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    War──the Earliest Historical Origin of the Inequality Between the Sexes
    Theory of equality between the sexes and Chinese women's higher education
    The differnce between the sexes were significant at 9 years old in urban youth and at 7 in ru-ral youth (P<0. 05), and the difference were more significant at 12 in urban youth and 13 in rural youth (P<0. 01), and the difference exists in all the adults.
    成人体型无城乡差异。 ④性别差异:城市男女生在9岁、乡村男女生在7岁时出现性别差异(P<0.05),并分别在12岁、13岁时性差明显扩大(P<0.01),持续至老年。
    FTI was calculated at the same time The results showed that the values for TT_3, TT_4, TSH, T_3U and FTI of the sera of healthy persons gave no difference between the sexes.
    )、FTI值在人一生中各个时期男女性别之间均无显著差别。 但从年龄方面看,TT_4含量儿童较成人稍高,T_(3(?)
    The results were as follows: the value 3.92±0.97ug/ml of the β_2-MG+SD in high risky newborns is obviously higher than that in normal newborns(p<0.01); the sexes have no difference (p>0.5).
    There are basic laws of women Development,law of employment about equality between the sexes,special law about sex violence and family violence in legislation for women in Korea.
    There was no significant differences between the sexes in the thickness of renal cortex(P >0. 05).
    Results In our study, the frequency of GG genotype was the highest among the TNF-αgenotypes (95.9%), and the TNF-αgene polymorphism showed no difference between the sexes (P>0.05).
    Is there no necessary relation between the equality of the sexes and whether women take a job?
    A tentative analysis of "social sex consciousness" and "equality of the sexes
    The Theoretical Cognate Nature between the Scientific View of Development andthe National Policy of the Equality between the Sexes
    According to Julia Kristeva, the development of theory of the feminism has about three stages: First, it lays emphasis on equality of the sexes;
    then, on differences of the sexes;
    To realize women's participation, we must insist on the basic principle of equality between the sexes, put great emphasis on the cultivation and selection of female cadres and establish and strengthen the leadship to Women's Federation, which are basic contents of CCP'S thoughts.
    要实现妇女参政,就必须始终坚持“男女平等”的基本方针,高度重视妇女干部的培养和选拔,建立和加强对妇联组织的领导。 这是共产党妇女参政思想的基本内容。
    The meaning of the theory of “marriage is a contract” is that propagandas the idea of equality between the sexes and free choice of partner. Marital relationship has been quit of patriarchy and male supremacist thinking.
    Secondly, based upon the legal thought and idea of personality independence and equality of the sexes, I carry on the fundamental analysis on the two aspects: the necessity and the reality, which becomes possible and necessary to ask for the compensation for damage of infringing as legal method of self protection in the civil region during the period of existing marital relationship, if one of the spouse has the matrimonial tort.
    It is the highest form of woman participation in government to select and raise a large quantities of outstanding women cadre becoming leaders of all kind trades and coming into the power of managing country and the social affair which is the extremely vitally significant not only to improve the woman politics status, to promote the development of woman business, but to implement the basic national policy of equality of the sexes and to construct the socialism harmonious society.
    So, The Chinese government must accordingly attach great importance to the continuous elevation of women’social status and promote the equality between the sexes in real earnest, and consummate and standardize laws and regulations guaranteeing women’s legal rights and interests.
    Therefore, during the construction of the socialism harmonious society, we should carry out the equality of the sexes as one of the most important content of the basic national policy.
    Pathogenesis characteristics of acute cerebral vascular disease (ACVD) were investigated in 1015 cases with retrospective analysis. The results were as follows:1. The age of attack in cerebral hemorrhage (CH) and cefebral infarction (CI) was 50- 69 years mainly and subrachnoid hamorrhage (SAH) was 30- 59 years,there was no significance in the sexes and was similar with the other reports.


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