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    Dairy cow were inseminated with routine semen and sexing semen separated by flow cytometry in this experiment and the results showed that the pregnant rates of the treatment group (sexing semen) and the control group (routine semen) were 54.81%(74/135) and 60.61% (40/66) respectively,and there was no significant difference between them (P>0.05).
    本试验用经流式细胞分离仪分离的富含X精子的性控精液及常规精液对奶牛进行人工授精。 结果表明:试验组(性控精液)与对照组(常规精液)情期受胎率分别为54.81%(74/135)和60.61%(40/66),两者之间差异不显著(P>0.05)。
    The results showed that the mean values of F1 ranged between high value parent and low value parent in most traits.
    The results showed that panicle quantity types,which was 80% of the plan,main used the 0、0-2、0-3、0-4、0-3-1 tillers. When it was 100% of the plan,it main used 0、0-2、0-3、0-4、0-5、0-2-1 tillers.
    The results showed that: the 22.5 cm ridge distance,370 000 plants per hm2,the 45 cm ridge distance,400 000 plants per hm2 were the best cultivation patterns for Fengshou No. 24.
    试验结果表明:22.5 cm平作37万株/hm2和45 cm垄距40万株/hm2两个处理组合为本试验中丰收24的最佳栽培方式。
    The results showed that isohumulone had strong inhibitory action to both SGC-7901 and HepG-2 by inducing the apoptosis of tumour cells.
    The results demonstrate that oil and suspended solid in treated water by UF is less than 1.5 mg/L respectively(95% of removal efficiency),turbidity is as low as 1.0 ntu(over 90% of removal efficiency),the reliable operation of ED could be ensured.
    结果表明,超滤膜滤出水的含油量和悬浮物均小于1.5 mg/L,去除率可达到94%,浊度低于1.0 ntu,去除率达到90%以上,达到了电渗析的进水要求.
    The experimental results demonstrate that the optimal HRT of SBR was 6 h,and the optimal reaction time of SBR was 4 h of hydrolysis acidification-SBR system at the CODcr of influent was 1 250~1 830 mg/L and eduction ratio of SBR was 1∶2,the effluent water was conform to the second grade of the national standard for wastewater discharge(GB 8978—1996).
    试验结果表明,当进水CODcr质量浓度为1 250-1 830 mg/L,水解酸化池的最佳水力停留时间为6 h,SBR在排出比为1∶2,最佳的反应时间为4 h,出水可以达到国家污水综合排放标准(GB 8978—1996)二级排放标准.
    The results show that the light steel-framed with web perforation can decrease the heat transfer coefficient of the composite wall The parameters of this steel structure is as follows: 4~6 rows of slots are recommended,the length of slots is 70~80 mm,the width of slots 2~3 mm,the distance between them in the transverse direction 6~9 mm and in the longitudinal direction is 20~30 mm.
    The numerical examples showed that the algorithms are valid to both curves and surfaces.
    The polymorphic fragments amplified by both primers were cloned and sequenced. The sequencing results showed that there was transition(T-C) at 645 site and(G-A)at 641 site,one transition(T-C)at 3 264 site of EX-FABP gene in chicken, respectively.
    The results showed that,two specific bands,about 490 bp and 686 bp individually,were amplified by multiplex RT-PCR of H5 and H9 subtype of avian influenza virus with the two sets of specific primers.
    The results show that the optimal usage of cement is 467kg/m3,and the 90-day's compressive strength is 88% of concrete,which cast in air. The dimension of steel tube has prominent influence on experimental result.
    Test results show that gradation 1 and gradation 4,gradation 2 and gradation 3 have the similar performance of frost resistance; the frost resistance coefficient of the former is about 40% when the cycle of freezing and thawing is 50 and the coefficient of the latter is still larger than 70% when the cycle is 100.Besides,the former is much smaller than the latter and the frost resistance coefficient decreases with the increase of cycle of freezing and thawing.
    Results show that GCL1-D has good foaming performance and the bubbles with a maximum diameter of 1.0mm are fine and stable.
    The results of test demostrate both estimation and accuracy of solving model achieved satisfactory degree,so that the ballistic trajectory problem can be solved without the firing table.
    The results showed that the favorable temperature of α-monobromination of 2,4-dichloroacetophenone was 5℃,and the favorable reaction medium was carbon tetrachloride. At these conditions,the yields of monobromide reached 93%.
    The reaction rate under microwave heating was 3~12 times higher than that under conventional heating, and the yield and selectivity increased as well.
    Methyl-furoate is synthesized from furfural by Cannizzaro reaction,acyl chloride reaction and esterification. It showed that the time of esterification is only 2.5 hours and the yield can reach 85.0%.
    The main influencing factors on the CCMP conversion ratio are examined. The experimental results show that under 700 r/min stirring rate,reflux temperature 92 ℃,V(OH-)/V(CCMP)=5∶1,10%(wt) of alkali solution concentration,DMF 15%~ 30%(wt) against to CCMP,20%~25%(wt) better,the reaction time 6 h,the conversion ratio of CCMP can reach over 95%.
    Equal dimension GM(1,1)? polynomial fitting are all applied for the prediction for the total amount of coal in this paper. The results show that equal dimension GM(1,1) is applicable and its precision is better than the traditional method of polynomial fitting and ordinary GM(1,1).


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