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    This paper analyzes the specialty of the adult education in our country and the old management mode in the situation of unitariness of world economy and culture, and puts forward the basic thoughts on constructing new management mode suiting social economic development.
    本文分析了世界经济文化一体化发展的形势下我国成人高等教育的特殊性和旧的管理模式 ,提出了构建适应社会经济发展需要的成人高等教育新管理模式的基本思路
    Faced the internal and external markets that compete intensely and change quickly, the enterprise must raise their response speed about, heighten the level of customer service, enhance the enterprise's informational construction, in order to reform management pattern of the enterprise; improve the level of the enterprise's management, in order to strengthen the enterprise's competitive ability. Thereby ameliorate the old management modes, make the enterprise's management from the experience management to scientific management.
    Abandon the old management mode bravely, use the advanced management experiences of domestic country boldly, Combine one' sown situation, set up the scientific management mode which meets enterprise's development.
    JH Company is an automobile manufacturing company, facing by the keen competition of the same trade both at home and abroad, the old management mode does not adapt to the strategic development of enterprises, it is the primary strategic choice in recent years of enterprise to study and channel into advanced 6SIGMA management mode.
    JH 公司是一家汽车制造企业,面临着国内外同行业的激烈竞争,旧的管理方法已经不适应企业的发展战略,学习和导入先进的6SIGMA 管理是企业近几年的首要战略选择。
    with the swift development of the information technology, the taking shape gradually of globalization market, enterprises face competing for the resource and market in the world, the old management mode can't already meet such new need , therefore need to explore one can meet management mode and office procedure under the new competitive environment .
    In 21st century, with the rapid development of the information technology, the taking shape gradually of globalization market, enterprises face competing for the resource and market in the world, the old management mode can't already meet such new need. The competition between enterprises has turn into competition between supply chains.
    Some reforms were also conducted in industrial area, someinsignificant breakthrough appeared, but as a whole, the old management system has notbeen changed fundamentally. Productive force is still fettered.
    So, it is the very time now toreform the old management system.
    The core of personnel and distribution system reform is to break down the old management, introduce competition and carry out inviting applications for posts.
    With the minimized manpower it's inconceivable in the old management philosophy to finish in time, in quantity and in good order the e-quipment procurement zhujiang CSP plant, the most modern plant in China today and the largest strip production line in southern China.
    用最少的人力资源按时按量优质地完成了中国当代最现代化和华南地区最巨型薄钢板生产线的设备采购; 这在旧的管理理念是不可思议的。
    Through the adjustment of the forestry structure, reform the old management system of the forestry centre and build up the new management system, then accelerate the sustainable management of the forest centre.
    本文通过对林种树种结构的调整 ,改革林场旧的管理体制 ,建立新的管理体制 ,促进林杨的可持续经营。
    Based on the new change of information technology,the old management patterns don't meet the growth of the library.
    基于信息技术的不断发展变化 ,旧的管理方式已不适应图书馆的发展。
    In oredr to a chieve a reform breakthrough of the state - owned hospitals, for the current situation, is only by following the market eeonmy operation rules and dauntlessly reforming the old management system of the hospital, and strive to create a modern management system i. e. a3 - Dmanagement system namely leadership by hospital president-supervision by the CPC Committee-participation by hospital employees and operation system with racialism with Chinese characteristics.
    To extricate itself from the difficult position,museums must overcome the old management system and concepts, absorb new operating and managing ideas, exploit cultural goods and shift to the approach of cultural industry, with the desire of obtaining good social and economic benefit.
    The paper described the practice in our laboratory and put forward some suggestion that is breaking up the old management system and introducing a competition mechanism;
    If a hospital hastily introduces HIS without through proper BPR, or to order software to yield to the traditional pattern, definitely the old management flow cannot adapt to the functions and requirements of the system.


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