The drawing of long range programming of earthquake prevention and disaster alleviation in fujian province is centered on the requests of the targets of national economy and society development strategy and stressed the construction of 3 work systems,to ensure that the work adaptiong to national economy construction and sustainable development,Starting from the province situation,earthquake situation,and disaster situation,we research the strategy,target and measures about earthquake prevention and disaster alleviation in our province during the first 20 years of 21 centure.
    福建省防震减灾长远规划编制 ,是紧紧围绕全省国民经济和社会发展战略目标的要求 ,突出防震减灾三个工作体系建设 ,以保证防震减灾与国民经济建设和社会可持续发展基本上相适应为根本目标 ,从省情、震情、灾情和防震减灾事业发展的客观实际出发 ,研究提出 2 1世纪 2 0年全省防震减灾发展战略、目标、任务和保障措施。
    The method has been proved after application in exploration production that it can effectively reduce for predicting target, significantly diminish bias and therefore provide more accurate geologic basis for improvement on rate of success in oil-gas exploration and development.
    在勘探生产中应用后证实 ,此方法能够有效地减少对预测目标的多解性 ,显著地减少偏差 ,从而为提高油气勘探开发成功率提供较准确的地质依据。
    As a new play where Mesozoic is the exploration target, Chaoshan depression is extremely different from other depressions in Pearl River Mouth basin in stratigraphic time, occurrence and lithological character, structural features, as well as water depth and exploration target depth. So this depression has its own characteristics in seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation.
    潮汕坳陷是以中生界为目标的新的勘探领域 ,其地层时代、产状、岩性以及构造特征等都与珠江口盆地其它坳陷大相径庭 ,海水深度和目的层埋深也有很大差别 ,因此 ,该区地震资料的采集、处理和解释均有自己的特点。
    All these characteristics enables LBRCF to do spectroradiometry calibration in the target temperature range -60℃ to 80℃.
    The conventional shot-record prestack depth migration costs a very expensive amount of computations for wavefield extrapolations. Based on the fast areal shot technology, the controlled illumination prestack depth migration aims to efficiently achieve the high-quality image of the target structure by controlling the source wavefield at the target.
    基于炮集数据的常规叠前深度偏移波场外推的计算量非常大 ,控制照明叠前深度偏移是基于快速的组合炮技术 ,通过在目的层上控制震源波场 ,高效实现对地质目标的高质量成像 .


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