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    Walker's black female consciousness is mainly embodied in the two aspects. One is the black feminist ideology in her works; the other is her construction of the black female aesthetics in artistic forms.
    She not only discloses the hard and miserable existence of the black women who suffer from the sexual, racial and class oppression but also pays close attention to the existence of the Third-World black women, criticizing harshly the tradition of female circumcision in Africa.
    From the perspectives of history and politics, the thesis gives a profound analysis of the rise and fall of the black community in their paradise.
    With idiolects, this epistolary novel mainly written in colloquial Black English creates a vivid image of the black women who have been silenced under the double oppression by the whites and the black men.
    Thus her idiolect is characterized with the general features of the black language.
    According to Morrison, the survival of the black ethnic group can not be guaranteed only through its possession of political rights and economic independence, but also through the retaining of their black traditional culture.
    Sula is set in America from the end of World War I to the mid 1960s when the black civil rights movement and women's liberation movement were rising.
    In the black community, there is aspecial group, that is, the black women.
    The Slave Narrativeresisted these fallacies and tried its best to overthrow the definition of black'sprimary image, whereas for the sake of the sympathy of the white abolitionists, itdistorted the black's image and contorted their cultural identity.
    This thesis is aimed at probing into the process of the establishment and failure ofcongressional radical reconstruction after the Civil War of the United States, and expoundingon the divergent opinions between presidents and Congress, so as to analyze the majorobjective of radicals who stood for enduing the black people right to vote, to draw thecausations why congressional reconstruction failed, and to delve into the influences ofAmerica's political system on solving social realistic issues.
    After the Independence of America, not only the black slaves have not citizenship, free blacks actually also have citizenship, which break out the fight for the liberation of black slaves in the late 19th century and occurrence of struggle for the blacks' civil rights in the 1960s and 1970s.
    The black feminine literature mutually collides as the multicutltural the product and the attribute, which mutually containing the huge cultural connotation and the esthetic connotation . It is a cross-cultural nature deserves our in-depth study of the important factors.
    Her persist endeavor bring the black novel to the higer level and also cause the black female——this edge character to obtain the self-narrative sound and to enter populace’s esthetic field of vision.
    The first part concentrates on that the black suburbanization has started at the firstbeginning of American suburbanization, and developed along with the great south blackpopulation moving during 20 century.
    Compared to the suburbanization of Asian Americans and Spanish Americans, however,the black suburbanization is relatively lagging at the population-increasing rate and theproportion in suburb total population.
    与亚洲裔和西班牙裔等少数族裔的郊区化相比,黑人在郊区化的深度和广度方面仍是非常滞后的。 黑人在郊区的人口增长率和在郊区总人口中所占的比重远远落后于亚洲裔和西班牙裔。
    Second, thegreat change of American industrial structure after Second World War resulted masses ofwork opportunities suburbanization, pulling the black into suburb.
    Third, the decline ofcentral city and the overflow of society problems made the living environment deteriorated,pushing the black into well surrounding suburb.
    Meanwhile, Morrison portrays Baby Suggs rituals and the black community'sinfluences on the development of a complete self which is a kind of representation ofthe return of the traditional value.
    BrownGirl, Brownstones widens the theme and horizon of the Black literature.
    The constitution of the female college-students also changed greatly, in addition to the white female students, the number of the black women and other races women also presents the up- trend.


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