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    A molecular epidemiology investigation of human papillomavirus(HPV) on condyloma acuminatum and analysis of intratype nucleotide and amino sequence variation of HPV6 L1 ORF were performed, which would help to trace the pathways of transmission of HPV infections and assist in establishing genotype and phenotype relationships as well as to aid in the development of vaccine strains.
    从临床尖锐湿疣(condyloma acuminata,CA)的人乳头瘤病毒(human papillomavims,HPV)感染的分子流行病学研究入手,并对L1晚期基因进行克隆和序列分析,以跟踪HPV感染的传播途径,分析HPV感染的表型和基因型之间的关系,并筛选有代表性的分离株进行重组疫苗的构建,表达和免疫学分析。
    Although there exist some CASE tools to aid the Web-Reengineering process, there doesn't exist an integrated CASE Environment to give the full process-support for the Web-Reengineering.
    And itdiscusses the meaning, basic requirement and content of commercial bank intensive management; it analyses the means and experience of western commercial bank using intensive management. On such basis, it aims to aid our banking workers to master the theory of intensive management, and then absorb western experience in order to develop our commercial bank management.
    These proteins functionas molecular chaperones to prevent aggregation of denatured proteins, to assist in folding of nascentpolypeptides, to aid in folding of nascentor to resolulize aggregated denatured proteinsSeveral classes of Hsps have been described including Hsp100, Hsp90, Hsp70, Hsp60, Hsp40,and the small Hsps.
    这些蛋白具有分子伴侣的功能,防止失活蛋白聚集成团,辅助新生多肽链正确折叠,或者帮助溶解聚集失活的蛋白。 热激蛋白可以分为几个家族:HSP100,HSP90,HSP70,HSP60,HSP40,sHSP。
    At present,especially based on software process improvement application programs is tiny for medium and small software organization,and the managers of software organization are wise to do the improvement of software process,but don't know how to set to work. In order to solve the above problem,Software Process Improvement Frame(SPIF) is such a kind of tool to aid software process improvement.
    目前,面向中小型软件组织的基于软件过程改进模型的应用工具很少,软件过程改进框架SPIF(Software Process Improvement Framework)就是为了解决这一问题而出现的一种辅助过程改进的工具。
    The corresponding partially deuterated ompounds ere used to aid the assignment of OH deformation vibration δ(OH) and COO~-symmetric stretching ibration v_8(COO~-).
    Since the late 70's, a kind of computer application system used to aid decision making -Decision Support System (DSS) has gone into the practical application stage abroad, with the development of computer technology, since 80's, it has been getting more and more attention from the researching department in applying field of Management Science and System Engineering in China.
    决策支持系统(Decision Support System-DSS)自70年代后期国际上已经进入了实际应用阶段,国内自80年代以来在管理科学及系统工程的应用领域中越来越受到有关研究部门的关注。
    Gingiva tissue from 12 cases of old periodontitis patients and 9 cases of adult periodontitis and 5 cases of old persions with healthy gingiva have been stained im-munohistochemically with a monoclonal anti T6, HLA -DR antibodies to aid in the identification and quntification of langerhan's cell and macrophage.
    The applications of computer to aid business management in metallurgical enterprises had been investigated from the end Of year 1995 to 1996. The investigation summary and analysis are reported.
    从1995年末到1996年,对冶金系统计算机用于辅助企业管理进行了调查。 我们对此材料进行了汇总和分析。
    The acquisition of technology and its adaptation in innovative ways to aid economic development is best achieved where the technology is fully developed,expanded and enhanced.
    新技术的掌握及其在经济发展中创新方式的适应只有在该技术已充分开发、扩展和提高的环境中实现的 ,而这种环境往往是独特而又复杂的。
    A field survey was carried out using MMSE in phase one. Then DSM-3-R criteria for dementia, NINCDS-ADRDA criteria for Alzheimer disease (AD), and NINDS-AIREN criteria for vascular dementia (VD) were applied to aid in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of various types of dementia.
    用简易精神状态检查量表 (MMSE)进行筛查 ,以DSM 3 R、NINCDS ADRDA、NINDS AIREN的标准作为痴呆、Alzheimer病 (AD)、血管性痴呆 (VD)的诊断标准。
    To aid the reduction of Dy3+ ion, we have also prepared SrB4O7 doped with Dy2O3 in Ar/H2(4%) atmosphere and compared the optical characteristics of Dy2+ ion in these samples with those from the samples prepared in air.
    Conclusion: According to degree of hypoxaemia, SaO 2≥95% was gained by oxygen inhalation to aid reduction of myocardial injury.
    结论 :根据AMI缺氧具体情况选择吸氧流量 ,确保SaO2 ≥ 95 %有助于减轻心肌损伤。
    Objective To clone the full-length human bone morphogenetic protein-7 (BMP- 7) gene and analyses its sequence, to aid in investigation of its function and structure.
    目的 克隆人骨形态发生蛋白-7(BMP-7)全长基因,并进行测序及序列分析,研究其结构和功能。
    Objective:To clone the full-length human bane morphogenetic protein-7 (BMP-7 ) gene and analyse its sequence, to aid in investigation of its function and structure.
    β2GP1 is possible an important cofactor leading to AID and the most common antigenic target of autoimmune antibodies.
    oxβ2 GP1诱导了 ACA和抗 oxβ2 GP1抗体的产生 ;
    The method can improve the anti-jamming ability of strain detecting system to aid diagnosing which type it is when the abnormal states of strain detecting occurs,in order to assure the strain detecting reliability and veracity of the collected data.
    针对大跨度屋顶结构应变检测系统的特点 ,给出了基于多传感器认识模型的模糊逻辑法及其融合计算方法 ,可有效地提高应变检测系统的抗干扰能力 ,以便在出现应变异常时予以诊断识别异常类型 ,保证应变异常检测的可靠性和准确性
    It can be used to aid design to minimize the harmful influence to environment, so as to apply the resources of environment to develop and achieve the sustainable development in the society, environment and ecology.
    它辅助设计实现其包装对环境的最小化影响 ,以促使人们生存的环境资源协调发展 ,最终实现社会、环境与生态的可持续发展
    This article introduces the basic characters of the new textbook math and their practical experience in exerting multimedia technology to aid education.
    During the process of practice-oriented teaching, typical network cases are employed to aid the theory teaching as well as to improve the students’ capability of practice.
    实践教学则以典型网络案例为内容, 帮助理解理论教学并提高学生动手能力。


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