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    Abstract The growth behavior of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) in waste water of oil field (pH=7 ̄12) was studied,and the effect of SRB on corrosion electrode process was analyzed by polarization curves.
    The advances in algal immobilization in materials, methods and in it's influence on the algal physiology are presented and the applications of algal immobilization are summarized in disposing waste water, keeping water quality, preserving seed quality and obtaining biomass and metabolites.
    Summary A bacterial strain A1 was isolated from activated sludge that treat with hapersaline waste water and identified as Arthrobacter sp. this strain was capable of growing on MM with the NaCl contents 0.1 mol L -1 ~2.0 mol L -1 and phenyl acetic acid as the sole source of carbon and energy.
    菌株A1 (Arthrobactersp .A1 )分离自降解含盐 (NaCl浓度为 0 .77molL- 1)苯乙酸生产污水的活性污泥。 该菌株能在NaCl浓度为 0 .1molL- 1~ 2 .0molL- 1,以苯乙酸为惟一碳源的基础培养基中生长。
    Combined with FQ-PCR (fluorescence quantitive polymerase chain reaction), we can establish a rapid method to detect the functional bacterial strains quantificationally in the waste water treating system.
    As a result of human activities, such as mining, water treatment, waste water irrigation and sludge application etc.
    Influence of industrial waste water of Kunming Smeltery and Hongwei Paper Mill on chlorophyll a and b, β-carotene, and xanthophyll centents in Hydrilla verticillata L. was studied.
    研究了昆明冶炼厂污水和红卫造纸厂洗浆污水对黑藻(Hydrilla verticillata L.) 叶绿素a和b,β-胡萝卜素和叶黄素含量的影响。
    The experiments showed that four pigments in different solutions of both waste water diluted are lower than those of the control.
    Chlorophyll a and b, and β-carotene contents in the waste water of Kunming Smeltery are much lower than those in the waste water of Hongwei Paper Mill, but the response of xanthophyll on both waste water is contrary.
    The silklike green algae Cladophora sp., a dominant species in Hangu Sewage Lagoon, is able in our experiment to accumulate and remove mercury from brackish waste water, and can still grow well even under 1.0mg/L of mercury in water. But poisoning symptom appears when the concentrations are higher than 2.0 mg/L for 48 h.
    The results show that the variation of microbial biomass in waste water has no relation to the concentrations of Cd or Pb.
    The dominant microorganisms in Cd and Pb waste water are Erwuba, Alacligenes, Arthrobacter, Candida, Aspergillus and Cladosporinm.
    The results show that SRB propagates rapidly at pH=7 ̄9, and can not keep alive at pH=11. In the waste water of oil field, SRB has a little effect on anodic processes,but promotes markedly the cathodic depolarization and then accelerates the corrosion of steel.
    结果表明,SRB在pH=7~9时大量繁殖生长,在pH=11时不能存活。 在油田污水中,SRB对腐蚀的阳极过程影响不大,对阴极却有显著的去极化作用而加快了钢铁腐蚀。
    Ten strains of Bacillus stearothermophilus from hot spring of some areas and soil near heat source and waste water were separated, the biomass, total protein contents, activity of antioxidant enzyme(catalase, preoxidase and superoxide dismutase)and the pattern of electrophoresis were studied.
    从一些地区的温泉和近热源的土壤以及污水中分离到10 株嗜热脂肪芽孢杆菌( Bacillusstearotheromophilus) ,并对其生长量、蛋白质含量和抗氧化酶(POD、CAT 和SOD) 活力及其电泳图谱特征进行了研究.结果表明,不同菌株的生长量与蛋白质含量之间呈负相关趋势;
    In this paper,the bacterial kinds and quantity of sea water and intertidal organism influenced by discharge of polluted waste water in Zhoushan Port were studied.
    Acetadehyde(AA), p-phthalic acid(PTA) and ethylene glycol(EG) are the main toxic substances in fibre waste water. According to the result of a single factor toxic test, the 3 chemicals were mixed on toxic unit ratio 1∶1∶1 basis (Mixture), and the test groups were designed on the basis of the Mixture concentration logarithmic series.
    实验按毒性单位 1∶1∶1设计 ,研究乙醛、对苯二甲酸、乙二醇等化纤污水中主要污染物对鲢、草鱼的稚鱼和幼鱼的联合毒性。
    It is also found that the maximum rate of nitrate uptake by duckweed plants was larger than that of ammonium uptake. Based on the kinetic characteristics of ammonium and nitrate uptake by duckweed(Spirodela oligorrhiza) plants,a new complex system as physical oxygen enrichment—microbial nitrification—plant (duckweed) absorption for waste water clean-up was suggested.
    The rational positions of hyacinth in water ecological restoration were discussed and recommended as ecological restoration hydrophyte in natural water body, the combination of hyacinth with waste water treatment, low-concentration domestic waste water and rainwater treatment and etc.
    The results showed that the POD isoenzyme translation would be promoted by the forcing of heavy metal element in the waste water On the contrary,there are opposite effect between the rare earth element and heavy metal ion. And the rare earth element could change the POD isoenzyme patters.


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