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    According to the station that is gave prominence to the whole lyrics by the dominant factor, the outstanding factor, the folk factor or the popular factor, the Mainland's lyrics in the New Period may be divided into four branches: the dominant lyrics, the outstanding lyrics, the folk lyrics, and the popular lyrics.
    His novels drew much appreciation from abroad but received little attention in the mainland of China till his death.
    Her poems, with Eastern traditional culture and religious tone, are mostly about love, life and nostalgia, and reveal one kind of desolate lasting appeal, which caused a great sensation in Taiwan and the mainland of china during 1980's and 1990's.
    The angle of view realizes which by smallHong Kong looks at the mainland, by confirms oneself through difference.
    Bai Xianyong, whose works represent the highest achievement of Taiwanese fiction in the 1960's and 70's, was one of the earliest Taiwanese writers introduced to the Mainland.
    This article takes Chen Ruoxi, Yan Geling, Li Bihua' novels about "the Great Cultural Revolution" for example, and then has conducted the research and the discussion about overseas female writer "the Great Cultural Revolution" memory and their relation with china mainland "the Great Cultural Revolution" memory, combing three female writers' creation backgrounds, and the mainland "writing".
    In the 1980s, a study upsurge of Shen Congwen began to emerge in the mainland.
    At present, the research of“Fa Yuan Chu Lin”in the mainland mainly concentrates on an encyclopedia, the Buddhist book and the philosophical level. The related research is not deep, especially in the literature sphere.
    The research of Taiwan women literature in the mainland has become an important part of the foundation of Chinese women literary discipline since the New Period.
    Against the macro-background of the Chinese literature in the 20th century, the author of the present paper has observed and reviewed the developing process of the Chinese contemporary literature (CCL). On the basis of the new historical concept and cultural ideology, this paper is aimed at constructing nativised CCl in a three-dimensional space, which comprises such three respects as the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, in order to develop the new patterns for the research into the CCl.
    本文在 2 0世纪中国文学的宏观背景上 ,考察反思了当代中国文学的发展历程 ,以新的史学观念和文化思想 ,提出在三度空间建构包孕大陆、台湾、港澳地区在内三大板块的本土化当代中国文学 ,以期开拓中国当代文学研究新格局。
    Researches in the Chinese literary history of the 20th century must exceed the historic and political localization, and focus on the complex conformation of the literature of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao as well as the inherent relations with the mainland literature.
    The sci-fi of the mainland of China exists several issues: Firstly, “scientific” or “artistic”.
    The literary creation in the mainland of China for the new period is characteristic of a complex state of affairs, being varied ranging form subject consciousness to expression of texts.
    The cultural space of contemporary Chinese fiction includes different social cultures, regional cultures and multinational cultures of the mainland, Taiwan province, Hongkong and Macao.
    中国当代小说生成的文化空间包括大陆和台港澳的不同社会文化、不同地域文化和多民族文化 ;
    Comparatively speaking, the religious features in the contemporary proses in Taiwan are stronger than that in the Mainland.
    The spread of Hongkong and Taiwan popular literature represented by the novels of Jin Yong and Qiong Yao leads to the rising of popular literature in the mainland of China.
    Compared the research on the literature of the Song Dynasty from 2000 to 2001 with that of the previous three years in the mainland, the number of the writers and works concerned is fair. On the other hand, the boundary between active writers and ordinary writers is a bit higher;
    However, for multiple reasons, the study of it in the mainland of China has been in close state for a long time.
    但因为很多原因 ,大陆学界对此的研究长期处于一种封闭状态。
    During the past hundred years, the Taiwan literary theory has undergone the baptism of the May 4 Movement, the corrosive influence of the Japanese culture during the Japanese occupation, the social transformation and the introduction of European and American culture around 1949, hence the emergence of the distinctive features of the open ocean culture, different from the mainland literary theory.
    台湾近百年文论的发展 ,经历了五四文化运动的洗礼、日据期间日本文化的侵蚀与感染、194 9年后随着台湾社会的变迁欧美文化的大量引进 ,由此产生了与大陆文论不同的呈海洋文化开放性的独异风貌。
    From the perspective of regional literature, the contemporary Chinese literature of the mainland should, in its developing periods, be given names such as socialist revolution literature, cultural revolution literature, new age literature and post-new age literature.


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