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    Study of water affinity of unsaturated polyester resin
    Discussion of water affinity housing and processing method of its water quality
    The results show that the shelf life could be as long as 10months if water -affinity substance lower Aw down to below0.65.
    The results show that the properties of iron ore concentrates, include the contents of SiO 2? Al 2O 3 and -0.10 mm granular, average size, the ballability index and the velocity of water affinity, have a marked effect on the vertical sintering velocity.
    结果表明 :铁精矿的SiO2 和Al2 O3含量、-0 10mm粒级含量、原料的平均粒度、以及铁精矿的成球性指数和吸水速度对烧结速度有着较为显著的影响。
    Effect of Free Volume and Water Affinity on Corrosion Protection of Epoxy Resin Coatings
    Characteristics and application of counter-water affinity perlite used in low temperature
    Flowing Water Park of Chengdu: Themed at Water Affinity Building an Artificial River Wetland Ecosystem in the City
    成都活水公园 体验亲水主题 构建城市湿地
    In this paper, on the basis of profound study of hydrogeologic condition in Feicheng City mining area, distinguish pit water affinity through water parent and quality by means of examining conditional change in hydrodynamic force ( water height ) and hydrochemistry ( water quality ) of groundwater in recent 40 years, along with the analysis of evolution trend to groundwater replenishment runoff drainage condition, thereby distinguish the hydraulic touch between the water bearing stratum, study the relationship between groundwater along with groundwater together with surface water and atmospheric water.
    The surface of water affinity of the standara polypropylene wood plastic composite and the recovered polypropylene wood plastic composite are studied, the result indicates the surface of composite can be processed, and the surface processability of the standara polypropylene wood plastic composite is better than the recovered polypropylene wood plastic composite.
    The development CW series modified epoxy chemical grouting material, by hates the river character primarily concurrently water affinity, in under the grouting pressure impetus, can drive the water by the thick liquid, may fill the nature well, solidifies the body intensity high, with does, wet contains the drinking water and the pressure flow water is filled the carrier cementation intensity to surpass the domestic and foreign similar products, the impervious performance and the lasting quality are fine.
    The organosilicon coupling agent was used as surface modifier of nano-TiO_2, it causes its water affinity surface to change lipophilic, and meets the organic functional group in the surface which on may react, then carries on the polymerization through the home position polymerization and the propylene diethylene glycol dinitrate, the system results in the performance stable nanometer core-shell polymer microspheres.
    The research discovered that the nitric acid oxidation may remarkably increase, the activated charcoal surface acidic groups and bases the content,Enhances the activated charcoal the superficial water affinity,Falls to the pHpzc value,And creates the activated charcoal structure to cave in the reduction which accumulates with the relative surface.
    The study indicates the water affinity of unsatu-ratad polyester resin is more evident with the increase of pH value in the water solution of the resin.
    For the moderate water affinity soil its ultimate void ratio could be estimated roughly.
    Other advantages include good permeability, low temperature consolidation (25-60℃), better resistance to acid, alkali, salt and oil, good water affinity, and a certain water plugging capability.
    固化速度快(3~48 h内可调),固化强度高(抗压强度达6~10 MPa),固结体渗透性好,且能低温固化(25~60℃),耐酸、碱、盐、原油性能良好,亲水性强,具有一定的堵水作用。
    In order to determine the effect of Aw in low -sug ar preserved fruit on shelf life,the paper studies the effects of water,sug ar,water-affinity substance and Aw.
    In order to determine the relationshipbetween t he water -affinity substances,such as citric acidandpropylene atdifferentconcentrations onthe Awinlow-sugar pre servedfruit,the capacity ofcomposite water -affinitysubstances tolowerAwinlo w -sugarpreservedfruits,andtheeffectofacertainwater -affinitysub stanceonthe Awinpreserved apricot and preserved haw.
    The filtrate of the foam drilling fluid can assist in shifting from oil wettability to water affinity, and this is beneficial for reservoir protection and enhancing oil recovery.
    The - NCO terminated prepolymer was obtained from the prepolymerization reaction of diol polyether and 2, 4 - tolydiisocyanate, and extended with water affinity cationic monomers to prepare the prepolymer. And then organic acid was added into the above product, followed by the neutralization and slowly water addition to get the translucent emulsion with blue light.


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