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    A Comparative Study on Legal Spouse Property System Between Taiwan and the Mainland of China
    This thesis analyzes the nature of mortgage and the problems arising in practice in the mainland at present in the angle of analyzing the stipulations of mortgage in the common law system and the warranty of alienation of the civil law system.
    There were 379 outbreak spots occured in the mainland of the province during 1983 -1987,336(86.7%)spots among which caused by the imported cases.
    All kinds of anomalies provided by the weekly, monthly and yearly seismic symposiums are used comprehensively to study the application of the frequency of the precursors to earthquake prediction within the mainland of and China spatial temporal evolution of seismicity.
    The results indicate that (1) Average Pn velocity in Xinjiang region is 8.2 km/s, which is higher than the average 8.0 km/s for the mainland of China. The velocity varies from -0.3 km/s to 0.2km/s.
    主要结果是 :①新疆地区平均Pn速度为 8 2km s ,高于中国大陆地区的平均值 (8 0km s) ,速度变化量从 - 0 3km s到 0 2km s.
    Based on the method, the variation of the coefficient with 22 years cycle and 10 years cycle from 1890 to 2002 in the mainland of China is analyzed. The results show that the seismic active period and the occurrence of M≥7.5 earthquakes were mainly at the descending segment of the coefficient with 22 years cycle, whereas, the quiet period was at the ascending segment.
    Based on surveying data obtained in the mainland of China from 1951 through 2002,the probability density function of the yearly maximum average value of the wind speed is estimated through the probability density evolution method.
    A Review of the Course of Teacher Professionalization in the Mainland of China
    The statistic result of Display Search showed that the sell of LCD was 2.07 million sets in 2003 in the mainland of China, and the number was larger than the quantity of CRT displays.
    2003 年中国大陆地区LCD 的销量已经达到207 万台,首次超过了CRT 显示器的市场销售量,预计此后以每年20%左右的速率递增。
    The second chapter mainly involves the presentsituation,the main features and tendency of theunderworld-natured crime in the mainland and thedetermination of the crime abroad in our criminal law.
    This study aimed to investigate the distribution, clinical and virological characteristics of HBV genotypes in Chinese chronic carriers. Using a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method, we studied 1096 Chinese chronic HBV carriers from 9 provinces covered the Mainland China.
    The thesis has shown its views about this subject by the elementary study on the underworld-natured crime in the mainland of China and abroad.
    Taiwan area of China goes well in such field and offers us much useful experience for the construction of the relevant legal system in the mainland area of China.
    Based on the convergence theory in the documents about economic growth, the thesis makes the matrix, one kind of the methods about Spatial Econometrics, according to the spatial geographical ubiety between provinces in order to analyses empirically the difference about the economic growth between areas in the mainland since the open-door policy, especially the year 1990 from which the economy of China grows rapidly.
    However, in the mainland of China, the theory hasn't been concerned by our academy of criminal law.
    The paper uses data of the Taiwan electrical and electronics industry association "Chinese mainland area investment climate and risk survey" report and related statistical yearbook, analyses assessment on investment climate of the mainland by Taiwan enterprises, and studies affection and the mechanisms from investment climate to Taiwan enterprises location choice.
    Homogeneous magnitude system of the mainland China has been made from the data of SK instrumental network, using the method that together obtain earthquake magnitude, calibration function and correction of the site condition. Four new calibration functions have been obtained for P-wave PZ, PⅡ, and S-wave SH, SV from the distance of 2.5° to 100° degree. 21 corrections of the site condition are also obtained.
    用 SK 地震仪台网的资料,用联合确定地震震级、量规函数和台基校正值的方法,做出了中国大陆地区的均一震级系统,得到了 PZ、PH、SH、SV 四个震相从2.5°—100°新的量规函数,以及我国21个基准台的台基校正值.
    Over 100 representatives from 17 countries and areas, with 17 representatives from the mainland of China, attended the meeting. Altogether more than 70 papers were received and about 50 scholars gave academic presentations at the meeting. The role of geology in the planning of urban construction was widely exchanged and discussed.
    In present paper, studies of the effect of shallow sea-tide load along the coast of China on earth tilt tide observations, by use of numerical integration techniques, are systematically made. The correction values of the tilt earth tide(M_2, S_2, O_1 and K_1 waves)of 22 stations which are obtained from different shallow sea area are provided in detail. The geographical distribution features of tilt loading in the mainland of China are also briefly analysed.


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