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    The ubiquitous computing induces the idea of new design methods and interactive technologies to aid the conceptual design, especially by incorporating the natural pen-based user interface into the design process.
    It is an important part in CADT field and of great significance in engineering to utilize computer to aid engineers to ascertain the suitable dimensioning mode, complete the automatic dimensioning of parts.
    Based on the present status of PS renovation in China and the application achievements of advanced techniques in the same field in foreign countries, the decisive effect of decision making for pumping station renovation in pumping station renovation engineering has been expounded, moreover, using the DSS wildly used in the modern management to aid the decision making of pumping station renovation can solve the difficult problems during the PS renovation, reduce the blindness and inaccuracy.
    Weather data, soil data, cultivar genetic coefficients and crop management was inputted to run the model. The main purpose of this paper was to daily simulate growth and development, yield formation, soil moisture, plant transpiration and soil evaporation of winter wheat under limited irrigation and predicted water status of plant and soil in time to aid water management and irrigation in irrigation date and irrigation amount.
    Therefore, we are capable of developing the CAD system with parametrized drawing functions to aid the design of stripping mechanism for die-cast moulds, in the way, the devisors can get rid of these fussy workloads mentioned above, the work intension will be greatly alleviated, the design schedule can be shorten and the reliability of the result can be improved.
    E-Teatrix is a system which uses virtual character to aid students learning. Using 3D virtual characters and virtual environment is the most advantage of E-Teatrix.
    The distributed computer automatic control system introduces advanced computer technology to the traditional industrial production domain, using the computer to aid industrial production.
    This article arranges to apply the computer for the computer aided design (CAD) to aid the pattern designers in designing warp knitting fabrics, so that the computer becomes as the designer's intelligence instrument.
    The simulation results prove that the navigation accuracy can be improved by using the digital maps to aid the inertial navigation,and influenced by the roughness of the terrain.
    The IDEF0 function model of system was built up,and the method of CBR in Artificial Intelligent technology was used to aid system decisions.
    In this paper, one method is presented to aid the analysis of programable logic array based on hardware description language. The process is introduced in detail to obtain programable logic array module, array data, simulation and test language file.
    How to aid learning and instruction with wireless technology and mobile equipments has become the focus of research of mobile learning.
    Then, it simply explains how to apply spatial database to aid reservoir development and management in GIS of reservoir development and management.
    In the view of the late development of land reclamation and fewer of application of new technology and theory, the artificial neural network is introduced to aid the land reclamation decision.
    In order to adapt the complication of fish disease teleconsultation,it is necessary for the fish veteran to use group decision support system to aid decision-making.
    First of all,this paper introduces the function point analysis(FPA) method,with which to measure the scale and productivity. Then it describes how to utilize the metadata which extracted from SCM tools to aid the FPA and its implementation.
    The present paper reviewed different methods adopted in previous researches,including traditional means and computer-aided means,to call for refined application program to aid researches on dictionary use.


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