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    Conversion Method of Retention of Fatty Acid Esters on Two Columns
    Intelligent Peak Identification Method for Two Column System in Gas Chromatography
    Study on designing of trapezoidal shaped combined footings under two - column
    A General Method of Expressing the Inverse of a Toeplitz Matrices by Three of Two Column Vectors
    Design of Light Two-column Top-cave Hydraulic Support
    The optimum technology of concentration natural vitamin E with supercritical CO_2 two-column countercurrent extraction
    Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Seawater by GC-FPD Using Two Columns
    The main contents and results of the paper are as follows:1. Packed column 5MNMP and capillary column SE-30 were applied to analysis of whole C_5 fraction. Applicability in the analysis of C_5 fraction of the two columns was compared.
    Moreover, the author of the thesis has studied the calculation model of two design schemes for setting up or not setting up a hidden beam for the double-column pile cap, and also has discussed the relevant calculation method, and in combination with an engineering example for comparative analysis, thus drawing the conclusion that it is more reasonable to adopt the design scheme for setting up a continuous hidden beam under the two columns of double-column combined pile caps.
    Taking together the two columns, the percentages of the motorcells in sympodic fetuses 1 and 2 are reduced to 71.0 and 27.6 respectively.
    Two columns (3M×3mm) were packed with 2% OV_(17) on 80~100mesh acidwashed and silanized gas chromosorb.
    The products of the gas phase selective oxidation of isobutene to methacrolein were analyzed Two columns were used for analysis.
    本文对异丁烯气相选择性催化氧化制备甲基丙烯醛的反应产物进行了研究,建立了以热导为检测器、用Porapak Q和5A分子筛两种色谱柱的气相谱色分析法。
    The separation was carried out using a single chromatographic analyzer, one TCD detector and two columns in series, of which one is a 0.3m column of Al_2O_3 coated with squalane and the other a 6m packed column of 6201 coated with decanedinitrile.
    采用一台气相色谱仪,—个TCD检测器,色谱柱是一根由0.3m涂2%鲨鱼烷Al_2O_3柱与6m涂25%癸二腈的6201柱组成的串联柱,以He或高纯H_2为载气。 采用标准样品对照法定性;
    It is generally taken that the interactions between two columns of some orthogonal arrays like L12(211),L18(2×37), L36(23×313), etc.
    The method is more satisfactory than the use of a HEH(EHP)extraction resincolumn,as the behavior of some elements is different on the two columns, Concentrating rareearth elements on the column from pH 2.5 medium is eluated by 2.5mol/L HNO,the recoveryof total REE amounts to 96.1%,and the interfering elements Th,U,Ti,Zr and Hf are removedin the process.
    拟定了P_507负载泡塑反相色层富集岩石中稀土元素的方法。 在pH2.5的介质中REE上柱率98%,用50ml2.5mol/L,HNO_3作洗脱液,REE总回收率达96.1%,干扰测定的Th、U、Ti、Zr、Hf等均被除去。
    In this paper,orthogonal arrays L'16(212),L'16(214),L36(211×312),L108(349),L108(23 x 349),L108(211 x 348) and L108(235x 336)are given. Since these arrays do notcontain interaction column of any two columns they would be useful for parameter designs.
    Analyzes the process gases with two valves and two columns gas chromatography First separate ammonia from mixed gases(He+Ar+N 2) by column I,then pass the mixed gas(H e+Ar+N 2) through the valve and enter column Ⅱ to be separated,analyze those gases with TCD and at last calculate the concentration of each component with external standard method, fulfilling the total composition anlysis by once sample injecting
    使用两阀两柱的气相色谱仪法,首先用色谱柱Ⅰ将工艺气分离为 He + Ar + N2 与 N H3 等组分,然后通过阀切换,将 He + Ar + N2 的混合气导入色谱柱Ⅱ进行分离,用 T C D 检测器检测,外标法计算出各组分浓度,达到一次进样全组分分析的目的。
    The result shows that sulfur capacity is 28.7% for E 2 and 6.7% for H 4. Comprehensive sulfur capacity reached 14.1% when two columns were arranged in series and E 2, H 4 absorbents were loaded respectively. Odorant from petroleum refining whose concentration of sulfur compounds is below 1 000 mg/L has been effectively treated.
    研究结果表明 :E 2、H 4的硫容分别为 2 8.7%和 6 .7% ,采用分别装填E 2、H 4的两塔串联工艺的综合硫容为 14 .1% ,可有效治理硫化物浓度在 10 0 0mg/m3 以下的炼油恶臭废气。
    Two columns were used in treating 2000 mL this kind of wastewater in series for 2 hours. The removal rates of Cr,Cu~(2+) and COD were 92.1%,99.2% and 71.4%, when the initial concentrations were 60.4 mg/L,4.51 mg/L and(48.2 mg/L) respectively.
    串联处理2000 mL总Cr、Cu2+和COD浓度分别为60.4、4.51和48.2 mg/L的电镀废水2 h后,去除率分别高达92.1%、99.2%和71.4%。
    It is pointed out for the first time by analysis formula that the lines of intersection of two columns vertical are hyperbolas when their radii R_1≠R_2.


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