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    The surface electric charge of Al2O3 microfiltration membrane modified by TiO2 was characterized by measuring the zeta potential of TiO2 coating on constituent particles of the membrane through microelectrophoresis. The influence of membrane surface zeta potential on the water permeate flux of Al2O3 membrane was explored.
    The isoelectric point is at pH=6.3 for unmodified Al2O3 membrane, but Al2O3 membrane modified by TiO2 coating is negative electric charged with pH value ranging from 2 to 12. The purified water permeate flux of Al2O3 microfiltration membrane modified by nano-sized TiO2 increases apparently, comparing to the unmodified.
    4. Because of growth of potato root and movement of small animals in soil , speed of water permeated the soil in potato farmland is quickly than in hydrology land.
    Lossening and moisture-maintaining agent, Saturaid, has a obvious effect on improved drainage soil such as soddy soil, adding Saturaid 1.5 g/L into soil, the speed of water permeating was obviously faster than control which didn't put Saturaid, the permeating time per 100 ml water was 3′17″ less than control, and the water contents in soil was 34.8 g more than control.
    The results show that the membrane obtained herewith has good desalination to MgSO_4 (90~0_0) and high water permeate flux (40 L·m~(-2)·h~(-1)).
    The pure water permeate flux up to 351.43 kg/(m~2·h) was achieved in membrane distillation(MD) process when the concentration of iPP was 27.0 %, the nucleating agent concentration of adipic acid 0.5%, the thickness of iPP-bean solution 500 μm, the vacuum 63.98 kPa and the flow rate and temperature of cycling water were 30 L/h and 70 ℃ respectively.
    Experimental results show that the optimum conditions should be:operation pressure-1.3 MPa,flow rate-28 L/min and pH value-7.After treatment by nanofiltration under the optimum conditions,COD in water permeated through amounts only to 12.17 mg/L,and no turbidity or SS is detected.
    在本实验条件下,纳滤膜法处理乳制品废水的最佳操作压力1.3 M Pa,进料流量28 L/m in,pH值为7.经纳滤膜处理后出水的COD为12.17 m g/L,浊度和SS均检测不到.
    Results The optimum technic of extracting Flos Lonicerae polysaccharide was as follows: water permeating time 2 h,temperature of water 90 ℃,extraction with chloroform once,concentration of alcohol 80%.
    结果金银花多糖的最佳提取工艺为水浸提2 h,浸提温度90℃,氯仿萃取1次,沉析用乙醇浓度为80%。
    Combustion Mechanism and Technological Essentials for Water Permeating Coal within Coalburnig Boiler
    Effect of Online Backflushing by Water Permeating on Fouling of UF Membrane for Processing Rapeseed Protein Solution
    The Study on the Rule which the Surface Water Permeates on the Loess Plateau
    Besides, the water permeated from roof will great affect the strength and stability of cavern. Therefore, keeping a layer of salt to the roof is a good way to prevent water permeation.
    Under pressure of 0.1 Mpa, the flux was measured that no pure water permeated through the membrane. Conversely, the membrane presented ultrafiltration properties when the membrane was prepared from a heterogeneous casting solution of PVA by immersing them in Na2SO4/H2O as coagulant medium.
    On the laboratory of rock permeability, the paper analyzes the infection of ground-water permeating flow.
    The reason is that when water permeates into landslides, it always weaken the stability of landslides.
    Because of this condition, applicability of water permeating method to evaluate impermeability of concrete is studied in this paper.
    The waterproof coal pillar may be regarded as an underground structure under the action of the overburden load and unilateral hydraulic pressure, also is one kind of distortable porous mediums that contains large amount of fissure and pores, which makes the mine water permeate into certain depth of it.
    and 2 It occurs under special hydrogeological environment and the action of compressive stress in a direction of NEE and slips owing to ist water permeating into two groups of shear surface.
    By study the relations between time and total measures of water permeating into soil, between time and permeability velocity, between permeability velocity and total water measures of permeation were established.


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