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    However the cost of TS-1 synthesized with traditional classical method is too high to make it in commercial process.
    Quantum information processing (QIP) is the use of inherently quantum physics to represent and manipulate information, which has capabilities that exceed those of traditional“classical”information techniques. Thus the resultantly powerful abilities have intrigued enormous interest in this field of research.
    量子信息处理(Quantum Information Processing, QIP)利用量子力学规律表示和操作信息,其能力大大超过了传统的经典信息处理方式,因而激发了研究者对此研究领域的极大兴趣。
    Second, Bacon animadverts on traditional classical scientific and philosophical thought and assumes studies of future science in New Atlantis.
    Looking into the special history of Chinese dance and the relative complexity of cultural development (the traditional classical dance was gradually integrated into Chinese opera and lost independent character), we will find that the "Chinese classical dance" today is actually a revival and reconstitution of Chinese traditional classical dance, which started at the 1950s.
    Conductsthe research to the Ming and Qing Dynasties dreamlike novel to be possible clearly toexplore its development the historical path, plot routinize and narrates craft, thus onhistorical ordinate contemplation ancient dreamlike novel own law of development andits to traditional classical novel inheriting with surmounting .
    Quantum computation has capabilities that exceed those of traditional‘classical’computation.
    With the improved condition of highway and the increase of vehicle speed, it is on rising for the high driving speed performance of vehicle caused by that. One kind of vehicle has steering wheel shimmy at high speed, while the traditional classical dynamic method can't satisfy the requirement of complex vehicle system modeling and precise solution.
    Utilize the method and theory in this research, it overcomes the problem of the traditional classical dynamic method can't handle the complex vehicle system modeling and solution. Greatly improve the solution precise, it has important theoretic value.
    Chapter3 discusses the breakthrough over traditional classical Chinese novels in the theme in WangTao's novels.
    Basis on the traditional classical hypochlorite oxidation process, make helpful improvement to experiment course , optimize laboratory conditions of preparing ferrate(Ⅵ), improve the producing rate of ferrate.
    In a word, Kawabata Yasunar’s literature originated in comparativeexchange between oriental and occidental literature, and, his creation began with seeking western new thought and return to the tradition and finally find its own location on oriental-occidental-coordinate axis. Furthermore, the beauty of Kawabata Yasunar’s literature came into being after Japanese traditional classical spirits and forms merged with western modern consciousness , aesthetic interests and techniques of novel.
    Firstly, based on the application of traditional classical structural mechanics in the strength check of rotating machinery, the calculating formulas were parameterized to replace the handwork calculation.
    This text tries to prove on the basis of the development of life education resources, and tries to strengthen the actual effects of middle school's life education from the angle of reading the traditional classical Chinese works.
    During the frame, the literary criticism discourse always in the traditional/modern tension. The paper through traditional/modern sides of the complex relationship betweenthe internal and intermedial------the impact of modernity, traditional classical literarycriticism discourse "fracture", because of the complexity of "traditional" ,what leads to criticism from outside modernity discourse producing different patterns to clarify that the current literary criticism discourse "inter-lingual nature" is inevitable.
    在时间轴上,当下中国文学批评话语始终处于传统/现代的张力中,本文通过对传统/现代之间复杂关系的辨析——“现代性”冲击传统,古典文学批评话语“断裂”; 由于传统复杂性的制约,现代性文学批评话语产生了不同的形态,来阐明当下文学批评话语具有“语际性”这一特性,是不可避免的。
    Its broad social history in the new era of cultural speaking context, the efforts to explore the great literature of their own to change and the traditional classical realism and a courageous resistance strong repelled.
    , Basically still in extend western traditional classical realism main fact’s training modes among present American institute teaching.
    While alienation makes for the dissemination of Chinese traditional classical culture, it brings trouble to average English-speaking readers.
    While domestication makes the translation smooth and natural, it can hardly serve the purpose of disseminating Chinese traditional classical culture.
    Finally, the character of Gefei’s novels was indicated from the names of his novels, the making of epigram and maxim, the application of the figure of speech, these three aspects not merely firmly get the romantic charm of western modernism, is affected by Chinese traditional classical literature deeply at the same time, thus classical on the whole and merge with the modern philosophic theory lyrically and organically.
    最后,从小说的命名,警句格言的制作、运用,意象的营造三个方面,对格非小说的语言特点加以揭示。 指出其语言不仅深得西方现代主义的神韵,同时又深受中国传统古典文学的影响,从而在整体上将古典与现代、哲理与抒情有机地融合,呈现出浓郁的书卷气。
    At the same time, it can be considered as a generalization of the traditional classical mode in a certain sense.


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