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    From investigating and analysis,we found that forest resources reduced by 0.5%very year in Heilongjiang province.
    Newcastle vanished vaccine was produced from hatching eggs of three different maternal antibody,the average ratio of defunct embryo was 7.49% in maternal antibody of 1~3 log2,hematic coagulating rate was 1:1 024,EID50/(0.1mL) was 108.97,its effect was better than that of high maternal antibody.
    选择3种不同母源抗体水平的种蛋生产鸡新城疫灭活疫苗,发现母源抗体为1~3 log2的种蛋孵化接毒后死胚率平均值为7.49%,血凝价为1:1024,EID50/(0.1mL)为108.97,其效果明显优于母源抗体较高组。
    According to the statistical test,all of these three kinds of models fitted the experimental data quite well,and statistical analysis showed that the linear model was the best,whether the remnant food in stomach was expressed by wet weight or dry weight. When the remnant food in stomach was expressed by wet weight,the model was Y=92.93-3.33 t(R2=0.94,P<0.001);
    Spectroscopic ellipsometry indicates that the quantum effect of ZnO quantum dot leads to the fact that the absorption energy of exciton(3.76 eV) is bigger than the band gap of bulk ZnO.
    It finds that the corrected reflectance of CCD3 and CCD4 increases clearly and the NDVI of vegetation ascends while the NDVI of nonvegetation descends.
    Ni-B/SiO_2 and Raney Ni were compared on their catalytic activity during hydrogenation of o-chloronitrobenzene. Before the termination of conversion of —NO_2 into —NH_2,the rate of dechlorination on Ni-B/SiO_2 was lower than that on the Raney Ni. The trend was reversed after the conversion of —NO_2 to —NH_2 was terminated.
    将Ni-B/SiO2非晶态合金和Raney Ni催化加氢邻氯硝基苯进行了对比,发现在—NO2转化成—NH2的反应终了之前,用非晶态镍催化剂的脱氯速度小于用Raney Ni催化剂的脱氯速度,但加氢反应终了之后,在非晶态镍催化剂上的脱氯速度大于Raney Ni催化剂上的脱氯速度。
    Investigation results showed that altogether 20 species of Thaliacea appeared in the investigation areas, 16 of them in summer, 15 in spring, 11 in autumn and 9 in winter.
    Through the analysis,it is found that the deformation mechanism is the Temperature Gradient Mechanism(TGM) when the thickness of stainless steel foil,laser power,beam diameter and scanning velocity are 0.1 mm,25 W,0.2 mm and 100 mm/s respectively.
    研究发现:采用功率为25 W,光斑直径为0.2 mm的激光光束,以100 mm/s速度扫描厚度为0.1 mm的不锈钢箔,其弯曲成形的主要机理为温度梯度机理.
    The results show that,in the mechanical bend fatigue test and three point bend test,the underfill material of U1 and U2 both can improve the mechanical bend reliability of BGA assemblies,and U1 material performs better.
    Conclusion PKCι was expressed in CHO cells. That will facilitate further study of the structure and function of PKCι and the relationship with signal transduction pathways in cells.
    Quantitative analysis revealed that the intensity of DAT immunoreactivity(DAT-IR)in cerebellar cortex was respectively 1/3.50,1/3.72,1/1.28 of that in frontal cortex,cingulate cortex and occipital cortex,and it was only 1/8.33,1/11.67,1/8.56 that of substantia nigra,caudate nucleus and putamen.
    The effect of temperature,the composition of ceramic glass and plating titanium outside diamond crystal on the soakage between ceramic glass bond and diamond was discussed in the experiment. It was found that the contact angle decreases from 129.6° to 34.5°when the temperature increases from 963 K to 993 K;
    研究了温度、结合剂组成及金刚石表面镀钛对L i2O—ZnO—SiO2微晶玻璃结合剂对金刚石浸润角的影响,研究发现:当温度从963 K升至993 K时,微晶玻璃结合剂对金刚石的浸润角从129.6°降至34.5°;
    It was found that sensitivity and time response were different at different wavelengths. At wavelengths of 532 nm and 632.8 nm, the sensitivity of LSMO was the largest and that of LSCO was the smallest, but the time response of LSMO and LSCO was opposite.
    The results of XPS qualitative analysis shows that this fine powder contains Bi、Na、Ti and Ba.
    They were conformed to MHCs Ⅰ,MHCs Ⅱx,MHCs Ⅱa,MHCs Ⅱb that were separately found in medial subvolume,lateral superficial subvolume and lateral profound subvolume with SDS-PAGE.
    Insulin ELISA result showed that the insulin product in the culture medium was significantly increased after induction in comparison with that in the control groups(P<0.01).
    This paper studies the security of key establishment and management protocol of IEEE 802.11i 4-way handshake,and it is found that there exists security vulnerability,which will lead to a DoS attack.
    This paper proposes the design of network traffic measurement that can analyze the flow ingredients by research on RMON2.The problem about physical network topology discovery and the layout of topology map based on Web are discussed.
    This paper analyzes the chaotic stream cipher proposed in “Chaos-based secure communication in a large community”, it finds that the frontal values of the encryption sequence of the stream cipher are not sensitive to the least significant bits of the key.
    对Wang Shihong的“Chaos-based secure communication in a large community”一文提出的混沌序列密码算法进行了分析,发现该加密算法产生的加密乱数序列的前若干值对密钥低位比特的变化不敏感。
    Recent investigations have revealed that both ACE2 and CD209L are receptors of the SARS-CoV and play important roles in pathogenesis.


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