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    By setting up five seeding-time treatments at five different latitude zones in four Jiangsu rice growing regions(the latitude ranges from 31.3° N to 34.7° N), the RVA profile variation characteristic of the middle maturity two-line hybrid rice Liangyoupeijiu with good quality and high yield was studied.
    Aim To provide the reference of the comprehensive prevention and cure of the PM10 pollution in Baoji City,it was analyzed the spatial and temporal variation characteristic of atmospheric PM10 concentration in Baoji City.
    The spatial variation characteristic analysis of rice production in Zhejiang province based on GIS
    Variation characteristic of some seismic wave parameters before the Yangjiang earthquake with M4.2 on April 22,2001
    Preliminary Analysis on the Precipitation Variation Characteristic of Zhifanggou Watershed of Pingling City in 45 Years
    The Body CM Height Variation Characteristic of Chinese Elite Male Long-Jumpers in the Last Two Strides of the Approach
    The Variation Characteristic of Precipitation in Different Climatic Area of Bole
    The Variation Characteristic and Its Influence Factors of NO_3-N and NO_2-N Contents in Different Modes of the Water Body for the Culture of Shrimp
    Variation characteristic and prediction of soil humidity in eastern Hexi Corridor
    Variation characteristic of digital geomagnetic data in C hengde Seismostation
    Daily Variation Characteristic of Geoelectric Field
    The main content of this paper is about the ground water of the Shaanxi province. These observed information of the representative well that came from 1982 to 1990 of each district are managed. The moved variation characteristic of the water level and the ground water exploit and utilize are analysed and researched.
    By using the observed direct solar radiation data gained by the automatic sun tracking spectrophotometer CE-318, the optical depth, size distribution and extinction coefficient of atmospheric aerosol is calculated and by using the result of calculation, we analyse the variation characteristic of optical depth, size distribution and extinction coefficient of aerosols in Yinchuan systematically.
    In addition, the statistic analysis and history curve plotting of measured data were also realized, the statistics parameters, maximum, minimum, range, average, standard deviation and variation coefficient, can be calculated expediently to provide bases for analyzing reliability and variation characteristic of measured data.
    I also used the Markov-chain predictive techonology to predict the land-use structure variation of the year 2006and 2009 in Qiqihar. By analysis of the variation characteristic and disciplinarian of the land-use structure with time ,we can see the present condition and variation tendency of the land-use structure in Qiqihar.
    应用马尔科夫预测技术对市域2006和2009 年的土地利用结构变化进行了预测,分析研究了土地利用结构变化随时间发生的变化特征和规律,以达到对该地区土地结构现状在总体上的认识和未来发展变化趋势的把握。
    On the basis of analyzing the home and overseas studying status quo at large, it directly enters the empirical test, choosing 50 representative cities in China, building index system, laying stress on contrast of time order change, to study the China's urban competitiveness variation characteristic and trend, difference among THREE DISTRICTS and the reasons that give rise to. Then it puts forward promoting the strategy measures to the China's urban competitiveness.
    On the base of these GPS data, we researched and monitored the ionopheric disturbances, and enunciated the spatio-temporal variation characteristic of ionosphere over china area in magnesicstorm of Nov10, 2004. It can be generalized as follows:
    Trend surface analysis is a statistical method fitting mathematical surface. The article will fit date of stratum thickness by using the method and analyse regional variation characteristic and local anomaly characteristic by quadratic trend surface map and trend surface residual map.
    In this paper,the authors analyse quiet-day geomagnetic variation characteristic ofvertical component Z of geomagnetic field at low latitudes of china.
    In the paper,we make use of complete Zoeppritz equation to make theoretical models corresponded to different stratum parameters , and study the amplitude variation characteristic with offset.


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