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    Research on the Trimming Technique of the Ultrasonic Honing Oil Stones
    Study on Trimming of B-Ge Fiber-based Bragg Gratings by UV Exposure
    Design of CNC Diamond Roller Trimming Device
    Then, it was treated with λ/4-shifted Yb-doped DFB fiber laser with UV trimming. The running characteristic of the laser with scaning F-P interferometer and oscilloscope was observated. SLM Yb-doped λ/4-shifted DFB fiber laser was obtained.
    21,simultaneously trimming alveolar bone,removing partial protrusin alveolar bone. 3(?)
    Procurement and trimming of epigastric multivisceral cluster graft
    Experimental Study on Laser Trimming and High Speed Grinding's Performance of Resin Bonded CBN Super-abrasive Wheels
    It has high efficiency and can complete face trimming and truing of grinding wheels in very short time.
    Second, some digital image pre-processing techniques are provided, and two image enhancing techniques, the gray histogram trimming and the median filter are discussed.
    Experimental study of trimming employs an acoustic-optical Q-swithched YAG pulse laser to radiate in orthogonal direction and micro-machining burn the densely resin bonded CBN super-abrasive wheels.
    本文采用声光调Q YAG脉冲激光径向辐射,对密实型树脂结合剂立方氮化硼超硬磨料砂轮进行微加工烧蚀修整试验研究。
    The high speed or super-high speed grinding's force has the same variety regulation contrast to the common speed grinding, which can get the explanation from closely empirical formulas. Under the same grinding condition, the grinding force of laser trimming wheel is near to or slightly lower than the mechanical trimming wheel.
    The work-piece's surface roughness grinded by laser trimming CBN wheel is the same as or slightly lower than the mechanical trimming wheel.
    According to the key difficult, section curve trimming, in forging design, a procedure was developed adopting developing language -UG Open/GRIP. This procedure can reduce the blade forging design period and bring convenience to the user.
    针对叶片锻件设计中的型线修整各种方法,在UG平台上应用UG的通用开发语言UG Open/GRIP,采用参数化的思想开发了型线修整GRIP程序。
    Four sorts of airfoil section trimming methods of precision andaverage forging have been summed up on the basis of factory. The blade forgepiece 3-d sculpting is also been studied.
    According to the key difficult, section curve trimming, in forging design, aprocedure was developed adopting developing language -UG Open/GRIP. Thisprocedure can reduce the blade forging design period and bring convenience tothe user.
    针对叶片锻件叶身设计的型线修整方法,本文在UG平台上应用UG的通用开发语言UG Open/GRIP,采用参数化的思想开发了型线修整GRIP程序。
    Electric spark dressing can achieve high dressing precision, and it is very convenient to operate, also has zero dressing force. The trimming and shaping process are managed side-by-side, so it is an ideal method to dress metallic bond form-grinding wheel of ultra-hard abrasive.
    Several new techniques for frequency trimming of SAW devices are described, such-as laser trimming of metallization strips on the devices, irradiation of very thin SiO2 films by ultraviolet light, and polymer ac-tivation with high temperature, light beams and electron beams.
    We report a thick-film Pt resistor trimmed by an aeousto-optic Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and analyse the 1 laser parameters related with the trimming quality parameters of the film. Some problems with respect to laser-trimmed heat sensitive resistor are discussed.
    Methods:Adhering a stainless wire,which was shorter than half of the root,to the root canal by zinc phosphate and the wire was fixed in the lip arch by using rubber band. After tracting from two weeks to four weeks,when the root section and the adjacent teeth were at the same level or was 0.5mm under the gingiva,fixing it by metal wine,After three months,trimming the gingiva around the root and restoring with post crown.
    方法 :在根管内磷酸锌粘固一个小于根长 1/ 2的 1 0mm不锈钢丝 ,通过橡皮圈 ,固定在唇弓上牵引 ,2~ 4周后 ,当断牙根面与相邻牙龈缘平齐或龈下 0 5mm位置时 ,用金属丝固定 3月后 ,修整断牙根周牙龈组织后 ,桩冠修复。
    The Bragg gratings are fabricated on the borongermanosilicate fiber(BGe fiber). A technique for trimming the Bragg gratings by the UV exposure is proposed.
    制作了基于B Ge光纤的Bragg光栅,并且提出对光栅进行紫外曝光修整的处理方法。


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