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    For Chinese enterprises, it’s actually worthy of learning many valuable things from the enterprise culture of Samsung.
    Writing on Valuable Thing of Life
    So study the course is a very valuable thing to nutrient research .
    This dissertation is to take a further inspection into the syntax of The Book of Songs, and provide the studies on Chinese grammatical history with some valuable things.
    In politics field it shows as civil servants or small groups priorly care for the benefit of intimeate relations when dispensing social valuable things (such as power, for tune and reputation), the latter reword with cogalties suppora or services.
    The highly abstract concept - time serves as the "target" domain can be understood through the "source" domains of "moving entity", "space", "valuable thing", "resource", "changer", "container", "person", and "a road we travel down".
    There is only scarcely research about the more valuable things, how to analyzing the colleted customer data and how to integrate the result of the analyzing into the relevant business processes.
    The valuable things of this thesis are the four suggestions on how to better Laos' governance.
    The third forces question is the not allow to neglect question, how correctly knew and the treatment third forces also are a difficult problem, since but continuously and has taken the degree this important question research to be insufficient, but also has very many valuable things to be worth excavating.
    Enlightenment of modern ink and washModern ink and wash has derived a lot of valuable things, such as structure, color, veins, join and pinup and concepts.
    He said that“tragedy is the destruction of life valuable things pass”.
    The peat moss will be changed into valuable things and it promotes automatically the renewal of Larix olgensis forest for peat moss is cleared away.
    It is a valuable thing to study the application of jet pumps in the development of Sichuan oil and gas field.
    By popularizing these equipments,not only the waste material can be changed into valuable things and the environmental pollution can be eliminated but also the obvious economic,social and environmental benefits can be obtained.
    The basic requirements must be in accord with the socialist primary and the objective requirements demanded in developing the socialist market economy,must critically inherit the valuable things of our traditional ethics and moralities and must refer to and absorb western countries' moral achievements.
    The traditional thought of moral government, which is an important part in traditional Chinese culture, contains a lot of valuable things that we should carry forward and promote.
    To study Deng Xiaoping's application of Marxist stance, point of view and method to solve the problems with Chinese revolution and construction is the most valuable thing in cherishing the memory of Deng Xiaoping's great contributions, carrying out his behests, and holding high the great banner of Deng Xiao-ping's theory.
    According to policies and local conditions and taking advantage of the new ownerships merits,the reformed sanitary hospital in Hongxingqiao Town has done some valuable things on the internal management and the community health service advancement.
    Music aesthetic is an important component in the integrated art construction. Music composition creates musical beauty, and music performance, too, while, music aesthetic judgment finds the musical beauty and brings light in a certain degree to the most valuable things of music.


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