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    The jazz-style of the book makes the black culture distinct and presents the blacks' grim reality in a unique way.
    In the novel, Morrison subtly probes a distinctive theme - the practical way for the black to healthily survive in the dominant white culture is to retain the black ethical culture root so as to eliminate the internalization of white culture notions - a perspective different from that adopted by many other African American writers that the racism is presented as conflicts between two opposing sides, the black and the white.
    Most of her works are based on her native region-the deep South of Georgia and Mississippi, concerning the black history and the cultural history of blacks in the south of America, showing their love and hatred, and reflecting their struggle for equal rights and complete selfhood.
    With the contributions of the Afro-American artists, the mainstream culture is afforded an opportunity for the existence of the black culture.
    Being the spokesman of the black masses, Langston Hughes had boundless connection with the Harlem Renaissance.
    In combination with his poems, the next two chapters make a detailed analysis of Hughes' two greatest contributions to the black literature, namely, his dialect poems and his blues poems.
    By introducing black dialect and blues into poetry writing, Hughes fully expresses his aesthetics of implanting the black culture into American culture with dignity.
    In essence, the black community’s worship of white images demonstrates a complicated kind of self-hatred.
    Morison’s portrayal of the MacTeers tells us that the black people are possible to have a happy life.
    Indelible contributions have been made by the American black writers to the development of the American literature, and the black literature has already become an indispensable part of the literature and culture of the United States.
    In her writing career, Morrison roots herself in black tradition, culture, history and reality and brings the black novels to a new degree both thematically and artistically.
    The image of water is both the medium connected with the whole race of Black and a bridge to communicate between the White and the Black.
    At the end of 20th century, the black female writer Toni Morrison won the Nobel Prize (in 1993) and from then on, black literature strode forward toward the main trend of American literature.
    The first chapter emphasizes the statuses of the black families of the upper-middle class, lower-middle class and lower class by comparing them with the white families of the same classes, which educes the key question: why are the statuses of the black families distinctly different from those of the white families of the same classes?
    On the influence of multiculturalism, the education level and the career status of the black people are continually heightened, the income increased and the economic status greatly improved.
    The new phenomena have great effect on the development of the black families.
    Some cities had enacted residential segregation laws to refuse the black since the beginning of the first great black migration from the South to the North in the early 20th century.
    Believing that Beloved best embodies her thinking about the conditions of Afro-American culture, I argue that Morrison's cultural poetics can be best ascertained through her deliberations over the importance for individual black Americans to affirm their Afro-American selfhood and for the black community to rebuild cultural solidarity.
    Unlike the black writers before him, ' Ellison does not depict purposefully the unfairness and discrimination of the Negroes;
    Attracted by their proclamation, the black musicians established an alliance with them.


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