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    Methods Pelvic MR imaging(1.5 T)was performed in 20 young people without anorectal diseases,including T1WI、T2WI、T2WI fatsat and short time recovery sequence(STIR)in the axial plane,T2WI and STIR in the sagittal plane and coronal plane.
    The results was six—time recovery with a average rate of 99.07% and CV value of 0.01%,and both the level in six samples and the CV val- ue of 0.74% below.
    利用紫外分光光度法测定安神补心丸中丹参酮Ⅲ_A 的含量。 6次测定回收率的平均值为99.07%,CV0.01%.
    Zero time recovery of carnitine in six different fromulations was 93. 9 ± 5. 31 % (mean ±SD of theoretical, range of 87. 8 ~101% ).
    Li_2CO_3 was obtained by adding Na_2CO_3 to the mother(liquor),the(purity) of which was 97.8%. The one-time recovery for Li was 73%. The mother liquor can be reused after being cooled to below 10 ℃ and Na_(2)SO_(4)·10H_(2)O is recovered.
    母液中L i+离子加Na2CO3处理,沉淀得L i2CO3,其纯度达97.8%,锂的一次回收率达73%,母液经冷却至10℃以下除去Na2SO4.10H2O后可循环使用。
    TWSTT is often used as a secondary measurement to GPS or a sole means time recovery with performance that is superior to GPS time transfer, so it has been a hot topic in time community all the time.
    Meanwhile, we change the value of retransmission rate of real-time recovery protocol, results in low loss rate and making more packets arrive at final destination in time , we also presente how to integrate with SIP and Spines in the the current Voice over IP infrastructure.
    At the same time recovery rate,precision of determination and the change of VE content during refinement were also determined with satisfactory results.
    It presents strict requirements oil cell loss and delay for the service because of the high compression ratio of MPEG-2. Therefore, the principal issue for MPEG-2 over ATM is how to meet the particular requirements of loss and delay demanded by MPEG-2. This paper gives the overview of the adaptation method, packing scheme, time recovery and queueing scheme for the MPEG-2 over ATM.
    ATM网在传送MPEG-2业务时的关键是如何满足MPEG-2对丢失和时延的特定要求。 本文对ATM传送MPEG-2的适配方法、打包策略、定时恢复及排队策略进行了综述。
    All-optical signal regeneration is a key technique needed for the ultrahigh speed and large capacity all-optical networks, and all-optical recovery is the critical technique in all-optical regeneration. The best project of time recovery is based on the self-pulsation in multi-section DFB laser.
    Conclusion: MED method has advantages of less injury and shorter time recovery than Love method,more effective than CCNL.
    结论 :在治疗腰椎间盘突出症的三种方法中 ,MED手术较Love法创伤更小 ,恢复更快 ,较CCNL术疗效更好。
    Conclusion Plasma radiofrequency at low temperature is a kind of technique with the advantages as safe, easier to operate, less lesion and short-time recovery.
    Secondary interventions t o treat nonunion are associated with a high morbidity of complications and a lon g time recovery.
    Conclusion:UAE for adenomyosis is a new,less-trauma,safe,effective,less-complications and short-time recovery therapy with satisfying midterm effects, which can preserve uterine function and do not damage the function of ovaries,but it may cause ovarian failure.
    The key for the foam reuse consists of the rational control of its half-life period that needs to adjust the state and the formulation of the foam at its return on surface so that it can meet the requirements on borehole cleaning and e technology of the on- time recovery.
    The conventional algorithm, which exploits both the redundancy in the cyclic prefix and available pilot symbols for symbol time recovery, is analyzed and an improved symbol time recovery algorithm is proposed.


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