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    Obscan II topography sensitive indices to aid in screening for early keratoconus
    The Problems Analysis and Fiscal Countermeasures on the National System to Aid university Students in China
    A Resolution Scheme for Some Issues on Applying the Software of Compiling Topographical Diagram to Aid Documents Made with Computers Connected
    A simple digital image processing system to aid in melanoma diagnosis in an everyday melanocytic skin lesion unit. A preliminary report
    Using Formative Assessment Strategies to Aid Students' Learning in Adult English Teaching as Foreign Language-An Experimental Study
    Establishment of Normative Cochlea Measurements on HRCT Imagings to Aid in the Dignosis of Cochlea Hypoplasia
    Investigation and Study to Improve the Existing System Used to Aid the Needy Students in University
    6. The idea to aid the RJM-FOS design and fabrication with a computer simulation and testing system is brought out for the first time,as well as the optimum flow chart of sensor design and fabrication.
    Based on cognition theory and information technology,the paper build a simulated brain model to aid creative design by integrated artificial intelligent,expert system,fuzzy logic,and knowledge mining based on database over Internet.
    The design of huge engineering, such as hydroelectric engineering, is a complex and hard work. Using computer to aid design is the objective which people have being pursuit for.
    In additional, the 3-dimension assembly models based on SolidWorks system are explored to aid designers to conceive the schemes by decomposing direction matrices.
    Production of transgenic mice is one of the models for researching the regulation of gene expression and gene integration. Other applications were to aid our fundamental understanding of biologic mechanisms and approach to human disease.
    The ubiquitous computing induces the idea of new design methods and interactive technologies to aid the conceptual design, especially by incorporating the natural pen-based user interface into the design process.
    7.Based on above outcomes of study, the innovative design software tools is developed, and a sample product of edge position control system is used to demonstrate the tool to aid people to real market demand innovative analyzing , position product technology level , decision-making new product development objects, and innovative problems analyzing in the internet condition.
    Therefore, how to aid employee to overcome stagnation is a serious issue in the view of the organizations.
    The analysis of urban spatial growth is the important foundation and one part of urban planning. The aim of this paper is to aid urban spatial growth analysis by the realization of UG-GA model. In order to finish the UG-GA model, the follow works should be done.
    The molecular mechanisms underlying increased proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells after cerebral infarction still remain unclear and need to be elucidated to aid development of a novel strategy for enhancing neurogenesis in stroke patients.
    After the Cold War, Russia starts to aid Iran to develop and use nuclear technology peacefully under the driven of multiple interests.
    The paper providedthe technical reference for exploiting multimedia to aid tutor.
    So in this paper many newest and advanced computer techniques were combined with the process simulation software design, the paper outlines the construction of the chemical engineering toolbox (ChET), a software support environment developed to aid chemical process simulation.


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