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    A Discussion of the Taken Time That Micro-galv anometer Coil Arrived Equilibrium Position
    New Explanation to the Fourth Force that Electric Charge Receives and the Effect A-B
    Equal dimension GM(1,1)? polynomial fitting are all applied for the prediction for the total amount of coal in this paper. The results show that equal dimension GM(1,1) is applicable and its precision is better than the traditional method of polynomial fitting and ordinary GM(1,1).
    The location of CT(myelography),EMG,Clinical signs and Operation that are completely same is 56.6%,the location of EMG,clinical signs,operation that are completely same is 60.6%,and the three item aren't completely same is 39.4%.
    CT(椎管造影)、EMG、临床、手术见四者定位完全一致占56.6%; EMG、临床、手术见三者定位一致占60.6%;
    Experimental results indicate that SnO2 structure,crystallization are obviously influenced by behaviors of doped Al2O3 and can decrease crystallization temperature of SnO2,and the composites of Al2O3/SnO2 possess considerable infrared absorption at 400~1 000 cm-1.
    分析认为,制备的SnO2粉体样品属于四方结构,Al2O3的加入对SnO2结晶温度、晶粒度等方面产生影响,可对SnO2晶粒生长有明显的抑制作用,大大降低其晶粒度. 并且,Al2O3/SnO2复合粉体在400~1000cm-1波数范围内有较强的红外吸收.
    It was showed that the stability of TiO_2/ZnO water sol increased with increase of ZnO rate and dosage of acetic acid.
    The results show that the Hurst dimension of debris mineral ranges from 0.28~0.97,the geometric dimension ranges from 1.03~1.72.The index for Morans,I autocorrelation is-0.15~0.53.At some spatial scale,the spatial information shown from the distribution of debris minerals by the Shannon-Wiener Index is 0.88~1.85.
    Moran Ⅰ型空间自相关系数-0.15~0.53。 在此基础上,以等值线分布包围范围作为划分尺度,以Shannon-Wiener信息指数作为度量,得到的矿物分布反映出的信息量或者富集程度指数为0.88~1.85。
    In our experiment system,the parameters are that vacuum more than 5.0×10-5Pa,temperature of chromium sources is 1650℃,the probable velocity of chromium atom is 960m /s,the numbers of chromium atoms out of oven is N=1.5×1017s-1.
    The results showed that 17 embryos were retrieved,12 of them available,average 4 available embryos produced by every animal treated with FSH 8.8 mg;
    Linewidth of the laser is less than 2.5 MHz, dithering of the laser is about 3~4 MHz, and drift of the laser is about 50 MHz within 30 minutes. These indexes are better than those commercial DL100 lasers. The laser is the base that will construct the next 397 nm and 866 nm lasers for laser cooling and elaborating measurement of a single calcium.
    The results of XPS qualitative analysis shows that this fine powder contains Bi、Na、Ti and Ba.
    Results ODC mRNA expression was always lower in high dose(20 mg/kg body weight) putrescine-treated rats compared with that in control rats during the observed regeneration,especially at the 2(nd),4(th) and 10(th) hours(P<0.05) after PH;
    They were conformed to MHCs Ⅰ,MHCs Ⅱx,MHCs Ⅱa,MHCs Ⅱb that were separately found in medial subvolume,lateral superficial subvolume and lateral profound subvolume with SDS-PAGE.
    Simulation result shows that the number of processors required by all task allocation algorithms is proportional to the total utilization of the task set;
    The experimental results indicate that the algorithm can recognize and classify vehicles rapidly and effectively.
    Using the model and SPSS11.0, MATLAB7.0 to evaluate sample enterprises, the result demonstrates that the described model is very efficient and practical.
    Information literacy is the basic literacy that every one must have in the information society.
    Experimental results with several image sequences show that the performance of the proposed algorithm is very good; PSNR has increased 5.77%~34.18%.
    The comparison of the test results with the production performances obtained by one-stage grinding-separation process in the same period shows that there was an increase in concentrate grade from 52.57% to 54.24% and an increase in the unit/hour grinding capacity of run-of-mine ore from 71.44 t to 90.13 t.
    获试验指标与同期采用1段磨选工艺的生产综合指标相比,精矿铁品位由52.57%提高到54.24%,原矿磨矿台时能力由71.44 t/(台.h)提高到90.13 t/(台.h)。


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