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    A Comparison Between the Bank Legislations of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland
    The economic of the Mainland is developing fast and the policy made by the government is encouraging the capital to be invested abroad.
    Taiwan and the Mainland are both in the same country, and both the members of WTO, that makes the relationship between them special.
    On the Treatment in the Mainland of China Given to Vessels Registered in Hongkong after 1997
    A Comparison of the Corporation Laws between the Mainland China and Macao Jing
    Legal Thoughts on Taiwan's "Special Defense Mechanism against Goods from the Mainland China"
    The sovereignty of the Republic of China on the mainland was short, but it was a historical era gradually changing from the old to the new, particularly the development of economic law was in a process of rapid shift to modernization.
    When author collects the concerned information ,she finds that Chinese mainland's scholars who study the trust law cite mostly the works of Taiwan's trust law ,which makes people feel that study of Taiwan's trust law has been more advanced than the mainland's . So ,the author also borrows the results of the study of Taiwan's trust law.
    On the other hand, Taiwan has long been practicing the capitalist market economy, so the administrative relief system for taxation was set up earlier, where it is based on a large number of administrative reconsideration cases (among which over 50% are administrative reconsideration cases for taxation) handled, and in recent years Taiwan further substantially amends the "Administrative Appeal Law" (and the Mainland's Administrative Reconsideration Law) and "Administrative Litigation Law"in accordance with reformation of its economic model.
    This Thesis mainly conducts comparison and analysis regarding issues in administrative relief in tax laws across the Strait, and provides related strategies and recommendations through an in-depth study on the current status of the Mainland's existing administrative relief system for taxation.
    The main features of the Mainland's administrative relief system for taxation are: a reconsideration may be brought against abstract administrative actions;
    At the same time, a more in-depth analysis is done on actual cases in the Mainland's administrative relief for taxation.
    同时,就大陆税务行政争讼实例进行了较深入的剖析。 从大陆税务行政争讼实际案件中,显现其存在一些亚待解决的问题,如税务机关违反税务行政程序;
    Taiwan area of China goes well in such field and offers us much useful experience for the construction of the relevant legal system in the mainland area of China.
    Looking from the world scope, the trade-secret legal protection system first develops in the British and American legal system country judicial practice, after but profits from for the mainland legal system country.
    Real Estate Investment Trusts (hereinafter referred to as“REITs”) is currently of great significance in practice within the mainland of the People’s Republic of China, however, the study of the theory on the REITs lags behind the its development.
    As we all know, REITs has not been established in the mainland and there is a misunderstanding that REITs is actually a kind of developer financing, so the author addressed the necessity for the introduction of REITs in the mainland, and believed that it would be helpful to keep real estate market healthy and stable, maintain commercial banks secure, and optimize the resource configuration.
    并且,不同于通常所理解的房地产投资信托就是为开发商融资,笔者从有利于房地产市场健康稳定发展、维护商业银行金融安全、促进房地产行业的资源优化配置几个宏观角度分析了中国大陆发展房地产投资信托的必要性。 还从中国大陆存在广泛的投资需求、发展房地产投资信托的主体条件已经具备、有一定的被社会认可的基础等角度分析了中国大陆发展房地产投资信托的可能性。
    The laws of corporation in the nations the mainland legal system and the British and American legal system all have the explicit stipulations on the directors' civil liabilties, and the law of corporation in our country also has the corresponding stipulations, but our nation's law pays more attention to directors' administrative responsibilities and the criminal responsibilities.
    It is possible for Taiwan and the Mainland to invest into each other for the custom of the country and the emotion of the people.
    As well as Hongkong and Marco, Taiwan is an essential part of China, whose economic business with the Mainland is treated as the foreign business because of its different political and economic structure.
    So that the capital from the Mainland is invested into Taiwan is of feasibility.


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