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    Advances in Packet Voice Communication
    Packet Transmission Microwave Point to Multipoints Data/Voice Communication System
    Adaptive data hiding algorithm in voice communication
    VoIP generally refers to the system carrying on voice communication through IP protocol, which is hot application of the technology of computer and CTI (Telephone Integration of Computer).
    VoIP(Voice over IP),泛指在以IP(Internet Protocol)为网络层协议的计算机网络中进行话音通信的系统,是计算机技术与电话技术集成CTI(Computer Telephone Integration)的最新应用成果。
    Adaptive Echo Cancel for Long-time Delay Voice Communication.
    IP Calls are new business of voice communication with techniqu of IP digital network transformation.
    Possessing the strong ability of anti-jamming, anti-fading, anti-interception as well as the application of multiple access, Frequency hopping(FH) communication is widely used in the modern military communication, especially in the tactical anti-jamming radio with the purpose of ensuring the modern army to build certain reliable data and voice communication under some adverse electromagnetic surroudings.
    PTT (Push-to-talk) service is the instant direct connected of “one to one” and“one-to-many” voice communication.
    The GSM-R system supports functions of Function number address, Location Decide Address, VBS and VGCS. Because of these functions, the GSM-R system can support the normal voice communication and specific communicaton for railway application.
    The topology of network is combined by star and mesh networking to meet the requriements of data transmission and distributed processing and to provide with the flexibility for voice communication and data exchange, multi-address mode also plays an important role for higher network efficiency.
    This paper presents a d6sign for interconnecting the interface betwecn ISLN and the Pub-lic Switched Telephone Network(PSTN)for an integrated services token bus local area nct-work(ISLN),with the voice communication from the ISLN to Telcphone network rcalized. Also,the test results of the characteristics of the interface are given.
    This paper is concerned with the problem of echo cancel in long-time delay voice communication.
    This paper discusses the echo cancel in voice communication, especially the convergence properties of conventional LMS algorithm.
    ATM provides the opportunity to significantly decrease the cost of voice communication, and simplify the operational environment by consolidating all types of traffic onto a single network.
    How to add new services to existing voice communication to increase the utilization coefficient of telephone is an important subject to all levels of telecom administration.
    The task group short wave communication counter jamming is researched through writing and analyzing the signal jamming rate models of the naval task group short wave communication and counter jamming in case of jamming,based on which the naval task group short wave communication countermeasures is discussed,and then the experimental results of counter jamming effect in various communication modes are analyzed ,it is noted that the single-side-band voice communication has very high counter jamming capability.
    通过建立和分析干扰条件下海上编队短波通信信 (号 ) /干 (扰 )比算法模型和编队短波通信反干扰模型 ,对舰艇编队短波通信反干扰进行研究 ,据此讨论编队短波通信反干扰的措施 ,并对编队各通信方式的抗干扰效果的实验结果进行分析 ,认为单边带话音通信具有强的抗干扰能力。
    The system has high stability and variability, can process warning signals and notice workers in the train on time, can construct an internal voice communication system for every carriage between each other at any time.
    该系统能在各种情况下,及时响应乘客及乘务人员发出的各种报警信息,以无线寻呼方式立即通知列车三乘人员(乘警、列车长、安检员)及乘务员进行处理; 并能在列车任意编组时,组成列车内部通信系统,实现各乘务室相互间的拨号呼叫及话音通信
    So an experimental platform for chaotic spread spectrum voice communication is designed and implemented by DSP (digital signal processor) in this paper.
    用数字信号处理器 (DSP)设计和实现了混沌扩频的话音通信实验平台。
    Bluetooth technology is a new general- purpose, short-range radio data/voice communication standard (or a connection protocol )in recent years.
    For efficiency evaluation of organizing communication network for digitized air-defense brigade, queueing theory and ADC efficiency model was applied to evaluate the efficiency from both voice communication and data transmission.


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